Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 9: The Inevitable Imprisonment of Holys


The Imprisonment of Holys

A combined attack by Ceroj the Red’s forces and Queen Ayx’s forces have struck the Tomb Factory of Holys.

The K’iorn and Baribur warriors are protected by Crowns of the High King. The Quall by their hivemind bond to the Cult of Ayx.

Outside on the slopes of the coast, and even across New Holys, Falosini and Quall fought against Neliff and their Yyan slaves.

On the other side stands the forces of Holys and Unit 111, and Neliff the Orthodox. This battle has three battlefields.

Battlefield 1: The Factory Floor

Nezaian, undead commander of Unit 111, has taken the factory floor and begun unleashing the undead warmachines from the stores below. If they are not stopped, a new resurgance of Unit 111 attacks will spread across Refuge.

Nezaian (Unit 111 Dead Warmachine see Goblin Lands guide. Has wings (Fly 12), and counts as a Unique Warmachine of Holys, can deploy all Warmachine special weapons and attacks in battle)

There are twenty Unit 111 Dead, along with four Warmachines. Every day realtime that goes by after mission posting will add ten Unit 111 Dead and 1 Warmachine until the day the mission closes.
This portion is open to all players.

Battlefield 2: The Armory of the Tomb Factory

The Cambion Pirates of Pirate King T’Shesh have been given access to the Armory of Holys. Every day after mission posts, the Pirates will be pulling weapons and artifacts out of Holys personal hidden armory. On the first day Pirate King T’Shesh will leave. By mission ends the entire armory will be emptied of weaponry.

Here are twenty cambion pirates armed by magi cannons, supported by an Illuminated gunslinger with magi cannons, and a Bestial with an actual Sea Kings bombard (30 Energy dmg).
This portion is open to all players.

Battlefield 3: The Ballistic Submarine of Neliff the Orthodox

During the battle the Neliff are freed from Holys and Pelos Hiveking’s control. At that moment, Neliff the Orthodox will launch a ballistic missile strike on Chooru, I’tash, Boriel’s Retreat, Doyest Vesk and finally the Tomb Fortress of Holys trying to destroy the Hiveking that hacked them.
This portion is open to Eli McGraw and Remmie (Lurtor) only.
This includes 20 Neliff and their 25 slaves.

You know the rules. One post per player account to this mission. This mission closes at Midnight MST on Friday October 27th.

Remember there are only 2 missions left to DR2220+. The DR team hopes this has been an enjoyable experience for all.

To learn more about what is happening on other parts of this battlefield read http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1955-Time-Shredders-2017-(DR2220-)-Charity-Event-8-The-Combined-Forces-of-Falosini-amp-Quall


Well this is a fine how do you do. A crazy undead Kias screws with reality, that dumbass prick McMurphy gets himself replaced with a clone, the Falosini and Quall have joined hands in cooperation, it is enough to make a girl puke.

Candy teleported into the facility and no sooner does she materialize then a magi cannon blast goes right past her face. Glaring at the War-machine she focuses the strength of her worshipers and the machine crumples into a ball. Damnit, she wanted to observe for a while, oh well.

Candy will use the leyas to tear apart chunks of metal from the factory equipment and create a fortified position. Once that is completed she will teleport in thirty of her worshipers (Generic Faithful, Shadow 2 and Healing 2)
Who will take cover behind the fortifications and hurl chill bolts at the War-machines. Candy herself will use the leyas to reflect the Magi cannon blasts (I think Mirror or something I don’t have the book handy)

Their goal is to distract the forces of Nezaian so that the main force can defeat them. Candy’s worshipers will do their best to heal up any damage that gets past Candy’s defenses. They won’t be able to do much to the Warmonger’s dead but if they can suppress the War-machines that will be enough. If any of the Warmonger’s Dead cause her harm she will send a laser blast through their skull but she will refrain from causing too much damage herself. Such crudity is beneath her after all.

After a while Candy will project an image of herself to the nearest Falosni “Well, are you and the Quall plan on pushing through or is this just a circle jerk party? Your ass, get it into motion!”

Once the allied forces look like they are winning Candy will teleport her forces out including any injured or dead for restoration. Any magi cannons that are dropped she will take along to gift to her people who preform the best. A goddess has to reward the fine work of her subjects after all.


