TSGL3 Week 11 Mission: The Hatred in the Hearts of Men


Humanity had for its long history allowed its anguish and fear to drive it forward into acts of brutality and horror against its own people time and time again. Whether it was an issue of skin color, or religion, or orientation, whatever excuse that could be used to work the poor into a frenzy of fear and then be used to unleash them upon that group.
And each time there were those without empathy who leapt upon the situation, seeking an option to enrich themselves and gather influence and power. And their fortunes became great, and their influence grew long, and those in their service felt their lash, in word and deed, more and more often. And when old and bitter, these power players, these shakers and movers, then bemoaned the small kindnesses granted the very poor upon whose backs their fortunes and fames were made. Because every little crumb in the mouth of a begger was a fortune in the mind of the greedy. Even when the Greedy wasted entire loaves while the multitudes went hungry, the greedy still looked for more.

Their hunger had no end.

And for two millenia the Colony of Dunesphere had been built on that oppression. That hard rule where the poor were indoctrinated early in three simple lessons, 1) Obey Authority, 2) Give Generously to those above you, but not those below you 3) A path to advancement will only open its way if you sacrifice your own health, emotional state, and life in service.

And after two thousand years of that rule the society of Dunesphere had become one 1) Without Scientific and Artistic advancement, 2) Where most poor citizens were lame, disfigured or maimed, 3)Where the only hope for most poor for a life outside of poverty and hunger was joining the military.

When they joined the military they lived a quick and short life as a Squire, a slightly longer but far more brutal life as a Knight, or eventual retirement as a Noble Lord, where they would have to enforce the very system that allowed them a life of leisure.

When the lands of Absalom and Hebron first opened up for colonization, the handful of Lords and Ladies who supported integration with the alien races began funding public works projects. They saw peaceful coexistence with the Olgogs as the first step to bringing the Church of One into the modern age. If they could succeed in Absalom and Hebron, maybe they could import that peace back into Dunesphere and make the changes so necessary to that society.

Unfortunately for these brave and compassionate Lords and Ladies, one of their number betrayed them. Inquisitor Lord Siedermann had been flipped two years earlier, when his entire family of generations of carefully bred descendents were killed off by the combined might of many Olgog leaders. The testament to centuries of eugentics had been destroyed with a single storm, and his life’s work since the end of the Goblin Genocide had come to an end.

He allowed them to believe he was still a supporter, and drew them to a meeting in Absalom before violence got out of hand.

Trapped there, and afraid to travel due to martial law, these Lords and Ladies were completely unprepared when a group of Olgog Hostage-Takers took the building by force.

These Hostage-Takers announced themselves as “The PureBlood Olgogs” and claim to have proof that the Earther Military has kidnapped and replaced Olgog leaders across the Goblin Lands with loyal clones.

Demanding the EEF stay out of the Absalom situation, “The PureBlood Olgogs” have several other demands.

Demand 1: A representative of the Nine come to the House to negotiate for them.

Demand 2: A representative of each major settlement and tribe come to the House to Negotiate for the release and lives of these Earther Lords and Ladies.

Demand 3: Lord Grimaldus himself come to negotiate on behalf of Absalom’s government and the Government of Dunesphere. He must come with only 1 single bodyguard.

Demand 4: The EEF provide them an unmarked stealth AAV to leave on.

Demand 5: Lord Grimaldus step down as government head of Absalom and Hebron and there must be immediate vote with at least 2 Olgog Candidates on the Ballot.

   It is common knowledge the Nine had announced they are absolutely sending in one of their number to take part in the negotiation and that they support demand number 5.

The EEF have refused to comment if they are sending the AAV, but the Lord Siedermann has already fronted the money from the Dunesphere treasury to the Banking Guild so that (his words) “The Villains will not harm a single human innocent.” and a vehicle can be provided if allowed by the EEF.

Each tribal leader must decide if

A) Do you give in to demand 2 and send a representative?

B) Do you use this opportunity to apprehend of the Nine? Or do you use this opportunity to try and kill One of the Nine?

C) Do you attack the Manor House where the Hostages are being held (if so be specific on what people are being sent in)

D) There are currently 100 Hostages inside. Each day of delay the Tribal Leader Players take to post will result in one hostage being granted final death. (One per Tribal Leader who doesn’t post. Mercs, VLAD agents and Free Agents aren’t considered as part of this count down. But if you hold Goblin Lands property or are part of a government you should probably post quickly. If most players wait until the final day to post, all the hostages will be dead.)

