TSGL3 Finale Mission: The Judgement of Der'al


Dimension of Do’krice
Date Relative to our own Timeline: Jan 1st 2220 A.R.
Location: The Council of the Sylvan Warloechs, Land of the Sylvan

The chamber was massive, but seemed tiny in comparison to the size of the single tree from which it was lovingly shaped. The canopy of leaves went from one corner of the chamber to the other. Even here on the ground, as one’s eyes followed the path of large vines that snaked across the floor, one could see leaves large enough to be used as seats and benches.

In the center of the chamber were stocks made from hand carved Zela metal ore, studded with crystalline Zela outcroppings. Held inside the stocks was none other than I’tash. The elderly Sylvan Warleoch was bent and his old mummified skin was being ripped at and rended by the spikes on the stocks. He did not struggle in any way, and luckily, his undead nature meant he simply avoided breathing. But the pain was unbearable. It was one of the few things that set his animated nerves instantly into torment.

Sitting on a massive leaf was Iessa, and on her head was a regal crown made from crystalline flowers.

I’tash, former Grand Magi of the Northern Kingdoms, looked up at Iessa and said, “May I be the first to give thanks that you have taken over the Warleoch Council, and brought us up from the Necropolis to the surface again. Your wisdom is only equal to your beauty, Captain Iessa.”

“Empress Iessa,” she corrected, “And your flattery is as skillful as your management of the planet Refuge, and more importantly Warmonger’s imprisonment on Les’tas’tral. By that I mean incompetent and quite clearly above your skill.”

“My Empress, may this humble servant ask if you have considered my descendant Boriel’s request that I be released into his custody for a long retirement?” asked I’tash.

“Forced retirement is too good for you former Lord I’tash,” the newely risen Empress declared, “You had one responsibility as custodian of that planet. Prevent Warmonger from escaping Les’tas’tral by any means necessary. Warmonger now roams free, in a super powered Quall-Avatar body. A host of such destructive potential that even the Hive Queen Council had sent me their own diplomats demanding an alliance against this abomination.”

“I succeeded in holding Warmonger in check, until Calphas removed me from power and allowed a slave uprising to divert the focus of my PeaceLords,” countered I’tash thinking his logic might win him a way forward.

“Calphas may not agree with my rights as new Empress of the Sylvan, but he and I did agree on one thing when we spoke,” said Iessa, “Your slaver kingdoms were just used for a handful to live richly while the rest suffered. Your slaver kingdoms were only a riot away from full civil war, and in fact wasn’t that really what took you out of power, I’tash?”

“Just let me take control again, I can bring Warmonger’s Avatar in for containment. I can fix this,” said I’tash with so much passion that he ripped the entire arms of his clothing on the spikes holding him.

“No I’tash. You will be sent to be a slave of the Grand Magi of the Northern Kingdoms. You will serve as his slave and the slave of the I’tashi Alliance until such a time as this Empress decides you have felt a fraction of the pain of the victims of your slavery.”

“I did not invent slavery, the Falosini bred those creatures to be slave soldiers,” replied I’tash in confusion.

“If you had limited your slavery to the Children of the Falosini, I wouldn’t like it but I would agree with your premise. But you added new species to your slave stables didn’t you? Yyan Giants? Dragonkind? Earthers? And Olgogs?

I have recently been saved by Olgogs, I’tash, and I like those fuzzy green fellows for the most part.
And when I learned that the Earthers committed genocide against them, and you did nothing??? Those your alleged PeaceLords took in were simply enslaved? You consider that good stewardship of this planet?”

“Might Empress, please, you were not here, you did not see how the K’ias manipulated us all. J’kutu built an entire false religion just to draw us into war with the Earthers. But my PeaceLords knew it was a trap, and let the Earthers learn their own place on this planet,” said I’tash, “As for the Olgogs, just look what happened after I was removed from power? They turned to worshipping a false idol and created Kalok, a Greater Evil of such power even the four original Ancient Evils fear him and his followers.”

“You want me to believe that because of one misguided tribe and their influence, all the Olgogs of the planet deserved the slave collar?” asked Iessa, “Did not the other Greater Evil of this age rise under your own rule in the form of the Unity?”

“The Unity was a rebellious force, Techo Magi who would not stop until they unleashed a terrible demonic force upon the wireless networks,” said I’tash slowly, “I admit I did not understand Earther technologies they introduced nor the Technomancy it gave birth to, as fully as I should have.”

“Good,” said Iessa, “You will learn all that must be learned. As a slave to the Alliance. So declares the new Sylvan Empress.”

“An excellent decree of course my Empress,” said I’tash, “And what should I tell detractors from your great rule, the fools who ask, Isn’t a Warleoch excluded from the rights and ranks of Empress of the Sylvan because only the living may rule the living just as only the dead may lead the dead?”

“There are no living Sylvan who have not been poisoned by the bestial curse, and are little more than animals in behavior and thought,” said Empress Iessa, “The Earthers and Olgogs and their fight is an example of failure of the Sylvan to lead. Refuge is still a split world, a contested world.

Entire chunks of it were Nightmare Lord territory even after the K’ias Wars, and only the Uthvelor and Pelebor drove them from those places. They were siezed by martial force, but not by the Sylvan.

Many other sections were claimed by the Peace of Falos, though most were forgotten by the Warcouncil of S’vana.

And two small sections on one continent are held by Earthers.

But still half the planet is held by the Sea Kings, Warmonger’s most devout followers. Until they are driven from their holdings, these Sea Kings represent the greatest support group to the Avatar of Warmonger.

Our council has already recognized the United Tribes as the true heirs of the ancient Olgogs of Der’al. And I will formally recognize them, and the other settlements of Olgogs as the true heirs to these lands we retake from the Sea Kings.”

“That sort of world war…you would be feeding the Warmonger, can’t you see that Iessa,” said I’tash in exasperation.

“Don’t you see Warmonger has already won,” Empress Iessa, “He has been freed, and is now physically gathering his army. Either we side with the Olgogs, or we leave them to be rolled over by his armies.
They protected me once from Warmonger’s forces. It is time we returned the favor.”

Suddenly a horn sounded, the alarm horns of the wild Sylvan. One of the few tools they used were horns made from passed elders and heroes, along with bone and wood spears. These horns gave a loud pure note, and could be varied to suit the need. And when sounded in alarm the meaning could not be confused.

I’tash looked up to see two hooded and robed figures were removing his restrains and freeing him from the stocks. Empress Iessa, first Sylvan Empress in aeons was already gone, left via treegate to lead her army in defense of this newly reclaimed settlement.

I’tash looked into the grey hood and saw a concerning face.

“Ahh good, In this moment, right as you enter the role of slave, I wanted to have you see my face,” said the Krato General who was hidden in the cloak.

“General Tharr, but how? