UTR - War declared on the Great Northern Army by Ka Rhug


Urog stood in the UTR council hall.

“My fellow councilgog. War has been declared on the Great Northern Army by the Ka Rhug. Their avatar has consumed much of the city, and demands sacrifices in their name. Simonsburg, the home camp of the Great Northern Army is threatened by death. This attack also threatens the Earthers to the North and their council, the EEF, who had just established permanent relations with us and had a home in Simonsburg. So I ask, where does this council stand?”


Auf Lalyan says "This cannot be allowed. Ka Rhug attack is an attack on the UtR, not just the GNA. An attack on one of the UtR is an attack on the rest of the UtR. Even if the attack comes from within. The timing with the flame winds is bad, but I recommend that we utilize both sets of Enforcers, the army, and our resources to stop this avatar. I’m not sure what it will take to defeat this being, but we need to save Simonsburg and to bring the hose who brought the avatar to Simonsburg to justice. Simonsburg cannot be destroyed.

As for the Earth councils and the EEF ambassadors, can we move them to the Brez council chambers or something? Keep them safe until we restore Simonsburg? "

(OOC Yagogi’al and Kul Gul Rapi each have the enforcers.)


Councilgog Ka’zac entered the chambers, taking his seat amongst the others. He reserved the right to his seat in the council, as he felt that someone had to speak for his people, despite the allegations. He listened as the others spoke, and shook his head firmly.

“Who said war was declared on anybody? I don’t recall hearing anybody making such an announcement. If the reports I’ve seen are correct, it appears that there is one being there, a being that is claiming to be our god. I ask you, do you see our soldiers there? And do you think that if Ka’Rhug planned such an attack, they would incriminate themselves openly? It is my belief that this is a deliberate and premeditated attack by the enemies of our tribe to create a divide between our nation and the UTR. This creature is probably little more than a jumped up fire spirit summoned by one of the Ka alliance, one of our longstanding foes and rivals.”

“Do not believe these rumors, and hear the rational truth, as mundane as it is.”


Onigor stood with his arms crossed, with a stern looking mak’ab seated behind him.
“Well, that clearly puts us all at ease. I mean surely, you’ve been up to only good deals praying for a fire demon and assuming nothing bad would come of it. I’m sorry Ka’zac, but I was there to see the response of a welcoming when we went off to visit Camp Cleansing Fire. It is surely no less disrespectful than working to sell us put to the Quall, but I am certain you mean only to do more good deeds.
Auf Lalyan, we respected and trusted the Ka Rhug entering Yagogi lands based upon the word of Lalder. It may seem that your Lalder does not know who he vouches for and what his allies are indeed up to. The ideas initiated with the formation of the UtR are a wonderful goal, that has become a mockery with the actions of Glog of Or’Lur, Kolgol and Krodnok. It seems that almost everyone you are in league with is looking to screw us over from the inside out, and purposefully make the olgog people look bad. So I implore you both (directed towards Lalder and Kolgol) to come clean so to speak and elaborate on your endgame?”


“Well Ka’zac if you’re so sure its not your god your tribe shouldn’t have a problem killing it.” Said Dreg. “That way everyone else can worry abut the population. Either evacuating them or making them safe where they are.”
“Unless of course your speech was a lie and you did have something to do with it showing up. In which case it was clearly an attack and the entire UTR and probably the EEF, if any of their people get hurt, would have to respond to it.”


Ka’zac visibly stiffened, and looked like he really wanted to say something, but then reconsidered. He turned to Onigor first, bowed and said,

“I’m sorry our facility in your lands has not met with your requirements. The last I heard from it’s commander, your inspection team had a well conducted tour and didn’t mention any problems with our methods. Perhaps if you voiced your concerns in a council meeting instead of sending your tribals to yell insults at our guards, who mind you, defended the people of Yagogi and took fire from, the invading Warmonger’s dead recently. We would be happy to withdraw our forces from the camp at this point, as you seem to have the situation under control once more.”