Burke hated Cambion Pirates ever since that day when a Peacelord Illuminated leading a gang of Cambion Pirates, threatened to annihilate him trapping him in that alley so that robots could hold him down while Krato cultists summoned a demon into an alternate timeline evil clown giant who then proceeded to molest him.

However Burke knew an opportunity when he saw one, and this was a way to make quite a bit of money. Leading a task force of a dozen Lobbas and half a dozen Armorfiends, he avoided the main task force of Quall and Falosini and stumbled upon the Cambion Pirates looting the secret armory (hey there are worse ways to find the mission right? :-P) Noticing right away that his forces were outnumbered and outgunned they would immediately take defensive positions using whatever cover they could find. Thankfully his gangers had a nice amount of weapons of their own thanks to the invasion of the Mirror Fleet, missile launchers would be used to break up groups of Cambions while the rest of his gang would use the Amorfiends as cover as they used their own Magi Cannons against the Pirates. If the Armorfiends died that was fine, they were expensive to feed.

Burke himself would snipe the pirates with his laser sniper rifle, if any got close he would stab them with his Bad Ass Blessed Bayonet (Does 8 Melee dmg, x2 dmg to Undead & Nightmares & Ancient Evils. Can damage creatures with Bag of Bones special rule.) which is attached to the underside of his rifle. (not that it would do much against the Cambions heh)

After the battle (if it goes well) Burke and the Lobbas will loot as much of the armory as possible.


Warmoners undead. Lurtor had been prepping for these battles since his time back in the south. It would do the world no good if they started their rampage back again.

Lurtor pulled out his favorite pistols, his Shadow cloak, and his standard gear and loaded up.

By the time Lurtor got there, the Undead forces had expanded greatly. Using songmance and shadow Leyas, Lurtor pushed his voice to all corners of the battle field and began to sing using the songs the Choir taught him against the undead. Making sure the Trouadour leyas was focused away from him. (Songmancer undead damage Performance x2). He would allow his regen to heal himself if this hurt him as well.

Next, using the shadows, he took his Absolution pistol and start taking out the larger Unit 111 warmachines, doing his best to stay out of direct sight using the shadows. Though he knew the undead were skilled shadow mancers as well.

If given a shot, Lurtor will shoot the machinery generating the Warmongers undead to destroy it.
From this point, Lurtor will stay out of the way of the invading armies as he didn’t want to be a target.

Contact from Remmie:
If Allowed: When Remmie contacts Lurtor through Comm crystal, Lurtor will teleport to Remmie and their crew to retrieve them and bring them to safety using teleport Leyas. Before relocating anyone, checking for neliff influence.

Remmie had a backup plan if they could not get out on their own, but he didn’t want to pull it unless needed. Remmie had the crown of the High king on protecting him from Neliffs. But 20 guys or Neliffs springing from his chest would still hurt, no matter how fast he regen.

They needed to at least disable the weapons or sabotage the firing system of the sub. Something forcing it to the surface would be best. Or when the sub starts to get near the surface to fire.

He would make his way through the shadows avoiding any type of combat for as long as possible heading to the weapons room or the control room. Looking for the time to act. If figured if he killed one, they would know.

If the control room can be taken over, force the sub to surface. Then Surge the controls with Shadow Leyas to short out everything.

From the weapons control room, sabatoge the launch doors so they won’t open, then push Shadow leyas through the controls. Then find a way out (even if it has to be blow a hole somewhere and escape that way.

IF remmie has a comcrystal still to Lurtor:
Remmie would let the others know he has a way out. Remmie would say “I’m in a sub that is loaded with missles controlled by Neliffs. We need an out. You should scan us all for Neliffs though I think we are still clear.”

As they are ready to leave, set one of the missiles to detonate if possible. (Leyas user surge the equpiment after the sabatoge is done.

If Lurtor cannot get them out:
Once to the Surface, he would activate his wings and launch out of the water. He would then use a rope to get the others to hang on to and fly hard and high using his triade stud hoping the regeneration would help keep his strength going.

