Banking Guild Help Line (DR2220+)


“Hello this is the Banking Guild Help Line.
If you have a financial question about what actions might put your holdings in an unfavorable category with the Banking Guild, please dtay on the line and a Banking Guilder will be with you shortly.”


Ryuk was calling in and heard ,“Hello this is Tanya how can I assist you today?”



Hi Tanya, I was wondering if the banking guild cares about anything that happens to Do’krice ? I have someone who want to hire me.


Tanya replied politely, “Sir if you are just calling to see if the Banking Guild cares about a dimension ajacent to our own…yes sir we do. We at the Banking Guild care about every dimension and every planet on those dimensions and every species inhabiting this gracious life filled reality.”

“Anything else we can help you with sir?”



Well, I have a person that wants to hire me to stop an slyvan undead civil war, or to have me make the weapon to stop it. I’m working on the details now. Would it be an issue to do something like that?


Tanya said, “I need more details about location of action, nature of action, local casualty effects, local destruction expected…?”


“And the Guild would love to know the purpose if they could do so?”