Zh'Ka'al: Settlement of the True Flame


This settlement seemed to spring from the dry dusty earth. It was made up of the Army of the True Flame Barracks, a United Tribes of Refuge Embassy, a Ka Rhug Embassy with Chapel to Kalok, and an Auf Lal’al Embassy. There were many more plots of land to develop. There was ample water from wells planted by the Kul Gul Rapi Family.

Food was a challenge in this region, and would be one of the continuing challenges for sustained growth.

This site currently has no defense against the flame winds.

The Ka Gor Tribe may sell plots of land in Zh’Ka’al to whomever they choose for whatever barter they will accept.

[Currently welcome are Ka Gor, any UtR Tribe, and any Der’al Collective tribe. Mercs are welcome until they are disinvited by the Ka Gor Tribe]


Gobbog stood before the assembled new citizens of Zh’Ka’al.

“The Army of the True Flame gains so much through friendship and alliance.
For any hero seeking to barter for an inexpensive home the True Flame will provide it.”

“I would like to open the doors to trade and hope one day all the people of Refuge remember Zh’Ka’al as a place where trade and ideas flourished.”


Og’Na looked around in confusion at the strange city that sprung up where the barracks had once been.
Each day Lord Gobbog walked the desert. He spend his afternoons creating more bunkers and homes. It was eerie because no one had moved in. Og’Na missed the days of songs and common work. If this lonelyness was civilization it was a cruel progression.

She wondered how many generations would eventually populate this place. She finally turned and wandered back towards the pit. Streets are confusing to noncity people.


Nelson Fink, horned dog businessesgog, was busy flipping real estate. A cool ten lot space to create a Bladed Sun church had just paid for the water supply for the city. Irrigation would be used to reclaim the soil. Food would grow soon enough. Manure would be added in measured quantity.

After confirming the farmes, Nelson returned to the building site to see the majestic one floor church spread out in the valley. It was within sight of the Der’al Collective Embassy.

In case of a Bladed Sun rebellion it was in a strategically weak section of the city plan. A place tough to defend but with good access to the pedestrians for missionaries. If they wanted peace they were fine, if they were seeking a terrorist stronghold they would find the church grounds their own killing field.

Nelson was happy because it was a beautiful church.


The Dimension Walker stood in the highest tower of the city of Zh’ka’al. Across from him stood Ogurox HiveLord and Makka’na.
He prepared to unveil a new direction, now that he was freed from the Quall HiveQueens.

“My friends, we are about to set forth on an exciting time here in Zh’ka’al. Our city is going to be accepted by the Earthers as a legal Colony.”

He let that linger for a moment.

Ogurox broke the silence, “Master Vellum, I do not think even a single of our soldiers are ready for a full Giant invasion.”

“That is where your mind goes? I tell you we have finally made a perfect homeland for all Pit Mongrels and Red Fur descendants.
And you worry about Giants? The Elogans will keep the Giants off of us,” replied the Dimension Walker.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” said Ogurox, “The Aegelis that are now our allies do not like the Krato that serve alongside the Elogans. It will come to head at some time.”

“I will leave Gobbog and Kitty to handle those matters,” the Dimension Walker said dismissively.

“You think the Red Furs will come here?” asked Makka’na, “Mighty Ar’yay, whose love is eternal, gave a great sacrifice for us, but it also changed us. We are green furs now. The other Red Furs will consider us suspicious, and worthy of raiding.”

“I know who will come here,” said the Dimension Walker looking squarely at Ogurox HiveLord, “The Horned Dog Cult will send members. Make them feel at home in our cities. Let the Hives think this is a place where they can safely recruit in, but never attack, never kidnap from.
Set the traps in place as you do. I want at least a single Quall HiveQueen under your control Zh’ka Gul Ogurox within the year.
Or should I say Zh’ka Mag Ogurox.”

“The Hive Queens are already whispering of destroying the Aryeserai as an abomination,” replied the Quall N’drone Hivelord, “I can hear their thoughts. They want a xenocide.”

“Unacceptable,” said the Dimension Walker, “You will make it known that the Aryeserai and Citizens of Zh’ka’al are under your protection. And the Earthers protect you…is that understood.”

“Yes, Master Vellum,” said Ogurox, though he suspected the Dimension Walker didn’t have a concept of how much force the other Quall Hives could bring to a real battle. At least it would give him a chance to be among his own kind.

Since the change, the Aryeserai did seem strange, and their mental positivity made him feel rather queasy. Ogurox would handle it in his own way.

“Let us go celebrate my friends,” said the Dimension Walker, “There is a Heroes Parade on the first floor waiting for the Brave Quall Lord Ogurox and the Knight of Simonsburg, Makka’na the Blessed.”

“These names…they are sacrilegious and offensive,” Makka’na said angrily, “The only one deserving of praise is great Queen Ar’yay who looks over us from beyond.”

“Umm… Makka’na…Baby, Ar’yay is dead, and we aren’t in the business of building new religions,” said the Dimension Walker sleezily, “You will be just hero enough for the mobs out there. Remember to smile, and thank the Army of the True Flame for your new Training Facility and Gym here in Zh’ka’al.”

“I had planned on returning to Simonsburg after the war,” said Makka’na sadly.

“Think of all the young former Red Furs who need to learn to use their eyes, need to learn to assimilate into modern culture. You have lived in Simonsburg among the Earthers and Green Furs. You can teach them…how to be.”

Makka’na looked sadly out the great windows of Vellum’s Tower.
There was an entire city celebrating their new status, and all she could do was cry.


Defenses of Zh’Ka’al:

  1. Ogurox would keep the Flamewinds away from the city along with Kitty the Aegelis and the other redeemed Aegelis.
  2. Aegelis Patrols would be backed up by Army of the True Flame Aryeserai Zh’ka Dols.
  3. Former Kolgul Militia Sniper Scouts would be stationed on towers and hidden on rooftops to keep the city safe. No final deaths.


The FireSea Sailors of Zh’ka’al

All Aegelis who served the army of the true flame would be brought together by the dimension walker on an exciting new project. They would begin crafting the infamous Aegelis Fire Sea Sailer airships but with the livery and heraldry of the Army of the True Flame.

All natural resources needed would be gained by Aegelis collecting them from their home dimension and bringing them to Zh’ka’al.

This was a simple long term goal of the Army of the True Flame.


Zh’ka’al with its beautiful aegelis flocks is a rare once in a lifetime trip for the newly wed and retiree alike. Its warm dry weather is good for allergies and joint pain.
As the newest provisional colony the Zh’ka’al tourist board hope you will consider our perfect little colony for your next vacation. A scenic airship ride from Simonsburg or Brez train station is included in all vacation packages.

When you think of beauty, love and laughter
Think Zh’ka’al.


From the zh’ka’al tourist agents now being hired in cities along the Hovertrain line to promote Zh’ka’al.