Week 10+ The Hole in the ground where people are kept in Jemison Post


(Week 2-10 recap)

It was an icy hole for all intents and purposes. Yes it worked quite well as Jemison Post’s jail, but since a criminal justice system had never really been implemented, it became a sort of slow death by madness and boredom.

Inside this hole, living together for months with tight rations made the members of the Frost Merc group begin to hate their captors.

At first there had been some goodwill. The Frost Mercs had heard the Banking Guilders were demanding their death by hanging, and the leaders of Jemison Post had refused it. So the Frost Mercs waited patiently for a few weeks. Every once in a while, one of their members would get interrogated. But since the Frost Mercs hadn’t been hanged, they thought they just needed to wait for a trail.

Then the ice pit got cramped, as the leaders of Jemison Post captured a bunch of Sea Kings prisoners. The Frost Mercs avoided the Bestial, but one of the Frost Mercs struck up a conversation with Drella.

The Illuminated told them of how the Jemison Post leaders had raided her mine and taken her people.

The Frost didn’t know what to make of their captors.

But time dragged on, and eventually the Sea Kings prisoners were marched from the hole and out to McGraw Harbor for a prisoner transfer.

The Frost Mercs thought, finally now they will remember us and give us a trial, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead they struggled to get enough food (the entire post was under tight rations due to lack of food production) and tried their hardest not to give up hope.


(Week 10+)

When Bysos Borak arrived in chains, a prisoner taken by the leaders of Jemison Post, the Frost Mercs were torn. Some wanted to kill Bysos Borak on the spot for dragging them from their cushy jobs in the colonies out to this frozen hell.

Others wanted to know what the heck had happened.

So Bysos Borak sat down to tell them.

"My friends, I am so sorry for the near year of pain we have suffered out on these Glacial Wastes. But I will push with all my influence for a speedy trial. And if needed I will take the punishment so you can return home.

I was hired by a set of Cloned Soldiers who said they worked for the Earther Government. If they worked for the government it was a far older and evil version than the one that currently runs the Colonies. They wanted our Merc Group to protect their cloning operations while they finalized their work. But it wasn’t meant to be."

But Bysos Borak didn’t help speed up the process of their trial. In fact the interrogations increased, as Bysos would be dragged from his cell for more interrogations in those weeks than any had seen previously. During the interrogations they were never harmed, nor threatened with harm. But the questions, they would come over and over again.

On one such interrogation Bysos Borak returned and said, “My friends, I have good news, Belinda escaped their kill teams. She has fled to the north and hooked up with some Sea Kings allies.
I think she has frightened Jemison Post enough, they are finally willing to allow us to leave.”

One of the Frost Mercs spat out, “The Jemison Posters are just going to use us as bait for Belinda. We should refuse.”

Bysos said, "I suspect if we refuse to help them, we will not have a hope of being set free or let go. In the time you have been kept prisoner this went from a tent city to a real settlement. They have reprogrammed the Clone Army we were hired to protect, so they even have an army of bloodthirsty clones at their call.

We cannot stand violently against Jemison Post from inside a prison cell."

One of the Mercs cried out, “This has to be illegal under Colonial Law. We are guaranteed a fair and speedy trial!”

“We aren’t in the colonies,” said Bysos calmingly, “And while you have been down here, Jemison Post was declared a penal colony. So technically we are all already in prison.”

“But there was no trial!” demanded the same merc.

“Law is only law when there are honorable folk to enforce it,” Bysos said sadly, “I am sad to say, I think our only way out of imprisonment is to work with the leaders of Jemison Post.”


Lurtor sends out the builders with Orders to build a structure more suited for a prison with a common area. Make one section. The conditions for the new prison should be more comfortable and humane. Lurtor will create some heating and lighting artifacts to make the temperature and lighting comfortable. Lurtor will also request proper uniforms made and mended for the prisoners. The Prison should also have a set of bathrooms to allow the prisoner to be take to cleanup.

