TSGL3 Week 12 Mission: The 1st Annual Southern Olgog Games Part 1 Skill


The 1st Annual Southern Olgog Games
brought to you by the Absalom and Hebron Council for Better Relations and the Lucky Fate Gang of Unen.

Come one, come all to the greatest test of skill, strength, cunning and heart the Southern Lands have ever seen.

This mission is split into Three Parts

Part 1: Skill

There are Three Skill Based Events on display.

Event 1: Zela Chef

Up to three person team may compete in preparing one dish using only local ingredients.
Ingredients include: Sea Salt, Stalefish, Nanye pear, Binber fruit, Mak Hoblok, Mal’ie, and Gru’ie Grain bread or Gru’ie Grain Flour.

Event 2: Olgog Idol Star![/b]

Solo or Group Performance (Dancing and Singing and Instrument Playing). Pick a modern song a create a dance or performace art for it, or make up a new song on the fly!

Event 3: Dead Eye Shot

Hit Three immobile Surface Targets, Hit three flying targets, and then hit three quickly moving targets.
Describe what weapon is used, and what type of ammo (if applicable). Open to a single person.

Mission Rules

No player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, unless they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

Players are encouraged to post as there is no negative for taking part in the games.

This mission ends on Friday June 3rd at 12 Midnight EST.


Urog didn’t like these games. He never trusted the Lucky Fate squad, and these games sound and feel like a bad idea. Plus, it’s nothing but pride on the line and no upside to it. Plus, it felt like an ambush waiting to happen. Last time there was a carnival, Ya’na almost got pulled into some monster’s mouth.

Trusting others is still hard. When you know your best friends are likely to rebel against you with the right influence, it’s even harder.

But he’d have his folk show face, because Brez aren’t just a bunch of thugs anymore. Well, maybe there was an upside after all.

Event 1 - Zela Chef
Brez’s main staple for many years was cru’lie, which tasted terrible but a plentiful food source. Without variety, or vegetables to go with it, the culinary arts are highly undeveloped in Brez. The recent influx of trade from the Earther colonies to the North and East has helped, as has the growth of Simonsburg. He gathered the three best cooks and sent them on their way to not only show their trade, but also to learn form others. One, apparently, was Plain Old Gulog, who was once sent out on a mission but was the only one to not set herself apart from the others with a cool nickname. The other two were cousins, from one of the raiding clans that joined the GNA. Boggins and Noggins.

The three of them looked at the ingredients, and decided to make a stew. When raiding clans were out in the Brezan deserts, instead of risking showing a fire above ground for their enemies, they would build a fire pit under the desert sand and put the food inside it They would use the hides of Mal’ie and wrap the ingredients together, keeping the sand out. Since you can’t toss and turn the food, the food gets cooked together and ends up like stew. Bread, though rarely baked and never with anything that would make it rise, is generally either sun dried dough, baking through natural heat during the dry months (when it is easiest), or against a flat stone and ka’or heating the stone.

Since the ingredients are natural to the deserts of Brez, they will use these general tactics to update classic fare with what the Earthers would call a Cosmopolitan flare. Unfortunately, none of them would have a clue as to what that means. Presalt the Mak Hoblok, let it dry out a bit (not quite jerky dry). Cut the Mak Hoblok into smaller pieces, but leave the stalefish in larger chunks (they take less time to cook). As you layer each wrap, the mok hoblok meat is on the bottom, closer to where the fire is, the nanye pear and grain flour (to soak up juices and make sure the dish is mealy, not runny, and then on top of that is the stalefish. Only a hint of the berry is placed on top of the stalefish, otherwise it overpowers the dish. then you wrap it up. You’d place either an artificed stone(s) that generate heat or you’d have to build a fire pit that allows for air to go in and out of the pit without generating smoke (it’s a Brezan tradition that they’d rather not share), so artificed stones are preferable (they’d bring with them). They they would bake a flatbread on a stone and when everything was done, the dish would be served classic dessert-style, to be eaten with your hands along with some bread.

Event 2 - Not a piano man

Brezans often dealt with slavery…from Earthers, and captivity under rival gangs and clans. There are many songs that are sung during intense labor, to the extent that their captors would allow them. Since many of Urog’s tribals were familiar with Troubadour leyas usage, these traditional songs have taken on additional…power. A chorus of tribals (up to 10) would, a capella, different medleys, bringing these traditional songs. At least one part of the song would have a breakdown, having some Earther elements that were influenced by both Simonsburg and the influx of Earther olgogs coming back or visiting Brez since the train rolled into town. Classic songs of oppression and sadness will be sung will a verve of survivorship and new hope, determination and appreciation for the new life they now enjoy.

