UTR - Diplomatic Request- Mobilize Army to Protect UtR Tribes in Karov


UTR - Diplomatic Request- Mobilize Army to Protect UtR Tribes in Karov

Through Comm Crystals and Messengers Auf Lalyan sends a request “A member tribe of the UtR has been invaded by the Dead. If they do not remove themselves, I request to send the UtR army in to help protect our Member tribes in Karov. This is what the army was created for, Let us use it to protect our members.”


Babi nodded assuming he spoke of the Yagogi invasion. “I vote in agreement but it has to be da Yagogi leading da operation since they know more about da dead than any of us.”


Vektor spoke on Shirley’s behalf. “Mobilize, but keep it as small as possible. No great show of og. Hide numbers, make us seem smaller than we are. Don’t want the Der’al collective thinking we’re worthy of more notice than we already are. It would attract the wrong kind of attention.”


Ka’zac spoke his mind about the topic,

“I do not believe we should mobilize our forces, but if we do, like Vektor said, it should be a small force that can still take care of itself if the need arises. I do however, urge caution, as I have heard from their captain that they plan on leaving peacefully as soon as possible. We shouldn’t incur further war with them if they say they will leave in peace, or at least until we know we have the upper hand.”


Lalyan responds “The Use of the Army would be if the Dead do not leave. If Unit 7756 withdraws without a fight, then the army just sits on the border of Karov and goes home or back to patrolling. I can agree to keep it small unless things escalate.”


Dreg nodded. “Having most of the troops on stand by is a good idea. Though I think sending in a couple small squads would be good just to keep an eye on the withdrawal.”


Vektor nodded. “Are we agreed? Do we need a few more voices to be heard or can we consider the matter settled? We’re missing half the Lur Union and most of GUTS.”


Lalyan says “With 3 tribes and Babi’s approval we have enough vote yes’s to mobilize the army”

(OOC I don’t think too much more of the UtR actively play, Or’Lur temporarily pulled out of meetings, Ol’lur is not playing the tribe much until semester is over.)


“Well isn’t that just great, you have the whole thing already planned out to a tee.” chided in Maggul. “I thank you for taking notice Babi, and it is good to have you as an ally. If it were your lands under attack, would you not want to be wholeheartedly involved; or do the Gor’abs voice speak so seldomly that it has become unimportant? Regardless, we must more forward and we must prevail. I personally think we need to show a large army presence through using smaller groups. Make them appear as something to be reckoned through the least possible means, and then they can come out to assist with clean up. That will be their main task”


(OOC I will note in my post they are mobilized, but Yagogi, you will post their They have up to 10 Lur Union Fighters, but some of that is in use scouting our borders. I’m not 100% sure of the actual size of the Army. I started it with 100 Former Kolgul Miliita. We have not actively used it yet. )


Vektor looked at Maggul. “How large is large? We face about 200 hundred gray furs. I have more useless Ur Rhug than that scratching their bums in the Great Northern Army. So what are we thinking? How much individually, and how many of our army. Also, what the heck is in our army??”


Lalyan says “There are few hundred and they have lur union Fighters,Mighty Yadol Cavalry, Ontor Cavalry,Balgog Heavy Infantry.”

(OOC I don’t know the current numbers, but this is the last I had. )


I have been in the region of Karov recently, the dead seem to be the least of the real issue, however, I am willing to speak for GUTS, we will stand with the army (vote in agreement) the destruction they have caused can be fixed but they would have to be moved out first. We will help where we can, just let us know where our special talents can be of use.


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Maggul thought on the questions, “Well I was thinking of mobile units, of about five or six groups of fifteen basically overseeing the movements of the enemy. Then I want whatever quick transports whether lur union fighters, skimmers, mighty yadol or ontor cavalry to get the word out to everyone but the dead. The message is when you see the sign, disappear, and head for cover. This message goes to everyone except the dead, meaning Camp Cleaning Fire, the Or’Lur Healing post, the Morgothian chapel, Brezans, Tla’loc’aleans, and even the Der’al Collective. I want the dead cleansed from these lands, and afterwards we can go around resurrecting and cleaning up this mess. They found a way into Karov, and we will make sure that they NEVER try to enter again!”


Vektor shrugged. “I want it to be known that I am against this plan. It is unnecessarily vengeful and will cause us more problems in the future. That said, I will not stand in your way, Maggul. Do as you see fit.”

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