Announcements and other Governmental BS for Jemison Post


(This thread is for info from the government of Jemison Post. Currently open the narrator and Grim)


Proclamation following Battle of Glacier Research Facility


Let it be known that following the recent nearby battle that Lord Grim has given sanctuary and offers of citizenship to a number of neutral and enemy combatants. those that have accepted and agreed to live peacefully and follow our laws will be treat as any other citizens and expected to act as any one else. As some of these new citizens are a bit different from the majority of their new fellows, please take the time to try to make them feel welcome. A partial list follows:

the Illuminated and Cambions that surrendered and accept amnesty at the shoreline battle involving Lord Grim
Junior the giant aquatic nightmare in the bay

Any questions please forward to Lord Grim’s Secretary


The 10 Cambions convinced to come from the I’tashi Lands arrive, and wish to meet with Lady Sarphin.

Instead much to Grim’s surprise they were brought to him. When he asked for Lady Sarphin’s whereabouts the Spymaster’s office delivered news that Lady Sarphin and Agent Lurry were missing in action. Lord Grim knew that Lurry was Lurtor’s alter ego, so he knew anything powerful enough to disable and capture Lurtor and Lady Sarphin was a dangerous threat.

Checking on those who monitered the collars, he was given the location where the possibly enemy vessel was that was holding Lady Sarphin and Lurry.

Grim was furious. Already one of the people sent here for reeducation had apparently escaped to the I’tashi coast and disrupted and disrespected his first guardian and was holding her as an experiement.