88 Miles/Hour: Failure?


There is a theory of that no time travel is possible because of the weird pear shape of Radium-224 and Barium-144.

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Thank dog that the Time Shredder devices just rip reality apart and reknit it instead of getting into anything as muddy as traveling time. And that the Da’uhnb exist simultaneously in all time periods at once.

It seems like traditional time travel is once again proven impossible by science.

Now all we need is some Annihilation Leyas and we can build a time shredder and get around that whole physics thing…:wink:


This doesn’t make it impossible, just hard. There is still a way to go back in time via two super colliding black holes, this is possible because the gravitational forces on it warp the nucleus of atoms.

In this method, it seems that you would literally destroy the future you were in by going back in time, due to symmetry being violated.

This also explains why time flows in one direction, which is the more important thing.