UTR - What to do about the Quall N’drone attack on the Oners


Lalder called together the council to decide if and what actions the UtR will take.

Lalder opened the discussion with "I do not believe a mass amount of UtR forces near the Oners will do anyone good as the oners will be just as likely shoot us as to shoot the Quall. This isn’t even going into whether we would or should help those who have killed so many.

I plan to have a Carrier nearby if the EEF or our allies need a rescue. I will ask Lord Grimaldus if he wishes for the added support protecting his border. This would allow us to act if the Quall heads toward his areas.

I also plan to let Lurtor Scout the area and help as he sees fit. He has concerns for the Civilians. But he will make his own decisions on whether he can help or not depending on the situation.

What of the rest of you?"


Shirley made her presence known by farting. Loudly. “Oh, sorry laldy-cakes. Someone tried to poison me yesterday. Still working the poison through my system. Makes me gassy.”

She farts again. The smell is terrible. If she weren’t Brezan, she’d have been embarrassed.

“Laldy, we won’ go n e wherr near da Earthers. But you can have 3 censor craft of 25 ur rhug each. Use ‘em as clean up ta heal tha wounded in our territory. That’s all King Urog is willin’ to do, unless tha EEF asks fer help directly.”


A random rock with a note crashed out of nowhere…

…It read:

"Dear UTR

Pardon the mess. Good luck with the Quall. We’re sitting this one out.

Love, Naeil the Loyal of the Lucky Fate Squad

P.S. We know."


Lalder says to Shirley "I am of the same mind. minus the issues of being poisoned. As long as the Quall are not in UtR lands. UtR will not do much. I do not believe Absalom and Hebron are in the path of the Quall, so I do not expect my forces to be fighting the Quall either. If they enter UtR lands, I my forces will protect or rescue our gogs and members. They will not enter Oner lands.

We will use these censors and gogs to evacuate gogs if we need to as well."

(OOC this would be one of those map things I was talking about. Correct me if I’m wrong. Of course all of these movements are outside of the mission as well."