TSGL3 Week 12 Mission: The 1st Annual Southern Olgog Games Part 2 Strength


The 1st Annual Southern Olgog Games
brought to you by the Absalom and Hebron Council for Better Relations and the Lucky Fate Gang of Unen.

Come one, come all to the greatest test of skill, strength, cunning and heart the Southern Lands have ever seen.

This mission is split into Three Parts

Part 2: Strength

There are Three Strength Based Events on display.

Event 4: Combat Surfing Off the Coast

One person must surf the waves of Unen’s most dangerous rocky shores. Pick what material surf board you use (wood, giant bone, metal etc) and what is your chosen melee weapon (1 melee weapon per participant).

Event 5: Soap Fight Club!

One person engages in combat against their opponent. Unarmed on a floor made of slippery stone.

Event 6: Dodge Ball

Nine person teams, playing Earther style dodge ball. Name which people get sent from your side. Also describe any special tricks you use.

Mission Rules

No player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, unless they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

Players are encouraged to post as there is no negative for taking part in the games.

This mission ends on Friday June 3rd at 12 Midnight EST.


Gobbog learned that Yirhug had showed up at the Southern Olgog games, and he had no tolerance for it. So he sent his own Red furs to take part in other events.

Event 4: Gorkaog Hangs Ten

Gobbog sent in Gorkaog hoping the big Red Fur would finally die final death, or at least be eaten by Aquatic nightmares or lost at sea. Gorkaog showed up naked carrying the warrior’s poleaxe, made of Krato bone, that was given to each Red Fur when they served the Quall N’drone. He would surf on a surfboard made of flayer bone, and be as brutal as possible. He would go out of his way to try and kill the other players. Gorkaog was never taught sportsmanship.

Event 5: Soap Fight Club

An Aryeserai ZhKaRapi would volunteer since it was a nonlethal match. He would try to disable other players fairly and with compassion. He would use pinning and grabs and throws to turn one enemies attacks on another if it was a more than one and one fight. If it was one on one, then he would try disabling pin moves, dislocating joints instead of breaking bones.

Event 6: Dodge Ball

This was to be handled by former Kolgul Militia Aryeserai citizens of Zh Ka Al. They would play with extreme fairness, and try to only land safe strikes with the ball. Their interest was not winning, so much as showing the people of the south lands that Zh Ka Al was a place of fun and good times.


3 Earthers Immutable Drivers(Ann, David and Jennifer - F.S. 4 ), 3 Goblin Gunners (Nabeshin, The Gog and Kurov Jenkins - F.S. 6), 3 Ur Kug (Loo Tla, Mag Yi and Auf the Magic Rah’ga – F.S. 5) will compete in Dodge Ball. They will play smart, use misdirection and take out opponents who are not paying attention. Ani G (Hand to Hand 6 ,Str 8, Agi 6, Hea 6) will take a break from working security and compete in Soap Fight Club! He’ll dance around, trip up and wrestle opponents into unconscious.

Hekeriki (L.R. 3) will be in the Combat Surfing event. She’ll use a fiberglass board made from what was left of the chair in the destroyed Red Bishop Artillery Strider (Profession: Engineer 6, Int 6, Agi 3). Her melee weapon is going to be a summon(s) 7 Headed Hydra (Adept, Summon 3, Cha 6). “What? I’m using leyas as a melee weapon. The Hydra isn’t consider a participant. Not like I’m going to give it weapons," Hekeriki stated innocently. Hydra rolls it’s 7 pairs of eyes” She’ll avoid sea creatures and the other contestants and fight defensively… with a 7 Headed Hydra.


Event 4: Combat Surfing Off the Coast
Lalyan ((Auf) LR:6, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:6, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Shape:3) Adj: (Agility+1, Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +2, Diplomacy 5, and a personal guardian, Gor’ab MagGulGol)

Auft Lalyan, a Wood Auf, will use a wooden board with a wooden staff. If she gets in trouble, she’ll just jump back on her board (water walk).

Event 5: Soap Fight Club!

One person engages in combat against their opponent. Unarmed on a floor made of slippery stone.
Lalon ((Ur Tor Special) LR:5, Heal:2, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:3, Summ:3) Adj: (Stealth 5, Rapid Throw +1, TimeShredded)

Lalon uses his shapeshifting to increase his strength, Attack claws to lesson the slipping, and catlike reflexes to keep from Falling. The goes for keep moving and knocking down the opponent.

Event 6: Dodge Ball

9 of Tor’ab’s Apprentices
Tor’ab’s 10 Apprentices ((Ur Rhug) LR:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:2, Earth:3, Water:3, General:1) Adj: (leyas combat melee 3, leyas combat ranged 4, Melee Strike +1)

Use shadow jump to send balls through shadow portals to hit the other team from their shadows.
2 will act using wind rush to divert the other teams balls being thrown at them.


Event 5:

Spear OtO: he would enter for combat. No restrictions seem to be made except the floor, so the idea is to get close and break bones. Specifically limbs. Priority would be to shatter feet (with foot stomp) and gouge out eyes.