What was your favorite moment from a Live game of Time Shredders?


What was your favorite moment from a Live game of Time Shredders?


I ran a game where the team got sucked into an alternate universe in which you (Maverick) took the place of the Iron republic board, but were driven mad and crippled by an assassination attempt that caused your reign to be more terrible than the Iron Republic. The thing about it was one of the players was playing a new character and came to believe the 4 horsemen were good guys because they became the resistance. As a storyteller its been my favorite game to run.


The Da’humb Daddy& Pennywise the Clown… my mind still boggles a little from it… poor Pennywise, it was a VERRRRRY long day…


I’ve only played the game once. So I’m going to have to go with that one time. I got annihilated about an hour into the session.


Oh, hey! I remember you! lol!

I enjoyed shishkabobing those nazis greatly.


Ripi-tu, it was worth it… especially when you came back to life. It was a fun moment, and somewhat terrifying.


I came back to life? Nobody told me this. Now I’m invested in knowing how that session continued.


It was fun there was a fight over nature vs nurture, and everyone turned out to be copies in Dominos mind.


Copies now spawned into reality by Annihilation Leyas and Time Shredding.
These copies were then invited to join the crew of the Space Pirate Jak’hal of the line of J’kutu


That was so messed up, lmao. So now I have a character, a clone of that character, and a copy of the clone… eep!


It was horrifying. Some rapper kept smoking weed, offering Domino some. Some cave dude kept astro-planing. Some cop actually had some good ideas, but we couldn’t figure it out. Steam-punk guy built something really cool, but I don’t remember what it was. Some dude sucked up the power cosmos (which ended up being some horrible part of Domino’s psyche). Someone walked for an eternity, just to turn around and end up at the colliseum again. Other people did cool stuff, but I don’t remember. Eventually the team ended up in the plane of fire, house of the Aegelis queen who was raising the original K’ias children after imprisoning Lord Falos. We convinced the Queen that Domino was bad news, thereby solidifying his fate (of course). Then we figured out what we did and, well, are screwed. Standard fare, really.


Played a Clown who could change size. Went back to before time began. got possessed by The Creeping Darkness, and forced to wear a suit and do paperwork. Came back to kill the party. had a hole blown in my chest and a taser shot into my heart. Ended up with a REALLY neat hammer even if it doesn’t squeak like my old one did when I hit ppl with it. Oh and I created the only time locked Da’humb. And I finally got my squeaky shoes back :slight_smile:


One of the best times in a live game was when a new player picked up deaths scyth and my character tried to work th nanites so they didnt send a signal… and failed. Now she is an assended (Plainer Knight) WWII fighter going through time colecting scyths.


Getting the Eternal love of the teddy bear mama


I liked a recent game when I beat an avatar of the Creeping Darkness to death with the front half of a car and my mind.


It was the Avatar after Jiminey knocked him out of his own body.

As the creeping darkness was searching for a new host the Time Traveling former church of One inquisitor Mortis Leonin tricked the creeping darkness into a warded olgog body. Then took the body with him across time to keep the Four Horsemen away (a real temporal paradox big red button) while he was on Earth in the 1970s. Running an art racket selling flayed olgog corpses held together with injected resin to rich New Englanders as avante guard art, “good old” Morty lost control of it.
Luckily the body was destroyed by the epic heroes. The creeping darkness was freed from the host and returned through time to the future to continue his search…


Recently, it was during character intros when I introduced my demon and said “I’m the man from CPS, I’m here to make sure the kid gets to the teddy bear picnic.” I was on assignment from Death to get the kid to the qual .


Is it weird that one of my SMITH agents is all ways being captured? First domino and then the time shredding doctor at GAGG.


Few years ago, right when I first started playing DR/Time Shredders, I was playing a Steam Engineer. Me and the party were on assingment to deliver some weapon (it was called the Scalpel of Azrael, I think). No-one in the party wanted Azrael to have the weapon, so we ended up dismantling the thing and buried every peice of it on seperate planets. We took the last peice to Azrael, all the other party members failed fear tests or didn’t want to be the one to deal with Azrael cause they knew who/what he was, so I ended up going through one of the best R.P. moments I’ve ever been involved in, a conversation with Azrael.


How did that turn out?