UTR to EEF - The Ziggurat over Drewsport


Auf Lalyan request to speak to an EEF commander as a representative of the Provisional Colony UtR. After the music is over she states

"I am Auf Lalyan of the Herd of Auf Lal’al, member of the United Tribes of refuge. Auf Lalder has requested that I request help and advice from the EEF as we are personally under attack from a Dimensional invading Army that is holding Drewsport Hostage with an Ancient Kias Weapon that uses Annihilation Leyas. 3 of our Fighters have been wiped from existence, an Elder has been held hostage.

These invaders are from an alternate timeline that came here to retrieve this weapon and blackmail the UtR into fighting for them. Otherwise they will start destroying Drewsport and the UtR. Their plan is to bring their enemy from their timeline here for a grand fight. Making our colony the battleground. The enemy is suppose to be an evil technomatic fleet version of the UtR. I know very confusing. I do not know much of dimensions, but their plan will never end well for us.

As a provisional colony, we are requesting help and support. We have no defence or ability to attack this ship as it is protected by an Annihilation shield. We do not have the Zela or other attacks that could break these shields. In this help, we also do not want to start with Orbitally bombarding the Olgog Lands to defeat these foes either. But short of that is ok.

The council is meeting now debating what to do. But either way this ship needs to be destroyed."

Auf Lalyan wondered where Lurtor was. This was normally his job. When not him… it was tor’ab who dealt with Earthers. But he’s held captive.


“Auf Lalyan this is General Map’le. Greetings. We are aware of the ship over Drewsport. However Drewsport is not a provisional colony or in anyway under EEF protection. We will be happy to advise as we can or act as an intermediary in talks if you would like. But at this time , based on the information we posses we have no basis for direct action. Is there other information you can share? What exactly has the ziggurats captain demanded?”


Auf Lalyan responds "Their plan is to allow their enemy to come into out lands from another dimension to fight. As things have been changing, more information is coming out. This 2nd invading force will come from a crystal that is currently located in Brez. This enemy will attack all, Ziggurat and us.

This is what I know, but I cannot 100% confirm everything. This is very confusing as it is time travelers from an alternate timeline. I have not dealt with this before, So i will try to explain as best as I understand.

So this dimension is an Alternate Timeline. The ones in the Ziggurat are from Gultor’gor from their timeline. They are trying to set a trap for the 2nd invading army. The 2nd invading army is an evil Version of Auf Lalder and his forces. It seems this evil Lalder has conquered most of their timeline dimension with the Use of Technomatic versions of our fleet. And will destroy all considered enemies or helping their enemies.

What we got was a call to fight the evil Lalder’s forces from the witch of Gultor’gor or something would happen to Drewsport. From this, we haven’t talked to much yet. Or at least not that has been told to me.

So what ever have is one group using Annhilation Leyas and a Kias weapon. And another possible enemy, who is not here yet, who uses a technomancy. While the Ziggurant is in Drewsport, I expect the technomatic fleet to appear near or over Brez. But that is a guess.

I fear that we cannot stand against these without others. We do not have experience fighting either.

And that is what I currently know."


"I see. So they have come saying their enemy an alternate version of Auf Lalder is coming here to attack and are asking your aid in fighting off his forces. They are bringing a warning? Honestly their intentions cannot be overly hostile. Even a partially operational ziggurat could lay waste to the cities and settlements of the wastes with little difficulty. What of Drewsport, that is well outside of Tal’lo’cal or UTR territory. How have you come to speak for them? Have the leaders of the city had nothing to say about any of this?


Auf Lalyan says "They have gathered to figure out what todo. The discussion hasn’t gone well so far with the Witches representative. They still hold hostility towards Lalder and Lalder does not trust them. Lalder can mean well in saying something, but the worst meaning of those words is chosen. And the same goes for Lalder. His distrust of the GulTor’gor causes him to do the same. Last I knew the representatives of Drewsport are there and a few others.