E) This mission has full Deadly Force authorized. Any extreme weapons, attacks, and or gear given out earlier in Goblin Lands may be fully deployed in this mission. There are currently 35 Olgogs of “The PureBlood Olgogs) F.S. 5 2 attacks each, wide variety of leyas abilities and skills.


Mission Rules

No player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, unless they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

Mission threat intensity may be set by order of post, so post early. Post later and the dangers increase to your tribe, and more chance of Hostage loss.

Players are encouraged to create planning threads, as this mission can only be won with organized teamwork.

This mission ends on Friday May 13th at 12 Midnight EST.


Song: Billie Ray Martin - Where Fools Rush In [Matthias ‘Matty’ Heilbronn Soulflower RMX]

“Maybe we shouldn’t use the huge robot poop monkey,” suggested Naeil.

Hekeriki was thoughtful. “Really? Maybe you’re right. Everything we seem to do just fails.”

“Yeah. But you know what? We got to get lucky sometime.”

“Life really doesn’t work like that. Anyhow, I’ll get the Metal Discord Kuo’lo (MDK) ready and going then,” smiled Hekeriki.

Ani G, Toriel, Fundisha and Heart Attack climbed into the cockpit with Naeil.

Ani G had a grin. “Fools rush in.”

Option A: Within an hour of their demands, we’ll take the MDK (5 pilots, standard gear) along with the 5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners, (+10 H.P. and +2 Bonus to F.S. 6 (8), 2 attacks, standard gear) and the other 15 Goblin Gunners (standard stats, standard gear) to the Manor House in Absalom. Godart is dead: +1 attack and dodge for gang. We’ll pick up (literaly) Urik’s Outcasts (special radio) along the way if they feel like it. Naeil is an offensive diplomat (Diplomat 2, Negotiation Skill 2) and will try to talk down the "PureBlood Olgogs”. Naeil will nicely request they do not FINAL DEATH anyone and to please stay clam. She’ll point towards the big scary monkey robot if they get cranky. We support Demand 1, 2 and 3 but we do not support Demand 4 (they can get a ride with us) and Demand 5 (they are not the boss of anyone). We invite them to compete in the FIRST ANNUAL SOUTHERN OLGOG GAMES along with the Lords and Ladies of Absalom and Hebron . It’s open to everyone.

The MDK will not use it’s weapons (it would be overkill) but will use it melee attacks (minus sword) to help defend the rest of The Lucky Fate Squad (and friends) against any attacks. NO DEADLY FORCE, aka option E. Basically put it’s body in the way of massive attacks and will try to disable other people’s Super Weapons (huge vehicles and mechs, giant monsters, Krodnok, etc) if they use them to start a fight.


(OOC option A, rescue or res/heal hostages if fighting breaks out due to options b, c, d, and e.)
Auf Lalyan will contact the EEF through a comcrystal. Recently Lalder’s fleet which made up much of the Defense of our tribe and the UtR as attacked and destroyed by ancient Olgogs called the nine. Actually only 2 of the nine.

While not defenseless, if an enemy attacks, we may need help. Will go into detail later on that.

Next, The hostage takers in Absalom calling themselves the Pure Bloods has demanded Olgog leaders to attend them for negotiations or they will be final death their hostages. I will go as Lalder’s representative along with my body guard. This should save lives. Tor’ab and his apprentices will keep hidden unless needed to rescue hostages and myself. I will leave a comcrystal on.

I also need know what I’m allowed to do as the UtR and Absalom are both provisional colonies We wish to end this without bloodshed or starting a war between any parties.

If the nine show up, I will not be able to do much to influence them. Each has a great power both leyas and influence with Olgogs. If it comes to a confrontation zela would be able to stop them, and i have none. If fighting starts, I will try to save and heal as many hostages as possible.“

Auf Laylan will take and follow all instructions and restrictions the EEF gives her. ”

The Group will travel with Skimmers to the location as the fighters are down.

To the hostage takers Auf Laylan will say “I am Auf Laylan of the Herd of Auf Lal’al and second to council gog Auf Lalder. My friend is MagGulGol. This is not the way to settle this. You will only further those who wish war by this. Please don’t kill anyone and leave. I will negotiate your release if a peaceful solution can be found. I cannot promise one, but I can try.”