Turning to Dreg, he said;

“We will look further into the situation, however most of our soldiers are just now returning from the south, and we may not have the resources or the ability to quickly destroy it. I am sure we could muster some troops, but we have heard reports that direct attacks on it seem to go poorly. Already I have heard that two of our legionaries tried to subdue the creature, but were easily struck and killed by it. What makes you think that an army of our tribe could do better? Surely a more subtle approach is called for, unless of course, you have some sort of heavy firepower we don’t know about?”


Auf Lalyan says "Ka’zac, this and recent actions are causing doubt. You deny involvement, but without passion. You should be raving that some being is impersonating your god. We of Herd of Auf Lal’ al have stood by you and yours. We have defended you and your as we have always thought well of your tribe.

Consider this a warning. There have been too many of this incidents where you deny responsibility but they are all related. We can only trust so much and this is a breaking point. If your lying to us right now you will lose an ally. If you are attacking Urog, that attack is against us as well as the UtR. Simonsburg must be unharmed. Simonsburg is more important than one tribe. We need a spot where Earthers and Olgogs work and live together.

So, do more than look into this situation if you value the friendship of our tribe.

To Onigor She says "Krodnok is not part of the UtR. You cannot always be as choosy as to who you work with. Sometimes you don’t agree on everything but what’s important is what you agreement. With Krodnok, the Warmonger’s dead who follow the warmonger must not have control of the factory. That was the start of working together for us.

As an enforcer of the UtR, it is your job to keep us of the UtR on track. Isn’t it? We have not utilized the Enforcers much. So i’m not sure of the process. But I will vote to bring this issue to a full investigation by the Enforcers. If Ka’zac is telling the truth, which I hope he is, he should back this as well. Give me an answer and proof."

Auf Lalyan says to the rest “What say the rest? We need this resolved with the flamewinds on there way.”


“I don’t recall saying anything about directly attacking it.” Dreg replied to Ka’zac.

“I said you should deal with it. If you want to have your whole tribe attack it or have a song along until it gets bored and leaves I don’t care. Or you could, uh whats it called?” He paused for a moment, "Oh yeah, wards. Rum-blood has been going on about them since he learned to make them. Use wards to make it weaker and drive it off.

It’s claiming to be your god. It would certainly be good for you to prove to all of your allies that it isn’t and that your tribe and your god aren’t just more people waiting to stab us all in the back. Not to mention the EEF. I really dont want to know what they’ll do if thier shiny new ambassy gets wrecked."


Babi nodded to the assembled. “I agree if this thing isn’t your god Ka’zac then we should destroy it before it can do more harm. Not to worry though the Kul Gul Rapi will look for da evidence to exonerate you.”

He nodded to Onigor, “Dis ting is outside da knowledge of da Family so we will follow Onigor’s lead on fighting it. We will investigate if it was created by an enemy on da outside.”


Tla’Hob had sat in silence since he had entered the council chamber. The only reason he was here was Urog had ask for them to send someone. He did not agree with his daughters actions after Glog had been taken, though he felt she was in the right for it. He would not let the stupidity of youth end all the good that should come from working with others.

“Honored council as I am not sure of how the UTR feels on my tribe since my daughter… lashed out at what she believed to be inaction in the disappearance of her mate, I will try not to get involved in your matters unless invited. That being said I believe I have heard it said around the caves that one of Councilgog Ka’zac’s kin made a comment on that day which might be useful. I believe he said something about raizing another city. If The Council were to remove all the citizens or hide those who can not get out under ground. Then a gathering of gogs can work together to frieze this new threat. I believe there are some here whose tribe has learned how to better judge the power needed so that there is not a repeat of Barts Port.”

His peace said Tla’Hob sat in his previous seat in the guest section, being the only one there do to it being a closed session.


Vektor shrugged. “I haven’t heard from the Ka Rhug yet…”