Ziggurat over Drewsport - Meeting at the council chamers (Open to those helping)


Lalder was missing Tor’ab, Lurtor, and he wasn’t sure where young Lalon had gone. And now this. While he could not risk being killed, even if its just temporary, he needed to a counter attack planned for this Ship.

Lalder sent out a message to the rest of the UtR and others who have worked with the UtR in the past. Especially the lucky fate squad as they will have a need to deal with the loss of Godart. And they have proven themselves in the past.

Lalder choose one of the council chambers near Unen for ease of people to arrive.


Babi Sauntered in top hat standing straight and tall. “Dis ting man, it no good. We fought nightmares, kooky oner’s, da undead, raiders…but this…Dis is ting we can’t fight.” He said pointed toward the sky.

“What does da owner of dis flying temple want?”


The remnants of the Lucky Fate Squad were there. “They want the UTR to invade another separate timeline to fight that UTR… uhm world in another place. That “da owner” is crazy. We got to stop Witch Gogkiller!”


“How we do Dat hmm?” Babi asked. Every ting the pirates have fired at it turn to nothing.


Lalder says "Zela, we need to strike it with the proper weapons. One way or another, that ship… weapon needs to be destroyed. No one should have that much power and access to Annihilation leyas.

I also suggest we request help from the EEF. THe UtR is part of the colonies, we should use that."


Babi shook his head, “Where we find enough of Dat stuff to destroy Dat pyramid?”

“We need to talk to dis witch gogkilla. She takes Dat weapon and leaves our realm wit it better than it being destroyed and crushing da port.”


At that moment an unexpected guest was announced. It seemed a Tor’ol of GulTor’Gor had come, unarmed except for a simple bone spear of traditional Karovian design. Those who knew Karovian ways recognized it as a version of the traditional Spear used for diplomatic meetings.

He was dressed in armor that was reminiscent of Wintermute’s Reanimators. The name they recognized as both a title and a name much as the GulTor’Uf in this timeline were named after their job.

"Greetings Assembled Leaders, I am Tor’ol. l have come here to represent Gulmagtor Witch Gogkiller.

Many may wish to begin this discussion throwing accusations about the way we went about our actions. You may judge but you have never faced the threats we face on our timeline.
I also must begin by saying I am not here to discuss the merits or foibles of your local leaders here. We do not care if your Lalder is a hero or a villian, we do not care if your Rapi’og was a murderous id or simply misunderstood. To be honest it is all our people have heard since we arrived in this timeline. It seems their rivalry for good or ill has profoundly affected both our timelines.

We knew if we told you of our plan you would never have allowed us access to the K’ias Ziggurat. You would have thwarted us or worse yet allowed the Kasanthians to steal it.

Now that we have the ZIggurat we have a chance to destroy the evil Lalder’s fleet. But only if we gain the alliance and aid of all your fleets and airbourne weaponry as well.

The carriers are immune to orbital attacks, and will quickly destroy the EEF and IR satellite networks when they arrive. Then they will carve through any aerial resistence if we are not organizied and work together to destroy them.

And do not think for a moment because some of you are UtR and they call themselves UtR that they will spare you. Because they will not."


Tor’ol paused, stroked his chin, and continued, “You will probably want to know why we are stationed above Drewsport.
It is not an Earther Colony. Which means the Earther Military will no be able to get permission to try and Damoclese strike our Ziggurat from Orbit. As they tried to do to Kalok during the destruction of the Lost Colonies on my own timeline.
They might just succeed using their Zela tipped Damoclese projectiles, but if they do so here above Drewsport they will kill countless innocents.”


“Is dat da only choice?” Babi asked exasperated. “I ask you, do I look like da Babi from your realm? Does da lalder here look like da Lalder there?”


At that moment the captain walks in. Dol is looking irritated from the failure of her mission. Walks over to Tor’ol grabs him by the collar and throws him into a wall. "You think the Earthers, the EEF won’t blow up my town because of “innocents? We gogs have never simply seen as innocent. They would blow that piece of shit sky high and not even care about the bodies with it.”

Dol begins to calm down, begins pacing almost in a panic. “So if you want a fight, you got one”


Tor’ol said, "Yes good give in to fear.
Think for a moment who benefits from that fear.

It’s not us. And when the evil Lalder’s fleet arrives you won’t benefit either. But what being benefits?

There is only one being who exists in BOTH timelines.

His name is Kalok.

He exists in both timelines. And in my timeline he has already won. Now he merely need manipulate what you call the Mirror Crystal and he will have the perfect way to shuffle troops to this dimension aboard Lalders carriers. Imagine hundreds of thousands of Technomancy enhanced Fell Bal gogs as they March from Lalder’s carrier craft to join their agents in this timeline. "

Tor’ol bowed respectfully.


An egghead with glasses looked at Tor’ol, “Bullshit we wouldn’t have help you. You don’t know us. There would have been better ways to go about this!”

“How are we supposed to believe you? You attack first and are now holding a city hostage. This is madness!”, his friend step up.

A third spoke, “Who’s this Kalok anyway? It’s some person you made up! Just like this fairy tail story about time travel and alternate worlds.”


Tor’ol stopped looked confused and said, "Wait, how do you not know about Kalok? In your timeline he nearly burned down all of Simons burg. Giant demonic being laid waste to an entire city??