Optoin A. Will not support demands 5 unless Lord G does. Option 4 depends on if they kill anyone. Auf Laylan will try and use her contacts to try and resolve this peacefully.

Option B - WIll not stand in the way of EEF’s actions. Will rescue hostages if possible. If the Oners kill the any of the nine. Auf Laylan will take the body or take a piece of their dead body and destroy the rest. Oners will not have the nines bodies again.

Option C - Tor’ab and his apprentices are there to extract Auf Laylan and her body guard if things go bad. Auf Lalyan has much juice in Leyas. And will teleport out a group if needed. Tor’ab, and through him, the EEF should be able to listen in. They will try and save as many hostages as she can.

Each left a tooth or something to be rezed if needed later.

Lalyan ((Auf) LR:6, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:6, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Shape:3) Adj: (Agility+1, Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +2, Diplomacy 5, and a personal guardian, Gor’ab MagGulGol)

Equipment :
Arnof of Lal’al and Auf Spear with Ray of the Sun Weapon study.

Tor’ab ((Tor’og) LR:5, Heal:3, Light: 3, Shadow:4, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:3, Summ:1) Adj: (Charisma +1 and Etiquette (Lost Colonies) 4, Pilot(Airship) 4,Temper 4, Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +2)

Poisonbringer Dragon Scale Armor (Ariticed with Ignore poison), Armorfiend Cloak (+1 str ), Fire leap boots, Concealment Stone. Hob Tor’or Death Stone Axe (2d6 Melee/+5 Vampiric Dmg/+5 Chill Dmg / Shield Breaker/ Chill Bolt (x2 dmg at night or Underground)), PoisonBringer Stinger Spear,

Tor’ab’s 10 Apprentices ((Ur Rhug) LR:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:2, Earth:3, Water:3, General:1) Adj: (leyas combat melee 3, leyas combat ranged 4, Melee Strike +1)
Armor of Auf Lal’al (No ring)
Hobtor axes (shield breaker, Chillbolt stud)

Armor of Auf Lal’al
Helm with sensor enhancements like Animal Sight/Hearing/Smell, and bird sight.
Armorfiend vest with Ignore poison, Cat like Reflexes, Cobra Strike, and Increase Strength and Grow armor to strengthen the vest (at 2 successes)
Ring of Healing plus life shield: Cure Disease, Heal Wounds/Heal Internal Damage, and Life shield. (3 successes each)
Boots with Insect Leap


Tor’og primary hunter and leader of Tor’Lallur rarely left his ancestral lands however when he was told of the news of the hostage situation, he came to see what would happen.
“Tor’og no care bout Earth-gor, just came see what happen. Tor’og support what Nine support. Tor’og not big on talk, prefer action. Tor’og not sure what say here.”


Lord Grimaldus and Paladin Commander Durandal with Ascendus unsheathed in his hand. March into the building in which the hostage takers controlled. Outside the building five hundred Paladins, fifty Red Bishops (ten in steam tanks) armed with heavy machine guns and automatic shotguns, twenty Inquisitors armed with pistols and swords (also grenades) If questioned about them Lord Grimaldus will respond with “I entered the building with one other, now on to more important things”

Lord Grimaldus will address the ‘Purebloods’ “I am Lord Grimaldus, duly appointed leader of the Provisional Colonies of Absolum and Hebron, you have violated the law and have murdered people who had no ability to fight back (assuming that they have by now) know first that I have not authorized any AAV to be here, none of us will leave here until I am satisfied. I will also not step down as the leader of these provisional colonies. Now, when the provisional status ends I will speak to the Colonial General and we will decide upon the details on the future of these two colonies. Murdering people will not change anything, I will however offer to set up a council that can represent the varied population. This council will have input in the future of the colonies when we have gone beyond our provisional status.
However before this council can be set up one thing must happen. Every member of the Purebloods here must surrender themselves and face trail for their crimes. You will all drop weapons upon the ground and walk outside peacefully and surrender yourselves to the soldiers outside. You will face trial and allowed a defense like any colonial citizen, if found guilty you will face justice decided by me, if found not guilty you will be allowed to leave.”


