UTR - Museum Job


Babi Yaal tried to draw together UTR representatives. “There be a rumor going round.” He said adjusting his top hat, “Word is some pirates want to teef an artifact from the museum. Words be its a powerful artifact only no one knows a ting.”

He shrugged, “Dis rumor it worries ol’ Babi, how are we gonna keep da museum safe? Make sure no teef our history tinking its a powerful weapon?”

“Mama Rapigog is gonna keep her eyes on da museum, make sure sticky fingers don’t end up where they don’t belong. Some of da family they will be there wearing da badges if da UTR allows it, acting as guards at da exits.”


Lalder says "I do not believe the council approval is required for your deployment. This is a security within the UtR. Any anyone disagrees, please speak up.

And if what I think they are after is what I think it is, it is critical that the museum is defended. I plan to send Lurtor in to help guard the museum as well."

(OOC not enough UtR play anymore to get a majority vote, so As a player I want to suggest if a vote is needed, it is the majority of who posts.)


Shirley walks in to the council room, belches loudly. “'Scuuse me. Sorry folks, last meal made me gassy.” She then sees Lalder. “LAAALDY CAKES!!” She runs over and puts him in a massive bear hug. “I miss’d ya!” She puts him down, ignoring his reaction.

“Babi Yaal, nice ter see ya 'gain!” She nods awkwardly. This whole diplomacy thing sucked, at least for Shirley. Why couldn’t Vector take over, again?? Shirley’s memory failed her, and she didn’t realize everyone was expecting her to continue.

“Oh, right. Like Laldy said, yer all welcome to defend the Museum. The Great King Urog did’n go ter such len’ths to jus’ let sum hool’gans steal from ‘t. Not by a kolgul’s butt, no. Thi’ be our house, and we’ll defen’ it. Tha’s fer sure!”

She looked at Babi Yaal. “Got a plan?”


Babi nodded to Shirley. “I have the tinks of a plan, but if you have better pieces of da plan then we can scrap those parts of my plan.”

“Part of da plan requires some fibbing on our part. We make sculptors and relics dat look like da real ones and we move da real ones into da vault where they be safe.” Babi said.

“Mama Rapi’gog or one of da elders will be patrolling da shadows of da museum looking for gog or others with da sticky fingers, Lurtor and whoever da great king sends will patrol other sections. Between dem we cover da entire museum. If one of da patrols catches da teef they get dem on their own, it could be a trick to draw da other gogs.”

“A group should hide in da vault. Da teefs may be able to spot da relic by some way other than da sight and will realize where we hide it. I say we each send a few gog to do this. If da teefs have light artifacts and da family have to flee then da other families stand tall.”

“da rest of gogs should be ready outside da museum to seal da entrances and trap da teef in till da gogs insdie find dem.”


Shirley nodded. Sounded like a solid plan.

“Ok, Tha’s one idear. I like patrolling tha tor’or. I have artifacts, ones that let us see in tha dark. Let’s turn off all the ur’sa. Only shifters and torches can see. Makes targeting gor eazy.”


Lalder says "I like the plan. Count Lurtor for the inside. He can see in the dark as well as a shifter. I will send Tor’ab and his apprentices as backup group that can be summoned if needed. They are a bunch of Shadow jumpers that have the special Armor I made. They will be able to respond where needed.

I also have a set of Commcrystals that each group can have so we can relay information and coordinate. "

Lalder will pull out a freshly set of grown crystals out of a case.

He continues “I expect others who dislike the UtR may try to sabotage us as well. So while our foes might not be working together, we will.”

(OOC Tor’ab and his apprentices will be Lurtor’s call in for support if needed. But if I read the post right while You may not call them in. Lurtor could if the need arose and someone messaged Lurtor. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)"


Shirley nods. “Tusk’ll be therr. She’ll be strong for our gang. An’ we have more numbers. Our house, aft’rall.”


Via Mail or dictated via candy gram:

“Dear Mama Rapigog of the Gang of the Uf Mag’og, whoever is left of the KulGulRapi, and Lalder of of Auf Lal’ al or anyone of the UTR. We got a long term problem which mean it’s your problem also. Noticeable members of the goblins lands are missing. Also, time travel or some type of time portals of alternate worlds are open. Curator Onalna mention evil clones or whatnot. I’m not joking. Ask Mama Rapigog what happen to the others. Come to Dock 7 Port Unen. It’s time to talk about this. - Love Godart”

“P.S. bring snacks, thanks”


Shirley looked over at her fellow gog in the council room. More trouble had come to them in Unen. As Urog said, there’s always something.

“Fellow gog, we ‘ave more gor in Unen. I got this weerd mess’ge from somebo’y named Godart. The Kul’Gul Rapi lookin’ to be needin’ our help, so less go to Dock 7.”

She ignored the part about snacks on purpose.

“We’ll con con con … get togetha therr.”



Lalder says "I’ll send Tor’ab as well. I know some of the crystal, but not all. And I’m not sure where Lurtor disappeared to during the attack on the museum. "