Lurtor (VLAD Agent) LR:6 (7), HP:24, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:7, Will:8, Health:6, Int:5, Chr:3 (9), Emotional Control:4, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:4 (5), Ranged:4 (8), Thrown:2 (4), Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:4 hps /rd, Melee Strike +3, Ranged Shot +3, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gunslinger, Knife thrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 2, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails, Ignore Poison (4 Succ), Bird Sight (+2 Bonus to Range Combat w/Missle/Energy), Animal Sight (See in Dark), Animal Hearing/Smell (+2 to hearing and smell tests), Ignore Poison, Obscure 6 Succ (+12 to T# for Leyas sight), Immune to Poison and Chill; AR 25 vs Energy; AR 30 vs Laser and Light Leyas; +2 Bonus to Dodge,);

Skills (Artillery:2, Blunt Weapons:1, Edged Weapons:5, HtH:3, LCM:7(9), LCR:7(9), Pilot Airship:1, Pilot War Giant:3, Polearms:1, Springshots:5, Thrown Weapon:4, Fast Talk:2, Sylvan Tech:3, Computers:5, Tech Forger:4, Tech Repair:3, Performance:5, Religion:3, Torture:0(2), Acrobatics:1, Acting:1, Burglary:4, Climb:4, Diplomacy:2, Explosive Theory:4, Heraldry:2, Herbalism:4, Leyas Mapping:1(3), Leyas Recognition:2(4), Leyas Theory:3(5), Medicine/Healing:1, Monster Lore:1, NN Lord Lang:2, Profession(Spy):7, Prof (Spy Master)4, Set Traps:4, Sleight of Hand:3, Stealth:5, Survival:2, Swimming:3, History(Yyan):2, Prof (Interrogator):0(2), Intimidation:0(2))

Leyas (LR:6 (7), Air:3, Earth:5, Fire:5, Water:3, Light:3, Shadow:6, General:2, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:6, Summoning:1, Technomancy:6, Troubadour:4)

Lurtor Eq:
Camo Cloak of Shadows - 6 Slots - 5 AR vs Melee, Missle, & Chill; AR 25 vs Energy; AR 30 vs Laser and Light Leyas; +2 Bonus to Dodge, Obscure, Shadow working (4 Succ), Shadow Shroud, Shadow Armor(6 Succ)

Gorguldol, 2 VLAD Combat Knifes (Shieldbreaker 6 Succ), Hellforged Dagger. 5 (Half A.R.) Melee dmg, (2W), 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, 2 Acid Grenades, 2 Liquid Nitrogen Grenades, 5 Sonic Grenades

Lurtor Maurader Demonic Pistol
25 Missle Dmg - Sharapnel Cannon (5 Succ),
12d6 Energy Dmg, Fire Flamethrower (6 Succ)
4d6 (No AR) Pain dmg, Cone (+4 Dodge T#) or 2d4 (half A.R) Melee Dmg +4 Bonus to called Short - Vortex Cannon (6 Succ)
Scope + 4 Bonus to Called Shots with This weapon
Magi Cannon - Demonic Absolution Vengful 9d6 Dmg - 9 Succ - x4 Vampyrs, Bandits Nightmares, Undead, Vehicles, and Sructures. Every pt of dmg heals user

Lurtor Maurader Skull Pistol
25 Missle Dmg - Sharapnel Cannon (5 Succ),
8d6 Energy Dmg, Fire Flamethrower (4 Succ)
4d6 (No AR) Pain dmg, Cone (+4 Dodge T#) or 2d4 (half A.R) Melee Dmg +4 Bonus to called Short - Vortex Cannon (6 Succ)
Scope + 4 Bonus to Called Shots with This weapon
Magi Cannon - Absolution Vengful Skull 9d6 Dmg - 9 Succ - x4 Vampyrs, Bandits Nightmares, Undead, Vehicles, and Sructures. +8 Dodge T#

Remmie (K’ias Redeemer) LR:4 (Adept), HP:18, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:5 (11), Agility:5, Will:4, Health:6, Int:4, Chr:4, Emotional Control:4, Temper:2)

Attacks (Melee:3, Ranged:1, Thrown:2, Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:14 hps /rd, K’ias (Takes x2 dmg from Zela, Zela Attacks count as No AR. Mimic at will (6 Successes) Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +1, Light Merc Plate AR (6 Melee / 4 Missle / 5 Energy / 3 Chill ), Adept (+1 to Leyas Tests, +2 Leyas Skills Checks), Catlike reflexes, See in Dark, Immune to Poison Attacks);