Candy will teleport into the room where all the fuss is going on. She will take no offensive action against anyone. She will simply pull up a chair and watch what happens while eating popcorn. The Goblin Lands never fail in providing quality entertainment.


Sir Mag’Nrs had been invited inter Karov by the Nine to discuss the matters of the hostage situations. Of course, he would do something to aid the people that needed be protected, and so he thought for a long time while discussing what was happening with the Nine as to who was the best choice to send in as a representative. He had narrowed the choice between, Sir Beast with his boy scouts code of honor and armed with his non threatening shield tactics, or Dame KeyHob with prodigious strength and armed with her powerful trident.

[Option A] Dame KeyHob will be sent in as a representative, looking to work with the Nine to speak about DEMAND#5 and possible solutions for the problem. She is also the best choice because if all goes to hell, she can back herself up by calling forth MorGogs. All the while being watched from the shadows be another Paladin (Sir D’oul, the non muddled leyas using Morgothian)


[Option A]
The demand for a representative of the tribe will be met by Yalar took, the matron mak’ab showing up behalf the Yagogi. She is a skilled leyas user that can handle her own in words, thought and actions, making her a good choice to represent the tribe. She is looking to work alongside Lord Grimauldus, it is not their place to stay that the others leader must step down just because they don’t see eye to eye (hell, the UtR might be in trouble if that were to happen). Accompanying her: the simpler Mawen Rapider (still gnawing on a piece of flesh and totally enjoying it) as well as a majestic ontor familiar. We are hear to bare witness to the proceedings, keeping close observance over the member of the Nine as well as the representative of the Church of One, the Pureblood olgogs and the Herd of Auf Lal’al as Lalder is still very heated about the actions of the Nine and Zhgog’ol Maklur would have warned that he fears of their repercussions. In any case, Mawen’s duty is as acting Gor’ab, if fighting breaks out he will apprehend the culprits and use FLESH AND SPIRIT DWELLER to gain an understanding of everything that took part from the fallen’s point of view. If by some surprising feat a member of the Nine is killer, he will collect a piece and do everything he can to no consume it, but for later resurrection. At the same time, the Majestic ontor there is the familiar of Gor’ Lallur who is back in the hunting grounds waiting having challenge the totem spirit of GROWLING and at a moments notice can SHADOWALK in with all of the rest of the totem tribals (MIGHTY YADOL: Or’tor, RAGHA: Zhgog’ol Maklur and Onigor, GROWLING: Gor’ Lallur, Der’ LooDol Ol’Yyangog and TALON BAT: Maggul)

[YAY no more killing of hostages due to me]


Dreg, Graf and Rum-blood will accept a ride from the Lucky Fate Squad. (Graf. Will be armed with one the scrounged rifles and Rum-Blood has his leyas abilities. Acting as a diplomat Dreg will not be armed) They do not expect to fight but will act in defense of themselves or others.

Officially the Outcasts are not against any of the stated demands. However they are against the taking or killing of hostages and while they think creation of new more integrated government is a fine idea forcing immeditate elections will only cause more confusion, unrest and violence. Instead they support finding candidates willing to run and setting dates for voting. And perhaps setting up a ground work for a new form of government. Dreg would also point out they should probably decide on who gets to vote, how they get to vote and where they get to vote.


The EEF will send an AAV. It will be equipped with two separate remote control units. It will also have concealed (and obscured) stun grenades and cause pain tiles hidden in the cockpit, cabin and cargo area. If the Purebloods actually try to leave with it. The non lethals will be deployed and the craft will be flown to the nearest EEF base where the Purebloods and any hostages will be taken into custody, interrogated and medically examined to the genetic level before being returned to Absalom for the local authorities to deal with.


Glog had had a week that would test the self-control of even the most peaceful of beings. One issue or another kept coming up delaying his plans to investigate these Olgogs that were stupid enough to be played by the Earthers, for that is the only reason he could think for them to do what they have done. Finally he was able to get he and his students to the Earther home, using their skills as hunters to stay hidden in the shadows from which they could watch and strike if needed. If the kidnappers have been killed but a body or skull remains Glog and Ka’lal will offer to help with the interrogation.

