UTR Investigations regarding homeforge


News of Glog’s reappearance spread quickly. Babi wanted to speak with the other UTR members. “Glog coming back it’s gonna reopen wounds with da home forge. We gonna put Glog on trial again? Have someone from da home forge inspect him to see if he still linked to da hammer?”

Babi sighed, “Also it reopen other tings. Da K’iou they say others be involved in a conspiracy against da forge, dis is a ting da family will investigate.”


Shirley, the Brezan Goblin King, walks in with Teco, another female Brezan elder. Teco clears her throat and looks at Babi, “We’rr the Gang of Uf Mag’og and Great Northern Army. Most o’ ya don’ know me. I’m Teco… she’s Shirley.” Shirley nods. “The Great Goblin King Urog sends this message: The Kul’Gul Rapi are wise. Do whatever you folk think is best.”


Dreg entered the room brushing off sand and dust. They’d just gotten back from the desert when the message came to him. He wondered when he’d got to be middle management.
“So Glog’s back? Does he still have that stupid hammer? I think the kiou were more interested in that than him anyway. I don’t think we need another trial. The last one made his guilt pretty clear. The question is what is his punishment and will he and his tribe accept it or will we have to fight about. Personally I’ve had enough fighting lately.”


Gulon, a tribesmen enters the room. He has had to deal with the leaders before, but this made him nervous. But with no Aufs at the caves, and tor’ab off trying to help in Karov, it fell to him.

Gulon says "I will represent my tribe until one of the Elders can replace me. I do have a commcrystal where I can ask questions where I don’t know the answers.

For Glog, I don’t think another trial is wise. We do need to do some sort of punishment. For starters he should not be in a position of leadership anymore, at least in the UtR leadership and should be kept from involvement with the K’iou. That would just rub it into the face of the K’iou. He needs to perform penance of some sort.

Also He should be examined to make sure he has no curse or link to the hammer left."

(OOC Until the Factory mission is over, most of my leadership is there. And Lurtor is there.)


Dar’on was told to go to this new meeting about Elder Glog and was a little upset at what he heard. “Elder Glog is no longer in possession of the hammer, as that is in the hands of the K’iou. As for the UtR, I have been asked to inform everyone that until further notice Or’Lur will have nothing to do with such a group, nor will we speak of it. Our Elders have talked and believe it best that we try to rebuild what we tried to create. As for penance, Ka’lal spoke with the Thunder Gods and has been instructed that it is best if we build homes and plant crops, so that is what we shall do, and they will heal the changed K’iou.”


Dreg blinked at Dar’on. Thunder gods huh? Right, sure why not?
“So the hammer has been returned to the kiou? Wish he’d just done that to begin with, or better yet not taken the damn thing and saved us all trouble.”


“Wait, how are you going to heal them? Assuming they’d even take help from your tribe which they have no reason to do. I thought they’d been changed by the leyas so they can’t just be healed. I mean I’m immutable so maybe I’m wrong but you think if they could be healed just like that the homeforge wouldn’t have done it already?”


“As I said we will not be healing them, the Thunder Gods will. You really need to listen. They have powers beyond what we can do so they can do it.”


“Uh huh the thunder gods will heal them. Well that’s awfully generous of them. And Glog isn’t even going to so much as offer an apology. And you think that’s reasonable given what he did? The destruction death and pain that were direct results of his actions. He’s just going to build homes and plant crops and hope his gods clean up his mess?”


Dar’ons eyebrow twitched at Dregs words “It is obvious that you will act this way no matter what I say so I will say it once. Glog apologzed and was attacked by those he thought were friends. So yes we will help others who have nothing while you go an touch yourself in your cave thinking of killing those weaker then you.”

After saying his peace Dar’on left as his face showing no emotion.


Lady Hob’Lalol entered with a motley entourage; she was accompanied by one of the new totem tribal students, Gor’Lallur as well as her two tribalgogs that were present at the home forge when things went down, Zh Hob’rhug and Zh’gul Took. They hoped to provide an accurate account for how and why things happened the way they did and any information concerning a conspiracy. Entering the proceedings late, they quietly made their way to the seats.

Lady Hob’Lalol gave a slight chuckle as she heard Dreg’s mockery of the Or’Lur’s belief, “Yes indeed, if Glog prays hard enough everyone here will make his mess go away. I am sorry to jest Dar’on, but I don’t think that’s how this is going to work.”


Babi had actually expected Glog’s tribe to be less than forthcoming. Though honestly in leaving the tribe had likely given up any ability to influence the decision of Glog’s punishment.

Glog’s fate would be decided by the others he had an investigation he needed to spearhead. He would seek out Yohai to verify what was said in Glog’s trial about a greater conspiracy. Hopefully the Uth would be willing to help, and hopefully he could point Babi in the right direction


“Funny, I was act at Glog’s trial and I don’t recall any real apologies. Just some lame excuse about the hammer making him do it.” Dreg mused aloud.


