UtR - Flamewinds Planning


Auf Lalyan sends out messages to the other members of the UtR asking to meet in a council chamber to see what plans can be made for the flamewinds."

(Planning thread for the UtR to start. I don’t care if other members invite other groups. Just setting up the first one.)


A message specificly goes to Kul’Gul Rapi Family saying "We plan for part of my tribes fleet of airships to be active, though retreating to sea to avoid the flamewinds, at least at first, My thoughts are to try and setup a warning comm cyrstal system. IF we can scout when flamewinds are coming, we can resupply when safe, warn others when to be actively on guard and keep an eye on any potential enemies looking to use this as a time to position themselves.

I would like to work with you as we do not know the sea, our vessels will float in the air, but I don’t want to be caught in other storms of the like either."


Auf Lalyan sent out another message about an idea for possibly securing the Farms. The idea would be tried out on a smaller farm first, but then to others. Any resources and help would would allow more farms to be lifted. Any farms on the ground will have to be sealed unless anyone has another idea. Sealed farms are not bad, but we don’t know if how they will do.



After getting the message Urik sent back a brief outline of the precautions the Outcasts were making.

“We’re planing in using our bunkers and building dirt and ice berms around and over them. We’ll seal ourselves in once a Flamewind comes along. I have some people working in Co2 scrubbers and getting fresh are into tanks we can use. We’ll try to take in others if they need shelter but we don’t have a lot of extra room. If you could do anything to gilet us advance warning it would be a big help.”


Auf Lalyan says "I’m not sure what gilet means? Sounds painful.

Do you mean warn? We could do that. Can you use Comm Crystals?

I’m leaning to having the Carrier up high looking down on the Olgog lands. This might allow us to coordinate our forces and track the flamewinds. Not sure how high it will have to be yet.

How many are in your tribe? We are expanding the area underneath the Trading post. Trying to make sure 1000 there have some sort of shelter. But we don’t have a great solution for the Air flow, other than purify air leyas or maybe plants underground. Maybe we could work together on that. We are good a building strong buildings underground, but the air and sealing door ways that can open are not a strength. "


“Well there’s only seventy of us in total. So we don’t take up much space. We can maybe make enough scrubbers for your caves but it’s probably gonna be tight. As for sealing doors we have to do it mostly with muscle.”

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(OOC reminder to all of the Original UtR members, you have a food vault, Council Chamber, and root chamber)

Lalyan says "If you are willing, I would like to work together on this them. Since we already have to make space for so many 70 will not matter, and if you are helping with the Air Scrubbers as you call them, we can concentrate on building a strong refuge at the trading post. We will save many lives this way.

Also we have recently traded for a fountain that can supply the water for this area too."


“Alright we’re already working on them. We’ll join up with you as soon as possible.”


Makka’na would wait any time, and pass any tests to be allowed to speak before the UtR council. Her masters could save everyone from the flamewinds. A true believer Makka’na says,

"I Makka’na am knight of Simonsburg. I come to offer the protection of the Ka Gor’na to all who will accept their aid. It comes only with the condition that you do not attack and kill the Ka Gor’na who provides this protection while he diverts the storms.

This offer of aid is given with the Eternal Love of the Ka Gor’na. "

[Makka’na had been living in Simonsburg and knows nothing of the Karovian War, and nothing about Gorkaog’s trial.]


Gabi shook her head, "A comm crystal warning network for da airships is a good ting but do we have enough comm crystals to put one in every village? " She shook her head, “Da Family do not. We agree an early warning network is the best way to go , but we will use da tings our ancestors did.” She said beating a pair of fingers on her leg. “We will see if da villages will set a watch with drums. When they see da flame winds they sound the alarm.”

She quickened her beat, “Slow beat for hearing another villages drums, fast beat for seeing da flame wind.”

“We can help da Outcasts with their bunkers. We have 10 necklaces that let the wearer breath bad air, thats ten less breaths your machines must deal with, we also have da Hobyi the auf Ursa created for the Yagogi, it can help purify da air as well. We have bracelts dat create ice shields and stones that diminish da heat ((OOC protective aura)), we can give some to anyoone who tinks dey will need them.”

Gabi looked curiously at Makka’na, “You say you can divert da storms, only time I ever saw dat it was a strong Auf visiting Unen, and he broke da storms but da storms broke him too. You sure dis a ting you can do?”

“Most of da fishing villages will put their boats to sea when da flamewinds come.” Gabi shrugged, “They lose dem and it be worse than da whole village being burned alive in da flamewinds. We will be putting our ships to da waves, we will have supplies, and water to sustain some of da fishing fleet. try to organize all of dem into a flotilla till da danger passes.”


Auf Lalyan says "I cannot speak for Simmonsburg as their government is separate from the UtR. But As a vote from the UtR, I can agree to not harming one who provides protection from the Flamewinds. But there must be no larva left.

Makka’na, could your tribe do this for our Trading Post settlement? Its at the Train station in Tla’loc’al. This same settlement took in Tor’Lallur’s mini pits. We can offer the same protection to those who protect it and theirs.

Right now there are about 1400 Earthers and Gogs. We have reinforced shelters for 300 and are working to build shelters for rest. But the scorching air is an issue. Right now we are planning on laying Ice walls and sealing the entrance to the below ground areas. And Urik’s gogs are working on the breathable air. But, we have no protection for the buildings above. I’m not sure what protection the train station has… I should ask the earthers that…


(OOC FYI Urik’s tribe is in that 1400 count )

(OOC I’m a bit lost on the name Ka Gor’na meaning. I’m assuming one of the Ka Gor tribe.)

Then to Gabi she says "We don’t have enough crystals to cover all villages either, but if we exchange a few crystals, we can create relay points. Also, if any get in trouble at sea, we could send some fighters for recovery of any gogs who do have ship issues. They can hold about 5 to 6 passengers each. IF our plan to float the farms works out, I plan for the fighters to be stationed on top of the farms until needed.


(OOC Ok, so I just found out I was wrong and Ka Gor’na means Quall N’drone. I made a small correction, but leave the bulk said because I posted it. Darn impatience, but oh well.)

Lurtor enters the Council Chambers and speaks to Auf Lalyan. Then Auf Lalyan says "We have just received word that the EEF will relay the locations of the Flamewinds to us through Comm Crystal and also supply some Aeromancers who will try to weaken the storms. As we get word, we will relay it out to the rest. And then each can relay it on to the next. "


Auf Lalyan says “Makka’na, I think with the news of the EEF help, we will work with them to protect the trading post. It is just less controversial… basicly I’ll take less heat for that. As for Simonsburg, I still leave that up to them.”

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Makka’na heard and understood," Blessings of the Ka Gor’na be upon you.

I will await word about Simonsburg.

I know many greenfurs hate and fear the Ka Gor’na. But know that just as not all Earthers are evil so is it true that goodness may be found among the Ka Gor’na. And greatest of love among the Ka Gor’na is Ar’yay Hivequeen. She cares deeply for all species and her blessings are golden.

I understand you will trust Earthers over Ka Gor’na but I do not judge you for it.

I only hope that their earthers are steadfast in their support as years progress."


Auf Lalyan says "Thank you for understanding. It is not as much about trust than angering more groups against us. It has been a bad month or 2 for us.

Makka’na, I still would like our tribes to work together. There is still the problem of the Self proclaimed Fire god in Simmonsburg."


Shirley nodded her head. “sounds good to me. We got gog, we give gog. We talk using cryssuls and let yer know.”