Glog- Tor’og(pc) +1 EmC, +1 Temper Shape shifting 4, Leyas Combat Ranged skill 5, +1 L.R. To a maximum of 6, Survival (Goblin Lands) skill of 5, and Bow 3

Ka’lal the quick and Uf’ogmak the sturdy apprentice Tor’og’s (F.S. 4) +1 Charisma, +1 Em.C., +1 L.R. To a maximum of 6, and gain Survival (Goblin Lands) skill of 5

Special Training:
Glog- Flesh and Spirit Dweler, protective eye lid, Tribal Fury
Ka’lal- Flesh and Spirit Dweler


Gant was worried. Something was delaying the Great Goblin King Urog in sending representatives to the Earthers. He had to take action. He hatched up a plan along with Yigog. Send in a small contingent to act as emissaries for the Great Northern Army and the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock. Then he’d show up with some of his Simonsburg contingent and act as if he was representing the Simonsburg alliance between Earthers and olgogs. Show many that if you give up on your prejudices, great things will come. That sounded like a great idea. Better than anything Derlur would think of. Or that prat Windsor Hamlock.

Plus, he wanted to keep an eye out on the 9 and see what they’d do. Plus, he didn’t trust that these Pure Bloods weren’t really Mag Der’al. Thankfully, he and his brothers had faith. Yes, faith. That’s it.

(ooc- Option A, with the purpose of keeping an eye out on the 9 and looking out for treachery).

Contingent 1
Himself, with his halberd, representing the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock. He’d take Dertla, his almost feral looking female companion, sporting a hand held drum, as his second. They’d introduce themselves as representatives of the Great Northern Army to negotiate.

Contingent 2
Smith, the blond haired blue eyed looking Earther whose armor looks suspiciously like a Church of Oner’s armor, only a bit scavanged, not too unlike many of the other former paladins and protectors of Simonsburg. By his side is Om’me Ghang, a wiry male olgog looking like a Brezan raider. Behind them are 10 Simonsburg citizens (5 olgog, 5 Earthers), dressed in what one could assume are standard Simonsburg clothing/armaments, meaning just about anything scavanged/traded from the UTR and the colonies. They have among them some of the recently acquired magi canons (at least 2, hopefully 4 total) from Simonsburg’s defenses ("we’re borrowing them on an urgent mission, direct orders from high up!). Since they all know protocol by now, they’d use their “skills” to acquire just a few things here and there. Nothing that won’t be missed. All 12 have the same patch, which is a mix of GNA colors along with a special black ‘X’ in the middle of it. The patch is on the right arm and around the heart. Nobody would necessarily have ever seen them before. The formal armaments of Simonsburg present were never formally requisitioned from Eve, Tla’al, or the GNA. Because we’re nomads (Clan of the Heavy Falling ROOOCK!).

They’d march into town singing a song. Out of tune preferably. About being from Simonsburg, Earthers and Olgog, friends and being together. And having sex, drinking, and other types of carousing. Once in a blue moon, they’d harmonize, but then ruin it by holding the note too long until the sound goes flat. When they arrive at the building, Smith and Om’me Ghang would step forward. (ooc- this might get confusing, because they’re lying about their names. I’ll use their real names to determine who’s saying what).