Lurtor will also make sure what gear of the Frost Mercs is repaired and mended. Also, healers will be sent to tend to the mercs.

Lurtor will visit the Mercs and Bysos. He would have those who wish to go with him as well.

Lurtor will then go the mercs and Bysos, Lurtor will say "I apologize for the conditions you have been kept in as this was not meant to be a long term issue. After we prevented the banking guild from executing you through hanging, but our court process broke down due to extreme events. None of this is an excuse, just a fact. While we resolve this, I have ordered that proper holdings are setup for you while we resolve this. Whether guilty or innocent, this was wrong and you have my apologies for this and we will take that into account going forward.

You have waited long enough, lets start. And I will see what I can do to resolve this soon.

To the details that I know, your group was hired to protect a Caravan. Instead you stole the Hover trucks and had setup to raid the settlements around here. 4 of your members were caught trying to rob a store. Attacking one of our advisors. This is why the banking guild wanted you all hanged. This is also what caused the response to that finds you here today. We still have the hover trucks in good conditions. We know they are more than that and are with Eli. We also know that Bysos was working with a Seaking Illuminated slaver. The information we received on her was useful and will be accounted for.

For this initial part, do you have anything to add?"


Eli “Big Balls” McGraw strode on in. “Hi, I’m Eli McGraw. You may know me as one of the jerks who put you down here. Not sorry for that.”

He drew his guns.

“Belinda Frost, your kin, is going destroy Refuge in a short time. She’s being played. We’re being played.”

He aimed his guns.

“I got Molly and the rest of the children waiting. Need your help to find the rest of your dead friends. Time is short.”

He shot the locks off the doors and everyone’s chains.

“I’m here to offer you a steady job, get you back together and save the world.”

He reloaded and cocked his guns.

“Any questions?”


Eli leads the Frost Mercs from the prison, and out onto the ice fields.

They began searching for the bodies of the missing members of the Frost. They were found over the course of two days, but it took immense power over the leyas to find the bodies, and many were half eaten by White furs or wild Tsoga. It seemed the Frost Mercs had some skills.

Finally the entire Merc faction had been restored to life except Boz Frost (whose head was still held by Grim and Lurtor in Jemison Post).


When Eli and the Frost returned, Grim confrotned them at the edge of town. “Well, here you are. I was just coming to talk to you. And what did i find when i got to your holding cell. Busted Locks and no one to be seen. But that is fine. I was coming to inform you that as there has been a change in government, all pending criminal charges have been dropped as the offenses occured under the previous administation. Even though that administration was basically the same people, i wanted to give everyone a fresh start. I also wanted to be the one to tell you that you were free to go as long as you obey the laws.”

Looking at Eli, “Releasing the detainees wasnt your choice to make but as I was planing to do so myself, no harm done. On the other hand, you destroying the locks and chains occurred after i took the title of Peacelord, so that vandalism is chargable under the new administration. So i hereby fine you 5 ghaz and order you to replace the Locks and chains. See Admin McIverson to pay your fine.”


(After the Finale)

Grim and Lurtor looked at the hole in the ground that had been Jemison Post’s prison. It was a harsh place, much like the Glacial Wastes had been when they arrived here.

Now a more humane jail had been built next door, and Grim and Lurtor had a moment where they wondered what to use this hole for.


Looking at Eli, “Releasing the detainees wasnt your choice to make but as I was planing to do so myself, no harm done. On the other hand, you destroying the locks and chains occurred after i took the title of Peacelord, so that vandalism is chargable under the new administration. So i hereby fine you 5 ghaz and order you to replace the Locks and chains. See Admin McIverson to pay your fine.”

So, Eli paid the fine of 5 ghaz to Admin McIverson. He replaced the chains and locks himself. That part hit his wallet and took a good day to complete. Though his face was blank, he was smiling in his eyes. Or so type of gaudy flower language you use when things weren’t so bad.