Skills (, HtH:5, LCM:6 (8), LCR:6 (8), Polearms:5, Fast Talk:5, Planar Lore:4, Artifact Lore:4, Heraldry:1, Monster Lore:6, Profession(Spy):4, Ettiquette1, Stealth:3)

Leyas (LR:4 (Adept), Air:0, Earth:0, Fire:0, Water:0, Light:1, Shadow:1, General:0, Healing:1, ShapeShifting:2, Summoning:0, Technomancy:0, Troubadour:1)

Remmie eq
Redeemer Amulet - Ignore Poison, Catlike Reflexes, Spirit Scope, and Animal Sight (3 Succ)
Kias Executioner’s Halberd (15 Melee dmg (+8) or 15 Missle dmg. Attached by Chains. Zela Metal (shieldbreaks, x2 Dmg to K’ias, etc). Special Grips that will not effect users LEyas.
Triad Earring Stud - Remmie - +6 Str, 12 Ar vs M/M/E; Regen 14 hps/rd; Wings, Shadow Jump (2 Succ), Obscure (4 Succ), Grow Armor, Monstrous Strength (6 Succ), Regeneration (7 Succ)
Ring of Warm Aura (2 Succ)


Enough of this dam politics. These attacks and threats needed to stop. Daron would shift into his dragon form and fly into the area and then use the shadows to get the lay of the land. He headed in. Figuring out where he could help best when he came across the armory. He watched from a shadow to see them unloading things and thought, that this couldn’t be good.

He takes out his Riot cannon fires it into the crowd robbing the place. He does this a few times to make sure he has knocked them all out.

Then he will quickly go through and tie up the robbers. Removing their weapons. With the help of any allies, then will make sure the items of the armory are removed to a safe place.
If someone needs extra incentive to surrender, Daron will breath Acid or fire on them.

Daron will support any of the Children of the Falosini or EEF soilders. If he runs into Unit 111 he will make sure to keep on the move and use his breath weapons.

IF asked:
Daron would say “I’m STAND here to help where I can. If I can prevent those who would attack the the Colonies from getting ahold of new weapons I will. If I can help those who fight to protect the colonies, I will. We cannot sit back and let others do what we all need to do.”

Daron (Borvian Dragon / Olgog) LR:5 (Adept), HP:15, Init: 2D6+Agility

Stats (Str:6 (12), Agility:6, Will:5, Health:5, Int:3, Chr:4, Emotional Control:3, Temper:3)

Attacks (Melee:1 (2), Ranged:3, Thrown:1, Leyas:1)

Special Abilities: (Regen:None, Ranged Shot +2, Leyas Sight (6 Succ), Fly at Move 18, Adept (+1 to Leyas Tests, +2 Leyas Skills Checks), TimeShredded, Borvian Dragon Crystal (Grow Armor (6 Succ)+12 AR to MME, Increase Str (12 Suc)+6 Str, Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), Grow Wings (4 Succ), Leyas Sight (4 Suc), Fireball II (4 Suc) 2D6 x3 Energy Dmg, Acid Cone (4 Suc) 1D8+2 Acid Cone);

Skills (, HtH:5, LCM:5 (7), LCR:5 (7), Thrown Weapon:5, Military Tatics:6, Religion:2, Diplomacy:1, Herbalism:5, Leyas Mapping:0 (2), Leyas Recognition:6 (8), Leyas Theory:0 (2), Monster Lore:6, Etiquette:6, Profession(Spy):5, Tracking/Hunting:6, Prof (I.R. Temporal Assassin):2)

Leyas (LR:5 (Adept), Air:0, Earth:4, Fire:0, Water:1, Light:1, Shadow:3, General:2, Healing:3, ShapeShifting:3, Summoning:0, Technomancy:0, Troubadour:0)

Riot Cannon - this artificed weapon will fire off a canister that spreads a gas that does 15 Pain dmg, gas attack. It has a uniquely designed by War and Pestilence to knock out a group of targets and make it hard for them to remember what happened in the preceeding minute before they were knocked out by the gas. It has unlimited ammo but can only be fired once each combat round. If anyone other than Daron picks it up, and tries to target Daron in its blast this weapon will instead vent its grenade at point blank range at its user. It is an auto hit on the user and can only be dodged on a natural 10.