Smith - “My name is Claudius.”
Om’me - “And my name is Skidz”
Together - “And we’re Simonsburg Special Forces! HUH!” The entire squad pumps their right fist in the air and then punch their patch.
Smith - “My brother and I”
Om’me - “Brothers!”
Smith - “Are here to talk peace between my kin the Earthers and the Olgog.”
Om’me - “Tell 'em Claudius!”
Smith - “Because Skidz and I were once enemies.”
Om’me - “Fought tooth and nail!”
Smith - “Until the Great Northern Army took over Simonsburg.”
Om’me - “Damn straight!” He nods emphatically and bounces up and down a few times, like a boxer would before a fight, revving himself up. He does this often.
Smith - “And then we had to learn to live together. Find water.” He says, calm by comparison.
Om’me - “Need to Drink!”
Smith - “And gather food.”
Om’me - “We wuz hungry!”
Smith - “And then really came together when outside forces threatened our very lives.”
Om’me - “They wanted to kill us!”
Smith - “Which is when we learned that the only way to survive this hard and cruel world was to work together. And with the combined forces of Earther and Olgog working together, we defeated the first attacks on Simonsburg.”
Om’me - “Tell 'em Claudius!”
Smith - “They tried to take us DOWN, but that day, Earthers and Olgog became brothers. We became kin.”
Om’me - “From other mothers!”
Smith - “And we learned to trust one another.”
Om’me - “Trust!”
Smith - “We built homes together”
Om’me - “Dem ROOFS!” He gestures in a hand motion, as if he is moving an object with both hands above his head. Except, not bench press style, because his form was all wrong. He was leaning back, knees were bent at an angle, and not nearly enough up and down motion to be of significance.
Smith - “And we came together. Together we fought off raiders.”
Om’me - “Thieves”
Smith - “Earther invasions…and not just once, but twice.”
Om’me - “Two times! Two Times!” He motions with two fingers raised, and waves them emphatically for emphasis.
Smith - “Then we fended off Kalok, the demon betrayer!”
Om’me - “Deeemun SCUUUM!” He cupped his hands around his mouth to ensure the word “scum” was as loud as possible.
Smith - “And every time, we, the Elite Fighting force of Simonsburg.” Each member of the squad first tapped the next person’s chest patch, then the arm patch, then pumped their right hand in the air with a determined “HUH!”
Smith (still) - “We came together as one and fought off all incursions. Because together we became better than we were as two separate races fighting each other.”
Om’me - “Better together, my brother!”
Smith - “We learned that there are more things that bring us closer than tears us apart.”
Om’me - “We family!”
Smith - “And the more we let go of our past sins, the better a tomorrow we created for ourselves and for each other.”
Om’me - “Hell yeah!”
Smith - “We found peace in finding the common things inside us all, instead of just focusing on this fleshy matter that covers our bones.”
Om’me - “We all bleed the same!”
Smith - “And today we’re here because we want to show that Earther and Olgog can come together without violence against one another, without hatred towards each other, and can build a better world without fear of each other!”
Om’me - “Preach my brother, PREACH!”
Smith - “So to any of those that would seek violence instead of love, always remember, we of Simonsburg did it together.”
Om’me - “Yeah!”
Smith - “And still doing it together.”
Om’me - “hell yeah!”
Smith - “And all it took was choosing, just once, to be kind to each other.”
Om’me - “Speak volumes, son!”
Smith - “So with this I end - there’s no need to call any olgog or earther “pure”. So if you have something to say, say it already. Death only feeds the demons that will otherwise consume us all!”
Om’me - “TESTIFY!”

And then they’d all salute each other, pound their chest patches, and chant “We are one! We are one!”

If it all goes to hell, both contingents would defer to Urog’s contingent (if it ever shows up). Otherwise, protect the council member, and if Earthers start falling out of windows, using levitate, settle them safely to the ground. Also, all my non-standard “citizens” (all 10 of them - F.S. 3, Unconscious, Healing lvl 3, Shapeshift lvl 1 Bravos) would help and heal. Insect leap/catch.

Since the two contingents are considered separate, they’d take opposite sides of the gathering area, but coordinate using standard hand signals. If things go down poorly, focus on saving civilians, and Gang of Uf Mag’og leadership if they’re around (because loyalty).


Krodnok scratched his head. More Olgog-Earter squabbling. He really wished he could just stay out of it. However, while he had Olgog followers, he also had Earther followers, as well.

He won’t lend support to either side of the argument, as these ‘pure-blood’ Olgogs sound insane. Although, really, stranger things have happened…

Krodnok is primarily here to protect the hostages. He’ll also do what he can to see to it the the representative from the Nine is kept safe, as well. Unless there is a major development, this is the plan…


(ooc - sorry for taking so long, everyone. Been very very busy. I wish I had a few more days to write this up).
(ooc - sending representative to “negotiate” but really waiting for the other shoe to drop - Plan B in motion).

Negotiation Team
Shirley, Vektor (you know it’s real when Vektor is involved), and he has the op-u-lints as his honor guard (there are 10 of them). Since Shirley formally represents the Gang, but needs a “translator”, that’s Vektor’s job. If it comes to it, she’ll whisper in his ear, and he’ll talk.