Suddenly, a tear that ripped through reality appeared in the middle of the room. Pouring through the tear was an outpour of shadow leyas. Through the tear came forth Yohai Ha’ku, the Uthvelor Akalus legionnaire. His face, stoic behind the gray mask that bore his features, surveyed the room.

He locked eyes with the Bruskti Olgog. With a single swipe of his nodachi, he sealed the tear in reality he walked through. “I’ve been summoned, and have come. It better be good. I left the bastard to his own devices, which is never good.”

He looks around the room. “… Or not.”


Babi nodded to Yohai, “When Da Kiou came to witness da trial of Glog they said there was a conspiracy afoot. You offered to confirm da tings da others were accused of. Events of dat crazy night stopped you. We wish to hear what da answer was if you can.” Babi said.


Teco and Shirley nodded, waiting for an answer. They wanted to know how deep the conspiracy ran. Vektor had mentioned to Shirley that he had been approached by Ferrou for this plan, and the Gang felt guilty that they helped instigate this disaster. Were the wanderers that were now part of the Great Northern Army traitors??

Teco said, “We be wantin’ to heer about it.”


Yohai began, “Krodnock’s Devotion wanted a map of the homeforge. I don’t know why. Ferrou of the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock wanted to foil the plan without getting any of the olgog hurt, so she told the K’iou that they should change the caverns around so that she could figure out why Krodnock’s devotion’s plans. Then Glog happened. Glog had nothing to do with that plan. Glog was greedy and was a tool. But the worst part is that when he was captured he was taken by an olgog wielding an ancient nightmare lord artifact. The olgog was an alchemist by the name Mag Dol’og Onderal, who wishes to destroy the Earthers for their part in the genocide of your people. The artifact was living… the one known as Onderal called it a pet. The alchemist was a prisoner of the Earthers, where they experiments on many things… the specifics are vague, but the creature believes it surpasses your Karovian alchemy. Not sure what the pet is, but they intend to harness the weapon stolen by Glog to unleash on the Earthers. That weapon will be unleashed soon…”

“As for the rest, Lalder plotted with Krodnock so that Krodnock could unleash the forbidden armory on Unit 111 to take the Tomb of the Holys. Lalder did not share that information with anyone else, other than one called Lurtor. Not sure if Lalder knew the purpose or consequence of the HomeForge invasion. The others that were involved were inconsequential.”

He looked at Babi. “Our Zaodonai Uth, Celyse Ha’jima, is a caretaker within the EEF. I have sent her a message regarding these events as the Earthers to the North, as you all call them, are important to her. I have also told my kinsmen Raven and Killian. The former is an EEF soldier and the bearer of the weapon Daemonsbane. If this is the work of an Ancient Evil, or Mag Gor as you call it, he should know. Killian is a close friend, with ties to Raven, the EEF, and others who may be able to help. I have not yet told the K’iou. I leave it to you whether they should know. I warn you, I travel with a Bastard… who is looking for his friend, a K’iou. If they meet and I have to act without the Olgog involved, I will have to tell them… which may lead to the K’iou of the Fallen Star to know as well.”

“Anything else?”


GUlon says "You are incorrect about Lalders involvement with the forbidden army. it is true he was planning with Krodnok, but that was for the invasion of the Factory held by Unit 111. I think you may have saw a meeting and drew an incorrect conclusion of what you are seeing. As you can see, the Forbidden Factory was not involved in the invasion of the factory. So that part is not correct as well. Lalder had no knowledge that Krodnok would try to take the forbidden armory.

Though I’m not sure if Lalder knew that others might try to map the Homeforge, But there was never any intent to share the knowledge gained by Lurtor on his visit. Lurtor’s involvement in the Homeforge was curiosity and Trade. If you look at that conversation between Lurtor and Lalder you will see that.

To get it all out, Lalder did also tell Krodnok not to actively try and convert his gogs. This is the conversation that actually started the idea of kicking Unit 111 out of the factory. Krodnok and Lalder did not talk about the Homeforge in this conversation at all."

(OOC Of course if Yohai did look more into Lurtor, he would know that Lurtor works for VLAD as well.)


Yohai shrugs. “Don’t care. Defend yourself all you want. I have fulfilled my request.”

He looked to Babu Yaal. “What’s next?”


Babi nodded, To Yohai. The information wasn’t good though. Krodnok wasn’t a member of the UTR and was also a tribe of the dead. The situation had deteriorated quickly, and any cries for justice from the Kiou would be warranted. “I will send a messenger to tell da home forge what you told us. If you wish to tell da homeforge yourself so there be no miscommunication then dat be a good thing. Da homeforge may as well know who they deal with.”

He asked Yohai “Is there any evidence we can collect to prove their collusion?” If he found hard evidence it would be even more damning. “Da UTR will need to figure out what we do in dis case.” He noted.