Razor Claw Gauntlets - 4 Melee Dmg, +1 Melee Attack
Nightmare Hide Trenchcoat (artificed with Wilderness Camo)
Ear Ring - Life Shield/Obscure/ignore poison (3 succ), Ear Ring - Heal Internal - 8 hps (2 Succ), Warm aura necklace,
shock stick - 1d4+5 Melee Dmg + 1d8+1 No Pain Dmg +2 Str


song: Pac-Man CE 2 - Pac Dimensions

Eli looks at the Snowy and Lester with weariness. “Okay, Snow? I’m going to be a big idiot… err I mean big damn hero and bait these guys. I’m going to be doing a lot of running and shooting . You do your leyas stuff from the shadows while they have theirs eyes on me. Les? Sneak around and get a mini sub, boat or whatever nightmarish vehicle you can find to get us out of here. When Remmie is done putting a wrench in the works, call us up and we’ll bail out.”

Eli got dual pistols, the Crown of the High King’s Favor™ under his hat while the other two have Neliff Jammers in their ears. Eli going to bait the Neliff and their 25 slaves to come after him while Snowy will use his leyas to snipe or create walls of icy doom. Lester keeps out of the fight and gets a way off the ship. Snowy Touch and Lester Colt gain a +2 bonus to hit and dodge when they are backing Eli’s play. When Remmie is done, everyone leave while Eli covers their backs from the rear.


Uriel appeared among the hills around the tomb of Holys.* He shook his head as he watched the fighting intensify.* He should have shut down the entire place down when he had the chance.* He should have done everything he could have to keep everyone away from it.* Instead he become distracted, he had trusted others to watch over it all and keep it secure.* Still even an ascended couldn’t change the past.* Well, technically, he could go back and change the past. But as a rule he did not approve of time travel.* It caused more trouble than it ever prevented.


If he was going to do anything about this problem he had to deal with it now.* The question was where was the best place to act? He expanded his mind from his body to get a look at the entire valley around the tomb.* The fighting around the tomb was brutal and he could see the factory floor was rapidly becoming a battle ground as well.* He wasn’t sure he could avoid hurting the mortal troops engaging the warmongers dead and the neliff.* The armory however seemed mostly free of the fighting.* It was not untouched however.*

Uriel could see the crews of Pirate King T’shesh looting the place for all their worth.* Such weapons were far too dangerous to be in their hands.* Or anyone’s really.* As his mind coalesced back into a physical form he decided to do something about it.*

Uriel will create as many and as powerful nightmares as he can to attack the looters and their ships or any other transports they have to carry the looted items.* If there are ships he will try to sink them in the bay before they can escape.* The nightmares will also be given Shadow armor.* After the battle he will absorb them so they don’t get the chance to endanger any innocents.*


The EEF will take action the following actions to stop the dead on the factory floor. A salvo of rail ships will be launched at the tomb they will be empty but each will be worked to open an energy bridge after it penetrates the walls. Once the bridges are open hunter killer drones (25 armed with lasers) will make up the first wave in order to open enough space for EEF exorcists to have a secure place to engage the dead from. Heavy weapons will target War machines first then move to regular dead units. EEF forces will work with anyone attacking the dead. If the floor becomes untenable the exorcists will withdraw into the energy bridges taking anyone who wants to go with them and leaving behind two detoured Damocles strikes timed to open in ten seconds in order to destroy the factory, any active dead and any still in storage.


The Herald of Wintermute read the communication from Harald and nodded at the information. A group to help hold the coast against Neliff preferably led by Major Set’gal’s force, and a secondary team to assist the Blackheart mercenaries in the Armory. Very well that wouldn’t be a problem.