Our position - We don’t trust the “Pure Bloods”. Urog had overheard some intel during a meeting with the EEF, which he shared with Vektor. Neither trust the way that these pure bloods got the intel that the Earthers had. Also, pure-blood sounds a lot like Mag Der’al. No other group they know would threaten with final death. Plus, making sure that all leaders send delegates sounds like a trap against those leaders. Doesn’t help that the Earther leader is only allowed 1 bodyguard. And since when do “pure” olgogs demand an Earther style of government? Most tribes have an inherited or honor-bound leader chosen by elders. Except Brez. The fact there has to be a vote makes no sense for anything approaching a group that is supposed to be “pure”. Look for any signs that there are more to the olgog than wanting more freedom for their kin. Check military tactics (Vektor’s specialty at this point), how they keep watches on the hostages, assemble, communicate among themselves and others, mannerisms, etc. Are these olgog originally from Karov, Unen, Tla’loc’al, Brez, or colonials? He’s going to want to know it, because he’ll use that to his favor in negotiations.

Strategy is to question the tactics and negotiate hard for either the earther government to stay as is, or to have a territorial council that is comprised of equal numbers of olgog and earther on the condition Grimauldus stays in power so that he may continue to learn. He, unlike other Earther scum who have invaded the olgog lands in Der’al, has up to now kept his promises for peace. He deserves the chance to continue and to learn the tolerance that he started in Absalom and Hebron. Removing the Earther governor by force won’t make things better in the long-run. Not without giving him a proper chance to lead by example. If they want to remove Grimauldus, and they want to stay true to olgog ways, then the best they can ask for is a traditional challenge of leadership from one of the Olgog cultures (Brez, Tla’loc’al, Unen, or Karov) If they appear to lean more towards one area than another based on behaviors and customs, then he’d suggest that. However, only one of the “Pure Bloods” can lay down that challenge, since they resorted to the violence to get their voice heard to begin with. Vektor would add the caveat - if they win, expect similar challenges in the future (look over at Shirley), because how you attain power is how you’ll have to expect to keep it.

Also, final point, outside where the thing negotiations are, the Opulints will bury a silver bar in the ground and protect it. They will say it’s an old Brezan custom. The Earthers will think it weird but we’ll say it’s an essential part of the negotiation culture. If the pure bloods question it “what do you mean you don’t know about this custom?” Reality - it’s all part of Plan B.

Shirley will “flirt” with the Council Member if it is a male. Otherwise, flirt with Gant Holt if he’s around. She’s feeling frisky. (playing up the point that she needs a translator). If fighting starts, she’ll cover for the Councilmember. Vektor gather the others to protect Grimauldus.

Plan B
Led by Tusk, Rubbah (uses the Krato Mason Belt with chisel and hammer), and Ya’na (Str 9)

Land outside of Absalom with 2 Censor-Craft and set-up a camp outside the town, with the expressed invitation to other UTR/UTD members to join after all is said and done. This is a cover story. They’ll set-up nightmare hide tents, but will really be digging a tunnel using Krato Mason’s belt (tunnel earth 8). The Censor Craft will have previously oriented as to create a straight line to the hostage location. Light leyas users will create straight beams of light underground to ensure the entire pathway remains straight. Once they get closer to the center of town, Rubbah (King, LR5, Earth 5) will use Sense Earth to find the buried silver bar. The Op-u-lints (in olgog) will advise how far off the bar is from the hostage location in relation to their trajectory (10 units of measurement to the right, for example) using comm crystals. That way, on a command, they’ll be able to tunnel underneath the building where the bad people are and engage in a rescue operation. Our trust in others after the interrogation of the Mirror Crystal folk is at a low, so we haven’t coordinated with anyone else. Shirley and Vektor will ad hoc lead the other olgog tribes if needed. If any trouble is encountered underground - the belt’s hammer with either stone pillar or stone wave will do the trick. Halos also keep nightmares away.

Strategy - once directly underneath, and foundations and whatnot can be seen, Rubbah will shape stone to create stairs into the rock and floor to stage the assault/evacuation. The Gangers will then summon distractions and defend until hostages are out. When possible, don’t permanently kill the pure-bloods. If there are multiple rooms, use environmental blocks to prevent attackers from raiding a room we’re defending or evacuating (like wall of pikes, igloo, stone pillar, etc).

All attackers are using urya. Avoid Fire Leyas when possible. Also, sending Dakon Drake, the Mag Daron, just in case these pure bloods are Mag Deral.

