Bruskti need hides


Sa’Tor put word out to the Lur Union, GUTS, and anyone who would listen. The family needed 60 hides to survive the season of the bone caretaker. They were willing to trade: nightmare hide, fish, driftwood, artifacts, or 30 Uth shot spring shots to get them.


Lok’ab of Tor’Lallur greet Sa’Tor. Wet Tor from Der harm all. Can provide hide, make nice trade. You give Dar food, and magic things? Nice friend, with nice trade? Yes?


Auf Lalyan sends word "MY tribe does not have extra hides as we do not produce those ourselves. If we have a supply of something that can help your trade, we will help. We produce Water, Stone, Wood, Artificed items, and Knowledge. Let us know what you need. We will trade any of those for Nightmare hides.

(OCC I would have offered food, but I’ve already traded away that extra.)


Sa’Tor nodded to the tribal from Tor’Lallur. “We have kag, best you cook it, otherwise it make you sick. What magic things you need? We can make them.”


Lok’ab smiled at Sa’Tor “Kag good, food for tribe make nice good. Magic thing to hold things. Hear of magic bag that hold many ting more then normal bag. Need move special tings long way, magic bag useful.”


“We work on dese tings. if you need da bags now da bruskti can make them and carry dem where you need.” Sa’Tor noted wondering when he became the diplomat for the tribe.


Sa’Tor came back to the meeting location that night with 5 burlap sacks that opened to pure darkness. “These bags, they hold a lot of any ting. But never let da inside of da bag see da sun. Now they full of kag.” He noted pulling out an impossibly large fish from the small sack. “This good?” he was hopeful, the family desperately needed the hides.