From the Cursed Shoals of Set’gal they came, Set’gal’s Sea Serpents rode their Sea Serpent Wargiants gliding under the waves into position. The attack force unloaded onto the shore while the pilots of the Wargiants defended from threats at sea. Two hundred Skeletons, twenty Vampires, and twenty Reanimators (+3 H.P., +1 F.S., and +1 attack to their total statline and are considered elite undead Mission reward) They had orders to hold the shore against the Neliff. The Falosini and the Quall were suppose to support them and not kill them, which would be helpful as that would distract their attention from the Neliff. After all, how could Set’gal slaughter Neliff if he is beheading a Falosini? Better for their safety if they allowed Set’gal to fight the Neliff instead right?

Meanwhile Lieutenant Drainfang was sent in with ten members of the Wintermute Vampire Guard (Elite Vampire Thrall FS 6 [See pg 180 of Boarder Wars guide]) to accompany the Blackheart Security team in assaulting the armory. Two Vampires will maintain a Shadow for the team to use to exit the armory into a safe area several miles away from the battle, the other 8 will use the shadows to preform hit and run attacks against the Pirates. When the enemy fires their magi cannons (which really hurt the undead) the Vampires will use their artificed Wintermute half mail armor (Shadow Armor, Shadow Shroud, Shadow Walk, and Become Shadow at 4 successes) to meld into the shadows to avoid the blasts. They shall pop out and slash at the enemy with their Fleshworm Axes (3D6 Melee artificed with Create Fleshworms 4 successes) The actual strikes might not harm the enemies all that much but even a scratch infested with fleshworms will cause a problem to most living creatures.

At the same time when possible opponents who are giving orders to the enem will be dragged into shadows and then stripped of their weapons. Once isolated they will be bitten and drained of blood, their desiccated corpse shown to the enemy to inspire fear. When the operation is complete any bodies that can be taken will be raised as Vampires in service to Wintermute.

Lieutenant Drainfang will take his cues from the Blackheart squad leader, once they wish to withdraw he shall follow.


Brooke spat on the ground, she was to be working with filthy walking corpses for this mission, if she wasn’t a professional she would have complained. Ah well, might as well get this done with.

Joining with the Black Heart irregulars for the infiltration. Once inside Brooke will create mini igloo bunkers (think Starcraft Terran ones) for the Blackheart forces to fire from while allowing them to exit and move out if needed. Once their cover was created Brooke will Hydrolic Leap forward slamming into the Bestial with the Sea Kings bombard as that looked very dangerous. After he has been knocked down she will hit him with a Tsunami blast from her armor hopefully knocking him out. If needed her Hydrolic Fists shall finish the job in removing his consciousness. Once he is out cold she will sling his body over her shoulder and pull back to the allied position and hog tie him to prevent him from escaping. Once that is done She will move up and create Ice Shields to attempt to reduce the damage coming from the enemy Magi Cannons and attempt to keep as many of the allied units alive…well animated as possible.


Goblin King Omar Biggunz and his five Goblin Kings and their twenty raiders had been happily hosting Neliff babies for the past four months. Goblin King Omar was a proud supporter of Neliff the Orthodox, and definitely thought reality was better with the Neliff around.

But then the Red Cloak Falosini came and started to mess with stuff. Goblin King Omar and their 200 Neliff juveniles were ready to make life bad for Falosini, Quall, anyone who came at them. Twenty five Olgog toughs and their Neliff horde were going to take back the factory floor. Neliff the Orthdox needed a Warmongers Dead army to replace all Neliff and Yyan stolen by Neliff the Radical.

Omar wondered if he should tell King Blood’Og, but the Blood’Og leaders were the old news. Neliff was the good news!


“Alright typhoon squad, listen up.” Bax Gra’Vale began as the others gathered around him, “We will be hitting the armory in Holys factory. Primary objective secure an escape route from the factory floor to the outside through the armory. In case the main forces primary egress of shadow walking fails. HQ issued armor piercing rounds for our weapons, use em wisely, primary opposition in the armory are cambion pirates. Flowers, you will be setting antipersonnel devices to keep our path open on the way out. Slate, you get to use the AV laser, set up in a firing position to cover us.” The brown haired earther gave a pound to a smirking bald earther. Bax continued, “Everyone else on me, we hit em hard and fast keep your heads on swivel, and due to the sensitive nature of the theater of operations don’t do anything that will cause structural damage, god knows what horrors lie within.”

