UtR - Diplomatic Request - War in Krav


With the absence of Lalder and the Aufs, Tor’ab sent out messengers asking for the other UtR members to talk about Krav and Gul’Tor’Uf attack Tor’Lallur. The note will contain a summary of the events as known my Lalders tribe and the discussions and attempts for peace (OOC from the Mission results fromGoblin Lands 2 Diplomatic Event 20: An Article of Faith that Lallur was there for.)

Tor’ab will say “a member of the Tor’Lallur has come requesting help in dealing with the attack. In the message I gave you all I know about this. This is Lok’ab of Tor’Lallur.”


Dreg was rereading the message as he walked. He nodded to those present as he entered and took a seat.

"I don’t know exactly what we can do but we’d like to help. Just what kind of help are you asking for? " He asked Lok’ab. “Do you want us to fight for you? Or to help reclaim your caves? Since you’re a member of the Der’al Collective are they doing anything for you are they going to have a problem if the UTR gets involved?”


Lok’ab diplomat of Tor’Lallur nods politely to Dreg “Wish help fight Gul’tor’uf, drive away. Punish for hateful slaughter of Tor’lallur children. Punish for desecrate Pit.”


Vektor shrugged. “Shirley made it clear she wishes no harm on the pit. But runners are saying that our allies the Yagogi are being attacked too. I think we can only help one group.”

He looked at Lok’ab, “No disrespect. GulTor’Uf is despicable for attacking you. I want to help. It’s unfair. But we have our kindred to attend to.”

Vektor looks at Tor’an and Dreg. “What do you think?”


Dreg glanced between Vektor and Lok’ab. “Well speaking for the Outcasts we may be able to offer some help on both fronts we can put together two teams. They won’t be very big though. There aren’t a lot of is after all.”


Tor’ab says "Krav is a mess right now. With GulTor’Uf attacking one tribe of Vampyres, others like him are attack others. I’ve had to send off my apprentice already.

We can’t let this stand. We have to do something. But our response has to be careful, we can’t trigger the Lost Colonies to attack and attempt to take Krav.

I think we need to do a political action condemning the racist attacks. But we also need action too. I’m just not sure what we could do. That darn factory mission. We didn’t expect Bill to go all crazy. Ug.

What I can do is help protect your home, I could send a few Fighters to patrol, and if we detect any Healing Artifacts, intercept it and remove it from your area. If they see movement against your tribe, they could report it. The pilot could use Leyas site to track it down. Also we could transport the artifact currently in your area away. I tribesmen I have are not my best pilots, so I don’t trust them in combat as much, but scouting they should be able to do.

I will also offer this to the Yagogi as well. "


“Well are we sure we don’ want the lost colonies involved?” Dreg asked the room, “I mean the V of V is so hot to protect “feral” olgogs in their natural state, don’t you think they’d come running and smack GulTor’Uf out of the way if they found out that the tribe they asked to steward them was attacking and trying to exterminate a tribe they should be protecting or at very least leaving alone?”


Tor’ab says "That is sticky, Lok’ab’s tribe did attack the Ferals. They were not wrong according to their tribe’s and alliance rules, but to the VoV, they will have attacked the ferals they care about.

Now once confronted, Lok’ab’s tribe has agreed to change and work to the benfit of all. Weakening their sickness so no deaths and to protect us from any plagues, among other things. We were surprised that Bill didn’t accept the deal we did.

So, I’m not sure how they will react. Right now as far as I know, we do not have access to talk to them. They banned us from visiting them, and left our cities."


"Tor’lallur always fight other Feral. Feral always fight Tor’Lallur. No may know cause you tribes have much. Some have oasis, some have cave tla, some have earthgor city. Rest us have no thing. Tribes always fight in what you call Feral lands. Fight for food, for tla. Tor’Lallur always raided cause we have herds, Tor’Lallur raid others for Tla. Always been. No raid for Tla now, Kul’Gul’Rapi give magic tla barrel. No needed raid much late. Gul’tor’uf know, if gul’tor’uf pay attention to tribes he own. They all raid you tribes take what you have. Always do, you tribes just no used to it. When tribe starve, take other tribe thing. You tribes no understand such things.

Tor’Lallur try work with big tribe gogs now. Work different now. No enough for Gul’tor’uf gogs. Want Tor’Lallur do what Gul’tor’uf gogs say. Want own Tor’Lallur like own Feral gogs under them."


As the member of Tor’lallur tried pleading his case for the atrocities against his people and gestured wildly to get the point across, Maggul slide in through the entrance giving a nod to each and every council member as he passed them by on his way to a seat. He had been outside, cleaning himself off for sometime getting bits and pieces of what was actually being said. It was somewhat confusing, the issue was happening over in Karov and here he needed to make his way out to Tla’ Loc’al to work things out; seemed somewhat counter intuitive.

“So sorry for my late arrival, lots has been going on around the homestead and boy what a mess. I would like to settle up somethings about the current situation. The Yagogi were recently approached by a Mr. Nelson Fink, formerly EEF, formerly Kolgul Militia and now part of the Army of the True Flame of the Der’al Collective. The Der’al Collective is looking to work with us against a possible common enemy, I wonder what else is at stake for them? Anyway, Fink was inquiring working together to attack the GulTor’Uf, but truthfully we do not wish for more senseless bloodshed. As I understand, the GulTor’Uf wish to take down the raiders attacking them, they just decided it would be alright to enter our territories to do so. For this I say, we give them no retreat and make them wish they had been wiser than to enter our lands. We would like to cut them apart from the rest of their tribe and apprehend them so that as suggested before, we bring them in the the V of V as the ferals they are become. GulTor’Uf are not capable of taking care of themselves, resorting to attacks on other tribes and looking for everyone else to make the changes so that they may survive. Viewing them as such, it would not be good to outright slaughter them as we must show best judgment in apprehending them and using their lands for a better purpose. I believe the summary stated the Tor’ lallur looked to follow the tend of Kul Gul Rapi and look at their curse, and the possible advantages it could be for others such as working as a healer. Just realize at the same time, the rest of Karov is at war, with fighting between Derlur and the wild gor’ab with earther assistance. So it’s just another Wednesday in Karov?”


Babi Yaal nodded, the war in Karov was not a thing he wanted to end up entrenched in. “Da Family will aid you however you need. Our airship is being made ready to help Tusk and his kin from the gangs of Uf Mag’og. Just let us know how else we can assist.”