UTR Diplomacy - The Giant Attack at Hebron


Lalder now decided on action sends out messengers and crystals (For those who can’t show up) to the members of the UtR.

The UtR should move to protect Hebron and the new Earther Colony. They are an ally of Olgogs. They have helped with what resources they had. They also are a bridge for us Olgogs and the Earthers.

My tribe is planning on helping defend them. We wish to work together on this."


Vektor comes forward, standing with Shirley. “I am Vektor of the Gang of Uf Mag’og. This here most of you know as Shirley. So, how are we going to help the Earthers?? The Goblin King Urog sends his regards. He sent a message to the Earthers of the North. But they haven’t responded. Anyone talk to the Earthers of the East?”


Lalder says "I have a gog talking to the Earther Resugent. He has asked that we take out the group he called the Anvil.

My current plan since they have all of those Magi cannons, is to use the ground below the army like we did at Thomasville. But we will need to do it quickly.

My steps were to dig a few tunnels out under the army. Far enough below where the ground would not give until it was time. Then hollow the ground out. Once done, kill the pillers keeping it up, dropping the army into a hole. Then filling it with lightning bolts or something like that.

Basic idea is to keep their range advantage out of it.

I also have 2 steam hover tanks. I was going to have them in tunnels, keeping below ground indirectly fire, and then move. Keeping them in tunnels will protect them from the magi cannon fire, and keep the enemy on their toes. Of course this relies heavly on the Radar to locate the enemy forces as their won’t be direct line of site.

I’m good with any changes, and I doubt this will be the final plan in full."


“You use Earther technology??”. Vektor laughs heartily. " Who would ever have thought I would live to see Tla’loc’alan disavow Olgog custom and use Earther items?!?".

Shirley chuckled, but didn’t find the humor in it. Then again, she didn’t know the history of Tla’loc’al. She didn’t know how the tla’loc’alans were the keepers of Olgog knowledge and history, keeping themselves from the Earthers to remain unaffected by the evolution that affected the Brezans and Northern Olgog. Then again, it shouldn’t have surprised Vektor…Lalder was a “large” olgog. Not as large as Shirley, but then again, who was??

Shirley continued, shocking Vektor. “Laldy-cakes, so we gunna keep dem far, taken’ 'em out in bafor dey git close. Like Thomasville. But den we had shields of der’or to protect against da missillises. How we gunns protect 'gainst dem big blasts??”


Lalder says "Thats why underground, popping up to make attacks, or hit and run tactics. If we stayed in line of sight with this army, we would possibly loose.

As for earther tech. I know traditional Tla’loc’al frown on that and avoid it. But I see it differently. And I remember. We need to adapt while keeping Leyas at the center, but also expand our tools.

Also Immutables from the oners have always been a challenge for us Olgogs. Our Leyas doesn’t effect them. I’ve incorperated Leyas tech, Sylvan tech, and now earth tech together. These hover tanks are flexible. They are levitating based on the crystals. The weapons they fire are steam power, so they will affect those who would not be hurt by Leyas. And Leyas keeps it all together.

So while I don’t abandon all the traditions, I do think back to when the earthers came, and I think we made a mistake to completely restrict ourselves. It took us too long to adapt and we were almost wiped out because of it."


Vektor smirked. Shirley shrugged, she lost Lalder at “popping up to make attacks.” Vektor continued, jovially, “I was teasing you, Auf Lalder. It’s all good. Back to the plan…”

Vektor’s demeanor changed completely. “King Urog, who sends his regards, was speaking with the Earther Council to the North, the EEF. It’s our job to push the Yyan off the ridges, which might be what appears to be a Hammer tactic to smash against the Anvil. They’ll them be able to use their war machines in the air and destroy the Yyan. If they’re too close, the Earthers can’t use their technology. So it’s push back, slow down, make 'em retreat.” Vektor makes markings by tracing ashes from the urya against a tanned leather.

“Brezan tactics are simple, kill the leader, confuse the gang, win the battle. Focus on their champion, create confusion, let the Earthers use ther death machines. The problem is, my armies are here,” points to Simonsburg, “yours are south. So is the ‘anvil’” Vektor points to the South. Our plan to come together and help won’t work. But every little bit does. Move from underneath. Keep scouts wary and above ground. Use your comm crystals. Get rid of the leader, and destroy the big cannon. Then move out. Use ka or other creatures, like hydras, to push them apart from each other. No leader, nowhere to go. Disperse them, make them go towards the main forces. I’ll do the same from the north. The Earthers will then use their machines and kill them all. But whatever you do, don’t interfere with Earther bombs. Or any other army coming in. Don’t want to get killed by allies. stay low, bury your way out, focus on the big ones."


Lalder says "Roger, so I’ll take the group to the south. We’ll keep underground, popping up to target the big bads. We were planning on using Mud waves to push them where we wanted. We’ll use that to push them where we want. And use the falling ground to shuffle them away from the town.

If I can, we will still take out what we can, but we will not expose ourselves to do it. We’ll make sure to be out of the way of the big laser sky cannon. I’m assuming thats what they are thinking of using then. "