Seriously if you don’t even know your basic current events you can see why we couldn’t just come talk first. I mean seriously in the name of the Shattered Suns…"

Tor’ol looked to one of the UtR reps to explain Kalok. Tor’ol looked genuinely dumbfounded by the statement that Kalok doesn’t exist.

There was also an uncomfortable shuffling among all the UtR reps. They all knew Kalok was real. To even imply he wasn’t actually real (or for a person in the Goblin Lands NOT to know about him after the Simons burg incident) seems to lend a lot of credibility to Tor’ols statement they could not simply come to the locals and talk openly before acting.


Babi shook his head slowly. He took out a water skin and took a long drink before offering it to Tor’ol. Hopefully Karovian ettiquette wasn’t too different between timelines.

“Da family will help you. I tink the others have da same fear I have. We use all our gogs and ships we leave our home unprotected, those Dat die da last time they go to meet da thunder gods from our realm or be among strangers they sorta know in yours?”

Babi had a plan, “If all of us exist in your world then we do this another way. We use Dat pyramid as a distraction, gather up all of Dat lalder’s advisors the way we gather. Then we give them the final death.” Babi said the last part drawing a finger across his throat.

“Our lalder play like he your lalder and order da fleets into space. Make dem the EEF’s problem.” Babi shrugged, “It work, da bad lalder gone, his fleets gone, and all you need is da heads of da tribes and their closest advisors to risk it.”


The first slap the third up side the head. “Just stand there and look tough.”


The second spoke, “Get off your high brezen stalker. News doesn’t travel as well as you think and not everyone was here in the hood when that went down. Now you’re just making excuses to justify your horrible actions.”

“Yeah! Listen to the Rapi dude too. Let’s go crush those… slap …ouch.”

“Please just stop.”

“Never mind these two. Like I’m saying, why should we even trust you? We shouldn’t. This wasn’t some noble move because you had your backs against the wall. This was some planed Stockholm Kuo’lo Poop to force us to be your patsy.”

“Yeah! We may not be articulate or knowledgeable but that doesn’t give you the right to act like terrorist for your own political gain.”

The egghead stays the back of her hand. “My di… friend has a point. Sorry about the slapping.”

“No proble.”

“You did more than slap us. You have no right to force us against our will. Violence is not the way.”


Babi looked at the group from the lucky fate squad incredulously. “Seems to Babi all we need to trust is da witch gogkilla will destroy Drewsport if we don’t help her.”


“Lalder you need more rest rooms in this place,” stated a hooded old gog female.

Flanking her was six midget figures also covered head to toe in robes as they walked in. One them held a briefcase.

“Babi here makes a point. Tor’ol said all that could be useful while the clock runs out. We can either listen and give in to this mouth piece for a monster or do something else.”

“When I mean do something else we thank Tor’ol for Tor’ol time, kick this gog to the curb and get back to discussing how to take care of this road bump floating over Drewsport.”

“If binary choices aren’t you thing, we could demand that they surrender,have them work with us and move on to the bigger problems at hand. Their current plan is stupid.”

She cracks her back.

“Before you ask, yes I was invited and no my name will not be given at this point.” Turning to the remnants of the Lucky Fate Squad, “Who the hell do you think I am? Don’t answer that. You’d be wrong.”

Turning to the rest in the room, “A choice must be made now and I must defer to Lalder and his allies first and last. Give in or fight them or something else, your will here today will be honored.”


Lalder had been listening to the conversation before him. He didn’t like the plan.

Lalder says “I cannot support a plan that brings the” quotes in the air " ‘Evil’ Version of myself here. Our forces being forced to fight will turn out terribly. Remember, I have seen and experienced this world they talk about. Before the crystal was created. They worked with an Evil Krodnok. Does this mean they are bringing him here as well? In bringing my alt Lalder here, do they also bring a free Kalok here with my alternate Lalder?

Right now this witch has a knife to our throat and expects us to do their battle by pushing their battle to us. If they wanted to talk and ask for help, they should not have taken a city hostage. They should not have been killing Merchants and civilians. Right now I only see blackmail and murders.

I also see an annihilation user. Technomancy is bad. But Annihilation is the worst as the user goes crazy while destroying the fabric of space and time.

Tor’ol, if the witch wants our help, she should remove her fortress from our threatening the UtR or her allies. Then a request for help will be listened to and planned for. For I do not wish to Fight a version of myself who has been driven to such lengths.



“I have been taking care of my city and paying attention to it only mostly, this Kalok sounds pretty bad, but are we sure it is (air quotes) “Evil Krodnok” (end air quotes) Whatever this is may drag him along into our timeline too. We do not need more Krodnok, thanks but you can keep him.”

Dol ponders the lengths that the evil Lalder had to go through to get to where he is. “And an evil Lalder is something I would not like to see here. We need to make some choices that will not end with my city being destroyed. Which means that we should discuss this with the allies and leaders. All of them, if need be.”


Tor’ol looked right at Lalder and said, “Really you of all people are standing here having Olgog leaders. LEADERS WHO COMMAND THE LIVES OF PEOPLE. And they are denying Kalok’s existence and you are going along with this? Please at least explain that Kalok is real. That he is a threat. Tell them about Simonsburg…”