I ask that you join them. EEF will make their own decisions anyways. Whether it is to help against either invader, or advice, or mediation, or even supplies. There is help there and the parties currently there are not making the progress they need.

There is also the question of if you can close the crystal. None of our manciers could. OR even understand it. It is a crystal of Djinji make.

In the End I expect There is a need to join against the Evil Lalders fleet.

But there is also the question of Intentions if this evil Lalder’s fleet is defeated. Does that Ziggernut then turn its guns on this timelines Lalder’s forces? I expect this is part of Lalder’s distrust. Anything the EEF can do to assure the protection against that will help.

Either way, I think the EEF needs to be a part of this.

(Inviting to planning thread: http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1694-Ziggurat-over-Drewsport-Meeting-at-the-council-chamers-(Open-to-those-helping) )


Auf Lalyan says "We should also give you the possible capabilities of this fleet. Some of this should be known to the EEF as we have not hid this, but we have not bragged about this also. This is done in trust of the EEF as this tells of our abilities as well. Some abilities that we don’t advertise and the same for the weaknesses.

The evil Lalder’s fleet is most likely more advance than ours if they used Technomancy, but there are some defences and offences we should make you aware of. We have not pushed our offensive ability as what we created was for defence against the Oners. But we also protected against the Orbital Strike that hit the Tla’loc’al. Even though it was OtO who triggered, we know the EEF or IR could repeat that attack if they found need or another rouge got ahold of the space weapons.

As you should already know the carriers are capable of spaceflight. Some fighters could be as well. We don’t use that because it is not needed and we do not want to offend or cause issues with the EEF and Iron republic. Also, directed Energy attacks will have little to no effect on the carriers, and possibly the flighters. They can also use just about any Leyas shield you can think of to protect them. So except them to adapt to your weapons.

Next comes detection. The Olgog radar will find anything on the ground. There are other sensors for the air. I expect there adding of technomancy would resolve the Air sensor shortcomings.

Each Carrier has Leyas generators. Some of the fighters could have some as well. We don’t do this much, but we know how to do it. So you could expect this invading army could. This means their ships could jump to space, and attack from there. Or move the fight to space.

Zela will be their biggest weakness. But I expect alot would be needed.

I do not know much of technomancy. But if this fleet is technomantic, you can expect the weakness of our leyas tech to be compensated for. Our weapons are leyas based, but technomantic weapons are stronger than that.

There is also one more thing I just thought of. And this is very important. Where the Lalder of this time went against Kalok, the evil Lalder did not. Kalok maybe working with or using this Evil Lalder. I’m sure this evil Lalder thinks he has Kalok in control, but I’m betting his is wrong. As to how much, I do not know.

The witches messneger said “imagine hundreds of thousands of Technomancy enhanced Fell Bal gogs coming out of Evil Lalder’s carriers.” "


“Thank your this information Auf Lalyan. We will take it under consideration. I also accept your invitation and will make may way to the meeting as soon as possible.”


Tor’ab picked up the EEF crystal and says "I need to speak with General Map’le or another. The invasion Auf Lalyan warned of has started.

Once someone was on the line "Most of the Carriers and Fighters in the skies are not ours. You can tell the difference by marking and ours our only leyas based. We can give you a passphase to know as well.

There are enough of the enemy that, we need very little friendly fire. And the Herd of Auf Lal’al fleet will not be able to protect all of the other places that are being attack as we only built our fleet for protection and defense. This invading fleet was built in numbers to destroy."


General Map’le’s voice came back over the com crystal. “Officially the EEF can only act in defense of the provisional colonies and our own boarder. However I will see what I can to have some unofficial help south of the boarder. Understand it won’t be much but I will move what I can.”


(OOC Lalder’s and the UtR are part of the Provisional colonies aren’t they? )

Tor’ab responds “Thank you. We also want to make sure the EEF knows that it is not our forces who attack through out. Also if we fail to stop this, they may not stop with this first wave of attacks. We will have these crystals as given before open to coordinate responses where possible.”