An audience with the Mag Buskt for trade


Hikiti and Tusk, along with the strange Brezan Nomad known as Derlur, arrive at the isle of the Mag Buskt. As per Urog’s custom, they are impressively armed and dressed. Tusk wears metal armor, won from the Church of One with a cloak around it, a massive Brezan lance gifted to the gang by Protodoxa, a necklace with a kolgul skull on it’s end, and two other artifacts on her person. Her Karovan features are prominent, but her demeanor is a mix of her Karovan heritage with the outward show of strength typical of Brezan leadership. By her side is Hikiti, the Ur Rhug who was obviously being groomed by Urog to become a future leader of the gang.

While not as impressively armed, his garb was chosen more complement Tusk. He wore hide armor, also with a cloak over it, as well as a warwalker axe on his hip and a warwalker buckler hanging from his arm. He also bore several artifacts, intended to protect his peer, his friend, and Urog’s other protege. He knew the looks that they all gave the two of them, but he tended to ignore them. At least he thought he was. He didn’t know what the big deal was. He was the first friend Tusk made in the gang, and unless duty separated them, they often spent time together because of it. Was that such a bad thing? Besides, she was older than him. It may not be by much, but it was a big deal among the Ur Rhug. But he knew he liked being around her, and he left it at that.

Hikiti was the bearer of the shadow cocoon, which held the precious sapphire that was the purpose of their visit. The irony of Hikiti holding the shadow cocoon, a trade item received from their most impressive guest, the one who called himself the Nngao, was not lost on him. Hikiti was the one who received the Nngao into their gang, and learned much about the world from the strange K’iorn.

As the threesome approached the isle of the Mag Buskt, Tusk made herself known to the Ur Rhug and denizens of the isle. “I am Tusk, and I come at the request of The Goblin King Urog, leader of the Gang of the Uf Mag’og, general of the Great Northern Army, and council member of the United Tribes of Der’al. We request an audience with the great Mag Buskt, who recognizes our tribal council and offered his council to those who request it as keeper of the old ways.”

Hikiti’s heart beat heavily in his chest. Tusk’s training as a Mag’ol always impressed him. She made even Urog and Vektor sound like simple creatures. Together, he, Tusk, and Derlur awaited the response of the Mag Buskt.


The trip was relatively painless. The Censor-craft was a good idea. He was going to have to steal one at some point. Being recognized as a member of the Great Northern Army was strange. These new colors he had to wear was also strange. He sighed to himself and approached with the two younglings that Urog sent in his stead. It was strange that he’d entrust such a task to them instead of his second-in-command. Especially since they were armed to the teeth, which while being impressive in Brez, might seem out of sorts everywhere else.

Since he felt out of sorts himself in his normal appearance, he made sure to appear cleaner than usual. Otherwise, he still looked, well… like himself. He kept to himself during the relatively quick trip to the isle of the Mag Buskt. He was just excited to be here and meet the Mag Buskt up front. There was much to learn about, and from, him. After Tusk introduced their merry little crew, he waited to see what would come next.


Mag Buskt greeted the visitors on the great way which hung over the island’s majestic waterfall.

Here he had casks of wine brought out and flanks of seasquarr. The seasquarr was a local marine predator with long ray-like wings extending from the sides of its head. It was common enough in the deeper waters of Refuge’s south sea. Rarely seen except on hooks in the ports of Unen, Borvis and Barrow-on-the-sea.

Mag Buskt lifted a cup and drunk deep of the wine and ripped off a chunk o’squarr and ate it.

“Welcome and greetings representatives of the United Tribes of Refuge,” said Mag Buskt with deep reverence.


“We thank your hospitality, which is most unexpected based on the occasion.” Tusk and Hikiti took the food and drink they were offered. Tusk replied, “This meat is tasty and not found in the deserts of Karov or in Brez. For that, we thank you kindly. Should you make your way ever to Brez, we will do our best to match such a feast.” Tusk felt guilty for not reminding Urog to send fruits to share with their host. She had not anticipated such a reception. She felt naive.

“We have journied far, Mag Buskt, because we have a request. Two, actually. The first is trade-related, where I’ll begin. We have an item that might interest you. We know it would hold great value to non-olgog, our leader believed you should be the first to have the opportunity to barter with us for it.” She looked at Hikiti and nodded. Hikiti smiled, and pulled from his side a satchel. He opened it, dug his hand in, and withdrew a flawless sapphire. It’s quality was unsurpassed and unlike any sapphire found among the olgog. Hikiti passed it to Tusk, who showed it to the Mag Buskt.

“It is flawless, and of a size most rare in Deral. And we would like to offer it for trade.” Giving The Mag Buskt the opportunity to look at it, waiting for the opportunity to tell him that acceptable barter would be gold and/or silver bars.


Mag Buskt levitated the Gemstone above them, its facets glistening in the sunlight. It was mesmerizing in its flawlessness. He stared at it and shook his head sadly.

“I do not have enough silver bars in my grand coffers to pay for such an object,” said Mag Buskt sadly, then more firmly, “And even if I were a leader who would leave his subjects destitute I could not justify such a payment. This gemstone has no worth beyond its perfection, and the second one were to use it the loss of that perfection would be assured.”

“I have a counter offer,” said Mag Buskt to the pair, “I will pay both parties the weight of the boy and girl in silver bars to take this perfect gem to the Karovians. You must convince them to weave an elaborate headdress in the traditional style from Mak Hoblok hide and Yadol Carapace to hold it. Then take the headdress to Tla’loc’al so that one of the Ancient Aufs might weave it with traditional grasses and bind the Gemstone to the headdress in this fashion and grant their blessings to protect the headdress. Then once this is bound and ready, a true headdress for a true high chief of the entire Olgog peoples bring it to a Museum so even if another Goblin Genocide were to occur there would be a final proof of the inner perfection of the Olgog spirit.”


Tusk and Hikiti looked at each other, then to Derlur. The two of them shrugged, not knowing what else to say or do. However, they were just offered a significant amount of silver bars, which is better than the nothing they came for. They first looked to Derlur, wanting to make sure that it made sense.


Derlur did not like the sound of this. This journey was going to take forever. But he knew the Mag Buskt was right, so he nodded his head towards the two younglings of Urog. “We be in agreemen’. One queshion… do yer got a Yaldol carapace lyin’ 'round??”