Squad: 1 kiou (former EEF infantry), 1 Vlhadassi (Former EEF recon), 1 earther (Former EEF firebug), 1 earther (blackheart STRIKE), 1 earther (former lions of earth heavy), 1 earther (former EEF medic)
(infantry, recon, firebug, medic): zela stud, Assault rifle or assault shot gun with 10 magazines of AP ammunition, heavy springshot pistol with 20 rounds of AP ammo, 5 nanite syringes, 5 flash bang grenades, infantry armor, neliff jammer.
(STRIKE) as kit except with neliff jammer
(firebug) 10 antipersonnel mines (Hoping to cause minimal structural damage, maximum casualties)
(heavy) AV laser, multiple batteries for the laser, infantry armor, flash bang grenades, heavy revolver, 30 rounds of AP ammunition, neliff jammer


Fort Lendill forces will arrive via eye spy shadow walking. the first ones through will be 20 mauraders armed with antiundead magi cannons and razor wheels. The Mauraders will rush the war machines and try to use their high speed to keep away from the warmachines impressive weaponry. Next Orestes and 10 other gun monks and 20 FL peace bringers will enter the battlefield arraying them selves along the edges of the factory floor in an “L” shape. The conscripts would use shrapnel cannons to lob specially made vials of holy water at the warmongers dead. The gun monks would use there blessed FLAK pistols on the dead as well as the war machines. They would try to suppress and kill as many of the enemy forces as possible. Orestes would have his Neliff jammer and would hunt any Neliff he spotted on the battlefield.

Once the other DRRT aligned forces secured the commander and extracted him the gun monks and the conscripts would fall back through the shadow portals. The marauders would then see who could score the highest kill streak before being killed and exploding in flames.

Forces equipped as normal with exceptions noted above .


Khered was feeling rather good. Over the course of the last few months when he had dumped Rogarth back on his leaky boat he had enjoyed hunting down the Primal Decended. Hunting evil was so much easier when the evil of their hearts was on display on the outside as well. Hunting Kias down would have been better but Khered had learned centuries ago that there were so few Kias left that he would have to make due with lesser evils.

However he needed to take a break from lesser evils, for he had learned of a far greater threat to everything. The Falosini had allied themselves with the Quall N Drone! This was a horrible turn of events, naturally the Falosini were goodly beings but the Quall were foul to the core. Countless innocents had fallen to the flame and horn of these beasts. Khered had even heard that one Hive had created a way to transfer the horn of their Queen into multiple spears allowing them to infect poor victims anytime and anywhere! The thought made him shudder, truly was their no end to their depravity? This had to stop no matter the cost. Khered hurried a message back to the Arie of the Tsogari and requested members of his personal pack to come south to aid him in stopping the possible corruption of the Falosini. In no way would he allow the Quall to corrupt one of the shining beacons of hope in this dimension.

The group was small, but six Tsogari personally trained by Khered would join him at the battle. Khered would approach the lead Falosini, The Sovereign Ceroj and bow respectfully "My humblest greetings to you my Lord. I am Khered and I have been dispatched from the Arie of the Tsogari with my brothers to aid you in your mission. While we are few in number the fight against evil is the entire reason for our existence and I guarantee that we shall each fight like ten men. I have personally trained my pack to be expert hand to hand fighters and their claws will rend any flesh or armor (all Tsogari will be wearing guantlets giving them Vorpral claws made by Khered) We shall aid you in your fight and make sure that no harm comes to your esteemed self.

Our forces learned much from the Boarder Wars of years past. We can create ice golems in the shape of Tsoga which will rip the throats out of the living enemies, while tearing the undead into pieces. They shall be sent in first to draw the enemy’s fire and drag them down allowing my pack to tear them asunder. We shall be honored if you will have us."

During the battle Khered and his personal Pack will help members of the Falosini army while ignoring any Quall in danger. In the “Chaos of battle” Khered will make sure that any Quall who is at risk stays in risk. After the battle while everyone is trying to figure out what is going on, processing prisoners and exhausted Khered and his pack will split off to the leadership of the Quall forces, Khered’s pack will create a distraction for Falosini forces while Khered sneaks behind the Quall leader and push his claws through her skull. Once she is dead (along with any bodyguards) Khered will signal his pack to withdraw taking her tattered head with him. A trophy for the Arie. Hopefully her death will end any long term alliance between the Falosini and the Quall, thus safeguarding the Falosini from corruption.