Event 3 - Sharpshooters

Brezans were never known for being sharp shooters. In the UTR army, they don’t serve as snipers, they’re the infantry. They’re bigger and stronger than most, and years of urban warfare have given them a verve for it. However, they are pretty good at throwing weapons. Having Tusk around helped in the weapon creation department, for Mag’ol’s were trained in that art (if my memory serves me).

Weapon, finely crafted stone weapons (specifically not hob’tor). Stone tipped, wooden shafted throwing spears. Hikiti takes the stage. HE’s fast, good eye, and if distance is an issue, he can increase strength to get distance and accuracy (shapeshift gives him that/those - birdseye, catlike reflexes, increase strength). LR6, Gen lvl 2, water lvl 2, will 4, summoning 3, Earth 4, +1 health, no other improvements from standard ur rhug kit.


Yirhug son of Ol’ka had long been hiding out in Drewsport. But seeing the invasion by the Sea Kings had set him moving further south, looking for a new start. He left a beloved one in Drewsport, knowing he had to find a new start before bringing her with him. His own fine silk clothing had been worn by travel and by sand, but arriving at the signups for the Olgog Olympics, Yirhug knew this was his chance to make a name for Red Furs everywhere.

Event 1- Zela Chef “Fishy” Jel=O

Yirhug would do a traditional meal made by the Red Furs, but with an Unenese flair. He started with broiled chunks of Stalefish and drizzled on it a reduction made from binber fruit rinds and cores, making the point of setting aside the actual fruit to be passed out to any needy in the audience. Using bonemeal made from either Mal’ie or Mak Hoblok bones to create a gelatin, Yirhug would then suspend the meat chunks in the gelatin. Normally the Red Furs slurped it up as a cold soup, and used green fur bones for the jelly, but using the Leyas to lower the temp enough to make it actually solidify into a wobbly gelatin dessert.

Event 2 - Pit Mongrel Throat Singing

Yirhug will display a great example of Red Fur throat singing, while playing a traditional drum, and shaking a traditional rattle. The songs will have no words. The songs will share the pain of the loss faced by all Pit Mongrels.

Event 3- Zh Ka Dol Hurler

Using the Zh Ka Dol Hurler used so commonly in Zh Ka Al in their military, would be used as a trick shot weapon. Yirhug would use the weapon to strike all targets with a simple stone. The Zh Ka Dol use a staff ending in a bone claw that can hurl a rock shaped object called a Rapidol. His ammo would be smooth rocks, smoothed by the sea.


Since the Lucky Fate Squad is handling the games, there will 2/3rds of the events they will not be a part of. Considering Lucky Fate Squad is not the Lucky Fate Gang (OCC: LFG is too much like Looking For Group) and Absalom/Hebron Council for Better Relations is involved, they are going to step up security plus ref the events. They going to invite Lord Mag Buskt and Curator Onalna to ref the events the Lucky Fate are going to be in. If anyone else important shows up to ref, they’ll get stuck in the MDK along with Naiel, Mag Buskt, Onalna and a rotating cast of gangers. Last event couple events that they hosted had problems and the figure a huge giant alien robot monkey will be a safe-ish place to stick people.

The 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners, (+10 H.P. and +2 Bonus to F.S. 6 (8), 2 attacks, standard gear) and 10 Goblin Gunners (standard gear) will run security along with Hekeriki and Ani G. The 20 Ur Kug (OOC: I need to ask what are these guys are known for.) and Heart Attack will sign people up,
make sure vendors (if any) don’t poison people, keep the media (if any) under control and make sure the of the crowd (if any) is taken care of. The 5 Ur Kug and the 4 Olgog Scientist/Engineers and Fundisha will sign up people, setup and reset the events.


event 1:

Science OtO.

Cooking is science (sort of. . . )

Utilizing Sea Salt and Gru’ie Grain Flour, a dough was made. into a pan with Nanye pear and Binber fruit were cooked and reduced (using binber fruit juice fresh squeezed) until thoroughly heated.

The fruit filling was put in the dough in the pan, with strips of dough covering it.

When baked, this should give a pretty good pie.

event 3:

Sniper OtO would go, using a scoped short range long barreled rifle. If target is close enough, he would use iron sights as to further show off how good he is.

Note that they would all act like there is one OtO, they’re just switching in and out between events.