Wintermute sends an envoy to Tla'Loc'al


Captain Puhza was a (living) Baribur from the Blight Guard of Wintermute. This was his second attempt at diplomacy with a tribe of Olgogs in the Goblin Lands. The first didn’t accomplish anything and he was hoping that this trip would be more fruitful. He has been sent to Tla’Loc’al despite Wintermute’s less then cordial relations with the UTR in order to break the ice (as they say up north) after all, ignoring each other will only work for so long.

Captain Puhza would head to the nearest government office “Greetings I am Captain Puhza of the Wintermute Blight Guard…think of us as the internal peace keepers of the city. I have been sent to attempt to create a more peaceful relationship between our peoples as we are neighbors to a degree and it makes little sense for us to act hostile to each other. After all, with so many disasters happening in these lands the past few years, you never know when the next one will happen. Cooperation will make these almost frequent world ending catastrophes easier to deal with.”


Lalder says "Greetings Captain, Things have been rather hectic in the last few years. I am Lalder of Auf Lal’al and council gog of the UTR. I welcome you as a guest of my tribe while you are here.

There has been too much conflicts in our lands as many forces were playing games. And I grow tired of the games and conflicts. I fear currently were are only in low in conflicts as everyone adjusts to the destruction of the Warmonger.

With that, I would be interested in better relations with Wintermute, especially with your involvement in Karov, you are not a distant land on the other side of the continent. Last time our talks failed due to egos. We should learn from that, let it stay in the past and start fresh.

Where do we start today, please tell me more of Wintermute and your goals?"


Captain Puhza paused to consider his words, (it was a long pause, perhaps one that could have felt like weeks in any other situation :stuck_out_tongue: ) I thank you for your kind words, I would be pleased to speak about the goals of my people. Wintermute has always been ruled by practicality. As a very large percentage of our citizens are undead we have no illusions about first impressions. Generally people tend to view the undead as something to be destroyed rather then spoken to, so our diplomacy tends to start off rocky.
Our desire is to create a world where our people can life in peace without fear of being hunted down for being viewed as monsters. Wintermute is a refuge for those who have been forced to live in the shadows for thousands of years. In Karov we are trying to do the same, a place where Olgogs and undead can live together without judgement or fear. So far we believe that we have had a good start. Of course there is still unease but it hasn’t been too long since the two have started to share the same space. We have worked hard to show the local Olgogs that we are no threat to them and in fact will be nothing but good for the region.

My goal here with you is to lay the groundwork for future relations. To let you know that we wish for peace between our peoples, in the future perhaps expand to trade and free travel. Wintermute was fortunate to join the Itashi Alliance which enabled us to spread our merchants to multiple territories and expand our economy with trade and tourism. We wish the same for this region, after all societies which trade and freely travel among each other rarely go to war. Some cultures believe in freely warring with their neighbors, but they tend to all share something in common…a pulse. History has shown that if the undead go to war the living will unite against them. It isn’t practical or feasible to sustain that kind of interaction, so our leader, Lord Hassan has chosen a different path for our people, one of commerce and sharing of culture."