Khered wishes there was a better way of ending the Alliance but he knows that they are blinded by their fear of Holys, so direct action is needed. Evil must be punished even when it pretends to be on the side of good.


Paladin Captain Durandal had not been apart of any planning with any of the groups taking part of this battle. That means any attempt to join the battle would be extremely dangerous. So his cavalry force of one thousand knights and fifty Red Bishops would maintain a defensive posture on the outskirts of the battle while the one hundred Inquisitors created a Facade hiding their presence from the armies. Any attempt of the Warmonger’s Dead, Pirates, Neliff, or Yyan to flee the area would be intercepted and put down. He hoped that these Jammers worked, Durandal had spent a huge amount of his personal wealth to purchase them, he was almost destitute after the amount of Ghaz he spent. Turning to the man next to him he laughed “You think we should have actually talked to the Falosini or EEF forces down there to coordinate our movements?”

The other man laughed, “Yeah that would have been smart, but since when has Sanches Giantsbane done the smart thing? Getting blown up while fighting the Giants invading Absolom wasn’t brilliant either”
Durandal chuckled, “Didn’t you die in that battle?”
Sanches cracked a grin, it is a new world, now that we are out of he thumb of the Church, death is transitory after all. Plus when there are giants to kill, the Giantsbane can never truly fall."

Sanches will join with the Red Bishops armed with machine guns and rocket Launchers (and his personal Missile launcher, “Maria”) to greet any fleeing Giants.

Was this the best plan? nope, was the chance to kill some Giants worth it? Definitely.


Kincaid was getting ready to fly jump on a young pilots final exam to join the ranks of the Inris 4’s planetary defense force. The pilot had to maintain near top speed through a treacherous and tight canyon run. The pilot scared but ready had prayed for someone to look over him and was perplexed to find out the normal grader had been replaced by a grader unknown to his training wing. As the approached the dinged up training gun pod Kincaid felt a huge disturbance. An ascended or descended was interfering with events in a severe manner. He quickly excused himself, made up an excuse to CO about an illness and vanished once he stepped into an unoccupied bathroom. He would miss the adrenaline pumping flight.

Kincaid couldn’t believe he was doing this. Uriel was launching an assault against the pirates. If warmonger and the ancient evils were still on this plane of existence such an attack would have given them the ability to take as brazen an action.

The pirates would likely use the toys they stole to terrorize every civilization within a day of the coast however that was a mortal problem. Mortals with mortals with mortal toys they planned to use on other mortals should not have to fight gods. He hated having to help the pirates but how would Ceroj and the Quall Queens react if they saw this attack went without balancing counter acts? Would they begin to micro manage their affairs via drastic divine intervention?

A storm churning over the warm waters at sea would shift to the northeast creating an unusual surface current allowing the Pirate ships to make amazing speed out to sea and away. On top of which the storm would cause the winds to shift giving the pirates favorable winds back to sea kings waters.

The storm would also create rough currents underwater. Some of which cause the enormous fishing trawler the “Many-A-Night” to shift. The ship was lost when the colonies were young, a bloated behmouth capable of casting nets over acres of water and scoop up everything that swims. The ships hull cracked and the huge nets in its hold were pulled out by the tide. The nets caught in a thermal baffles and carried by the currents. The nets coincidentally ended up entangling the aquatic nightmares before they could assault the pirates.

Kincaid would appear next to Uriel in his Valkyrie armor. Wisps of storm clouds circled him originating from a poorly healed scar on his side. “Uriel, I seem to remember the ascended not interfering when mortals employed weapons like Daemonbanes’s Blade. What could those pirates possibly have that justifies spiteful wrath from above?”


10 Kul’Gul Rapi vampyrs would raid the armory. They would only attack to defend themselves. They would attempt to use the shadows to shadow walk out weapons artifacts dropped by downed combatants on all sides.
The G.U.T.S. merchants would sell these weapons and artifacts to the highest bidder in Tarris and other northern kingdoms that have trade with the Unenese. The resulting ghaz would be invested in the port of Unen to make it a center of trade where goods from the colonies, northern kingdoms, and glacial wastes could be traded for goods made by the olgog tribes.