Troop Layouts for Plan B
All use hobtor (unless otherwise noted)
5 artifacts of summon chimera
5 artifacts of summon earth elemental
5 artifacts of summon sword fiend
5 artifacts of summon lesser growling

15 Ur Rhug Using Light to create the Tunnel (LR4, light 3, health +1) along with other UR Rhug stats
10 Standard Ur Rhug
10 raiders (standard)
5 Olgog Mercs - (F.S. 5, 2 attacks,UC - Bravo), LR 3, Fire 3, Water 3, Earth 3, Gen 1, SS 3 Rapion Poison Bone spikes, Iron Hand axe (5 melee dmg), hide armor (4,3,0,3)
Zlattan the Song Mancer - Conscious, LR4, water 2, troub 4, SS 1, FS 4 - sing either protective song, war song, or song mancer - ressurrect, wearing lamellar a
5 standard tribals - water 2, troub 2, LR 3, SS 1 (are conscious), fs4, +1 health, singing either mock aggression on others or sparkling lights against opponents

4 Kolgol New Recruits Kolgol New Recruits (4) LR4
Drazz - F, Shadow lvl 3, Fire lvl 3, gen lvl 1
Bradnought - M, Shadow lvl 3, Earth lvl 3, gen lvl 1
Lalog - M, Shadow lvl 3, Earth lvl 3, gen lvl 1
Gwyllrion - F, Shadow lvl 3, earth lvl 3, gen lvl 1
H.P. 7, F.S. 3, 2 Attack - A.R.Leather Armor (4, 4, 2, 2)
Rusty Springshot Pistol: 1d6 +2 Missile dmg, dart Carbine Stock (+2 bonus to hit)
Obsidian and Bone sword: 5 Melee dmg (2W) x2 dmg on Unarmored targets

10 Former RedFurs - H.P. 24, F.S. 4, 2 attacks, Conscious, L.R. 4, Earth 3, Fire 3. Always has Leyas Sight at 4 Successes.

Special Troops
Tusk - F - (Mag’Ol), LR 6 - Gen lvl 2, Water lvl 3, Summon 3, SS 3, will 6, light 6 outfitted with Brezan Lance, Armorfiend Vest, Cloak of 817 (2 A.R. Vs Melee & Missile & Chill wt 2, Chill shield (3) +10 A.R. Vs Energy attacks while shield is active, Hide in Shadows (3)) and artifact of catlike reflexes.

Vektor - Standard Brezan kit except +1 Health, air lvl 3, Krato Poleaxe, Amorfiend Vest, artifact of catlike reflexes

Shirley - Adept, LR5, Fire 3, SS 3, Air 3, Earth 3, gen lvl 2, light 3, Temper 5, Armorfiend Vest, Khaz’ga wood wrappings, artifact of catlike reflexes

Ya’na - Standard Brezan King, except LR 4, Heath + 1, str 9, wearing tla’loc’al bone armor set ((8,4,7,2) and + 8dmg to H2H flurries)

Rubbah - M - Standard Brezan King kit with - Earth 5, LR 6, Shadow 3, health +1

Op-u-lints, L4, all wearing nightmare hide and hobtor weapons.
Joe - M - Water lvl 3, air 2
Lurtla - F - Water lvl 3, air 2
Kana - F - Fire lvl 3, air 2
Whorlth - M - Fire Lvl 3, Earth 3
Deror - M - Air lvl 3, Water 3
Pajoy - M - Air lvl 3, gen lvl 2, summoning 3, shadow 1
Lurtor - M - Shadow lvl 3, Water 3
Rakel - F - Shadow lvl 3, Fire 3
Runkle - M - Earth lvl 3, Fire 3
Harle - F - Earth lvl 3, gen lvl 2, summoning 3, shadow 1


Torlok’ab sends a small unit to meet up with the representative for the nine. The young olgog approaches and introduces himself as Murl’n. “Heelo, sirs, I’ve been sent to observe and offer aid. I’ve been training in medical and first aid. The commander wishes you to know that as this is occuring in a sovereign realm that the Shield will not interfer unless directly asked by involved parties. The Shield takes no stance on most of the demends. We have no control over either the Nine or Grimaldus. However, we support the rights of everyone to choose how they live. Although, elections do not seem like a very olgog tradition”

Looking around, he continued "so now that I done said all that, is there anyting I can do to help? "


Murl’n - olgog conscript

Lr6 shadow 6 water2 healing 2, earth 2, path of redeemer 2