UTR - Civil War Planning thread


Lalder sent out messengers to members of the UtR with the exception of Ka Rhug tribe. The message will say “We need to have an organized plan if possible. While we cannot let the attack at Simonsburg go unanswered, we also cannot have Olgogs in our lands attacking us as well. We need to deal with both problems whether diplomaticly or with force.”


A reply message arrived from Urik.

“Agreed we have to respond somehow. But do we even know where they are right now? Without knowing that I don’t see how we can proceed at all.”


Lalder says “i have sent scouts in union fighters to keep an eye on things. They can detect a good distance around and into the caves. They cannot tell who, but I can tell numbers and groups.”


“Alright so thats a start. But besides retaliation I don’t see what we can do. What kind of diplomatic solution can there be for attacking a city like that?” Uirk replied.


(Lur Union scout aircraft have reported a surge of Red Furs moving north from the feral lands and converging towards Mt. Rhug)


Lalder says "I do not see one myself. Right now we have another great concern. There is a large group of red furs heading for the Mt Rhug. I expect they will lay seige there. But this is close to Tla’loc’al and the red furs cannot be allowed to stay.

I will send an emesary to the Der’al to see if they can help in negotiations with the red furs. We do not need a 2 front battle, or a battle at all if it can be helped.

As for the Ka Rhug tribe, I fear we cannot leave them with a source that generates those balgogs. I’m not sure we can leave them the volcano. But I do not know how to accomplish that. We also need to see if Kalgol is alive, and I think he needs to have consequences for the people that were killed. "

(OOC I’m going to send someone to talk to Der’al separately if you wish to send someone with.)


Lalder says "I think we have to remove the Volcano from Ka Rhug tribe’s hold. They are producing these new Balgogs from them. At least that is my best guess as more keep coming from the Lava.

To help in this, I think we should support the red furs from a range. Don’t get too close or they will attack us right now.

Urik, we can give your guys nightmare hide boots and gloves. This will allow us to drop and pick up your guys as needed from the fighters. Get you into good sniping range. Those grave dust bullets might work on these new balgogs due to their nature now. Also if Kalok makes and appearance again, because nothing ehere ever truely dies, you can take it out again.

I’m going to go and talk to someone else to see if I can get the red furs under control."


With that Lalder says “Lalon will have a crystal to talk to me, and will arange anything in my absence, I need to make a trip that requires myself.”

with that Lalder disappears into the Leyas.


Lalder walked back into the room. He had a troubled look on his face.

Lalder says “One of my options to control the red furs seems to have fallen through. So back to planning on what to do.”

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“We dont’ have a huge supply of them left but we can probably work out something else to. Though I have a question, If we’re atatcking a valcano can’t somebody just use leyas to cause an eruption or something? I mean that will probably clean the palce out pretty well, right?”


Lalder says “What I’m really concerned about taking out, the Balgogs, Swim in Lava. So blowing up the volcano might not help us. I was thinking we should try to cool or turn the volcano into just another mountain by cooling it, or removing the lava. Anything we can do to remove fire, I think we would fare better.”


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Maggul walked in from the nearest shadow to say ‘Lalder, I like your way of thinking. Yagogi’al was looking to hit them with a mass of chill and vampiric attacks by dropping a barge through the top of their citadel in the mountain top. Enough of their lies and excuses saying they’re an ally, all their efforts have proven against this.’


Lalder says “This way of thinking is one I had wished I would never have to do. The betrayal has been harsh. Right now we need to make sure those Balgogs, all of the different types, are destroyed. Have a commcrystal, My fighters will relay positions as we know them. Also let me know which group is you, and we’ll keep a watch out for you.”


War was something that Lord Mada knew. He had really begun to make a name for himself near the conclusion the Border Wars. This time, he knew that he would be a terrifiying ally to those who purchased his services. That being said, Lord Mada strolled into the meeting purposefully, flanked by one of his penguins. “Greetings, my friends. I’ve had my fair share of war in the past and the experience is a truly terrible thing.” He said near-sarcastically. “How would you like the opportunity to end the blood-shed quickly? I can assist you in this.”

(OOC: offering my assistance in the civil war mission. As an Uthveylor; Lord Mada could find out that Kolgol os possessed by the Avatar of Kalok, if that would help.)


Lalder says "Lurtor has told me of you and I saw your acts to save Simonsburg before. I would be glad to have your help especially if it can help make this quick. The only one winning this day is the warmonger.

if you can help us, I will owe you a favor that you can call on as long as it does not force me to betray the UtR, my tribe, or go against what I stand for. It can be deed or an artifact created by me. We can work out the details later if you wish.

If that is ok, what do you have in mind?"

(OOC Lalder Knows Madra is a merc, but even if he wasn’t, Lalder would still feel like he owed Madra if he helped to end this conflict. Of course ending it in the UtR’s favor)


If Lord Mada’s face could be seen, it would be smiling. "That will be fine to discuss at a more appropriate moment. As to my services, you are my client. Let me know what needs to be done, and my minions and I shall see to it.

(OOC: I am willing to devote all of Lord Mada’s resources to this mission. Ie. penguins, war dragon, etc.
If it helps, Mada has:
Shadow 6
Fire 4
Shapeshift 5
Air & Earth 3)


Lalder says "Everyone here take a crystal, we must not land on Mt Rhug or attack with any forces until I give the word.

There are a few things. One, with that much shadow, can you detect this Demon Kalok if its still around? " (OOC Spirit scope) Lalder continues "I’m not sure what suprises that has in store for us. Keeping a look out for it, and then once its found, we can all focus fire on it.

Next, Those demonic balgogs will need attention. Becareful of the Pit Mongrels, we have not made any deal with any of them yet. Lastly, can you keep an eye out for flanking or surprise attacks. I have my forces doing it, but its always good to have a second method of detection."


Lalder says “Also once the Balgogs and maybe Kalok are dealt with, I plan to give the pit mongreals a chance to leave. If they don’t, I would need help herding them out of Tla’loc’al. I’m hoping the Army of the True flame would be able to convince many of them to leave.”


“I’m not one for dealing with enemies in a non-lethal manner, but if necessary I could try and chase the mongrels out. Until the time is right for that, I will focus on the balgogs and their master.”

(OOC: I will likely have my war dragon doing strafing runs over the Balgogs since I think the old school magi cannons lower VAR & SAR. (Not sure about that, confirmation would be nice.)
I have Working Shadow artificed on my armor, but I don’t know if that will act as a spirit scope or just the +20 AR vs Energy. Since Lord Mada is an Uth, he can use his Instant Recall ability to find out that Kalok is possessing Kolgol and then share that information with those in this thread. Granted, the cost would be killing the nearest living thing…)


Lalder says “If the Pit Mongreals resist, feel free to escalate into more lethal actions. Also, I do see your an Uth, I or any of my summoners will summon something for you if you can gleam any information for us about what we face.”

(OOC I didn’t relize Lord Mada was an Uth. Or at least forgot. Feel free to kill a summon anytime you wish, just ask for something. Also plenty of Aufs to raise things.)