After Week 15, Intermission begins


Hello to all our awesome Gamers,

Brandon here giving an update on Goblin Lands online game.

As of week 15 we will hit the halfway point in goblin lands.

As many of you know Goblin Lands week 1-15 corresponde to run concurrently with our space campaign part 1-2
(run in 2009-2011).

Week 16-30 of Goblin Lands will corresponde to same time as Space part 3( run in 2011-2012).

The time between week 15-week 16 counts as a year period in between where there will be internal growth but not stat raising.

Therefore as of week 15 game goes into intermission until Running Gagg 2014.

Each game week until the full game starts back up will have one heroic mission for those who would like to take part and of course player run missions will be encouraged.

I want to thank you all for taking part in the Goblin Lands.

It has been and continues to be an absolute honor playing with you.

Much Love,

BG Osorio and the entire Dark Refuge team!!


So the heroic missions would be for our player characters and Mercs? For me it would be Lalder, Lurtor or Daron?


For Learning in Week 15, I gather you can’t start any learning that requires more than 1 week?

FOr example any rank 3 Leyas (2 weeks), or a rank in Healing (2 weeks) or Summoning (4 weeks)


Heroic missions are always open to Merc Characters and some will also be open to a single character from a tribe as well.
Make sure to look closely at who is allowed to the mission and each will say. Some are open to tribal heroes some to juveniles and youths only. Some to an Elder.


If its one week you can use it the same week (not for artificing but for missions)
If its more than one week you will count as having learned it for the intermission heroic missions.
However leyas cannot be raised and artificing may not be done during the intermission weeks so be encouraged to send in different named characters in ways that bring you joy!.