UTR: Diplomatic requests - The Reaping of Karov


(OOC I’m setting this up for the mission thread for week 19, so not to interfere with the other Diplomatic requests on the Mag Der’al.)

Lalur’ab sent out requests to the other tribes of the UtR requesting permission to enter lands where their are sick and to see if they can coordinate efforts.

The Message says “Send a representative to organize our resources to deal with sick Olgogs. Working together we can do more than apart.”

The meeting area will be setup with a map of the area with borders drawn of each land.


Dar’On had grown bord waiting for more gogs to come and trade for Nightmare hides. So here he was. Hopefully this would not be as boring as sitting in front of a cave all day.
“What can we do to help?”


Rapi’ogna deboarded from the censor-craft. She greeted those present, “My ship heals sickness.” She pointed at what appeared to me a moving panel. “I pont that there thing at something, it heals. All I need yo know is where the sick are and I can heal 'em. You folk figure out what’s causing the sickness to spread while we stamp it out. How’s about that?”


Lalur’ab says "We can work with that. Those who don’t have quick transportation, we can provide a Lur Union Skimmer or fighter.

Myself and our other Aufs will start with UtR Lands and search for sick Olgogs. We will then send for you when we find a cluster. Smaller numbers we will heal what we can as long as it doesn’t distract from tracking down the source of this sickness."


Dar’On nodded agreeing with the plan
"We can help with getting the sick on the transports and crowd control.


Ar’Yahn the emissary arrived at the meeting bearing a message.

“Kolgol would like to officially invite all UTR and/or Lur Union members to make use of the facilities that have been set up in the Yagogi hunting grounds by the Black Legion of Kalok. Supplies and a place to rest will be provided for those who are planning on aiding the locals in that area. Any additional support that can be given to Camp Cleansing Fire in the form of resources or gogpower will be greatly appreciated. We currently have need of more healers to fight the plague itself.”


Rapi’ogna looked at Ar’Yahn. She didn’t like the sound of the word “cleansing fire.”.

She replied, “What about the source of the sickness??”


Dar’On nodded." It would be better if we move them away until we can find the source. Once that has been dealt with we can bring them back. Though I am concerned with any camp that we may set up, as the tribes could cause more problems."


Lalur’ab says to Ar’Yahn "Remember, your elder told Lalder that they would not burn those bodies not of their tribe. We do expect that to be held too. While our support from the VoVF was withdrawn, we don’t need to give the colonies reason to come in force.

We can clean any disease from corpses and preserve them for later revival if needed."

To the group, Lalur’ab continues"
As for guarding our sites, we will have some Lur Union fighters in the air to provide support. We’ll keep the carrier within range and send scouts out as well. Also I’m sure forces from the GNA will protect their healing ships.

Dar’On, if you wish a Lur Union fighter to move around, I believe the Lur Union ones are free for this mission.

Lastly, my tribe will focus on finding the cause of this. We will try to scatter out to search for the source. We will call in aid from Rapi’ogna healing ships when we find a big group of sick Olgogs."

(OOC The Lur Union has 2 Lur Union Fighters in addition to the ones I’ve made.)


Ar’Yahn turned to Rapi’ogna and nodded in respect.

“The purpose of our excursion will not be to find the source of the sickness but to provide a staging point for other efforts. That being said, I believe that patrols will be sent out from said camp to get a hold of the situation, perhaps uncovering something in that regard.”

He then spoke to Dar’On and politely replied,

“The camp that we intend to set up is not militaristic in it’s purpose, nor is it permanent, in fact it will be removed once the sickness has been dealt with. We are only acting in places the UTR has under it’s control, therefore sending forces that serve the UTR should not be a problem to any tribe who remains under it’s protection.”

Lastly, he looked to Lalur’ab and said with a note of seriousness,

“Your concerns are valid, but are are also unfounded in this case. We remember our promise, and will not destroy any bodies outside of our tribe and of those who choose to follow in our ways. The corpses of non believers will be placed in separate quarantined areas for extraction, while not causing harm to those around them.”


Dar’on did not like the way Ar’Yahn had said the last part.
“You of course mean all of the bodies as a gog that is as ill as these ones can not make any choice through the madening pain and fever.”


Ar’Yahn bowed his head slightly, acknowledging the statement.

“A valid point Dar’On, however I don’t recall saying we would be converting the sick to our cause. There are of course, those outside of our tribe that follow our religion in these lands. It is by no means exclusive to our tribe. Nor would we press other olgogs into our religion simply so they can get the medical attention they need.”

“I don’t expect you to accept our religion, but I would ask that you refrain from making such…uninformed… statements.”


Dar’On knew that something was wrong but he just could just not place it.

“I will admit that I know very little about your beliefs, but I do not think a burning of the dead no matter their faith would be good until the source was found.”


After a time Dar’On stood an said “I must return to my tribe. My hopes and prayers to you healing the sickness.”