Ask curator onalna of the museum of brez



This Olgog Curator has been running the Museum of Brez since before it opened its doors. She is skilled at appraising artifacts and recognizing normal and cursed items. She also has an extensive set of experience with the History of Refuge, and can give the background on certain found items.

[Post here to learn the history of a Reward Weapon or Reward Gear, or to learn about hidden powers of reward items. GL Online Campaign Items only!!!]

This thread requires a donation to the Museum. Based on the Donation you will get equivalent amounts of information.

Those who took part in Defense of the Museum may use the Curator’s skill for free.


While walking towards Onalna, Godart avoided some random tiles falling from the ceiling.

“Hey we did it… right? Anyhow, there wasn’t much of a mess!”, he said satisfied as a random pillar crashed to the ground behind him.

The olgog looked back behind him and gave a sigh.

Turning to face her: “Or not. Anyhow, I not sure what happen or if we won or what that blue light or this thing (Reclamator Crystal) is… so yeah. Did we protect what we needed to protect? I’m confused.”


The Curator sighed as repair crews made up of burly Olgogs and tiny Olgogs all dressed in brown overalls rushed over.

She said, "Godart, I would say we kept most of the treasures safe. I am not quite sure what is going on with the Museum but Maverick tells me there is now an active temporal portal to the land of evil clones or somesuch oddness. I have enough to do with historical objects from this Refuge to worry about alternate timelines.

As for alternate Timelines thats what that crystal you are holding does. It keeps track of where you originally came from so you can get back…or so my studies seem to point to.

I guarantee that the local gangs will think twice about trying to raid the Museum"


“What… no. No. No.”

Dread spread though face like a bad memory. Or it was really bad gas.

“Not again. Not again. Not again.”, repeated Godart like a mantra.

“Gottogo I’llsendsomeone overtorepair orrepaintthe modelshiphere…”

“…thank you for your… time…”,whisper near panicked olgog. Most likely it was gas.

Having said that, he gave a weak salute then turn away from The Curator. Put one foot slowing in front on the other he walk towards the exit. The big bad brave leader of the Lucky Fate Squad started to walk faster. He was a manly immutable gog that wasn’t going to panic. Not all - until his thoughts caught to him. He jumped higher that jumping bean and ran screaming though a wall and out into the streets.

“It’s just really bad gas!”

Then he was gone.