Check this out For Indie Games Day 2016 (important call to action to DR Friends)


Hi all,
It has recently come to my attention that our good friend Brandon Osorio has run into bit of bad luck.

Every year he spend his own money to come up and rock our weekend at GamesDay with some awesome DR and Timeshredders games.

This year i was thinking maybe we could show him how much we all really appreciate him and the DR crew and try to fund the visit for Game Day this year. Here is the link

All proceeds will go towards his travel costs.

I hope you all can help me show how much we love having him there for this and all the games he put so much of himself into running for us.

Thanks for the support.      

P.S. Dates for GamesDay this year will be the weekend of August 19-21. Venue in Upstate NY is being finalized currently.