UTR - Call for Help


Tor’ab comes into the council chambers room. “I am Tor’ab of the Gang of the Uf Mag’og. My kinsmen, Hikiti and Tusk, are in South Vima over the southern deserts of Karov. They are being attacked by the Wild Karovan Nomads, aided by the Earthers from the East’s war machines. They are in a Bruskti dership. They got attacked because they are on a mission for the Mag Bruskt and have been betrayed by the Wild Karovan Nomads. Please assist them. There are Gor’abs who threaten with Zela, hunters. The Earthers have not yet used their weapons, but we think that if the Gor’ab are killed, they will. Please send whatever help you have closest.”


Lalon enters the chamber nods to the other Tor’ab. He says “I will go and help them. We are low on gogs due to the attack on the factory, but I will bring them back. And I’ll bring some gear that can knock out rather than kill.”


A short note from Dreg is bought to the meeting by a messenger.

“As I understand the situation you’re looking for non lethal attacks. We don’t have any but I think we can send in some people to try and draw off the robots. That should make the extraction easier.”


Rapi Hob’og stood in the entrance way, getting the attention of those that were gathered and previously in conversation. With all eye upon him, he said " The Yagogi tribe has currently been spread thin and I have been sent in place of Maggul, I bring the message that the Yagogi wish to help, but want to know what is it that the Wild Gor’ab and their earther partners seek from getting? What is the purpose of your kinsgogs traveling through those lands? I have been informed of what we are up against and would suggest to power down the robots and then incapacitate the wild gor’ab. It would be a bold mistake to draw actual blood here, and would have grave consequences to any alliances we have been working towards."


Babi Yaal entered tipping his hat to those gathered. “Da family aid you. We make da Kalok Fraytur ready to take gogs to da others.” He paused, “One ting, da bruskti aren’t so good at just knocking da gogs out. We may not be much help in da fight.”


Dreg had a thought as Babi spoke.
“Maybe you can concentrate on the machines? If we draw them off a bit can your people shut them down with leyas somehow?”


Lalon says "We have sticky mines, not enough, but some. They can power down a few of the machines if they attack. Babi, can you plant them if the machines attack?

I’ll also bring some stun sticks. Think of a beat stick that causes additional pain to knock someone out.



Babi nodded to Dreg, “Dat we can do.” He thought about the human pirates, “We can also make da swaths of thick fog to hide us from the Gorab, or smoky ones to make da Gorab cough and make them want to leave us be.”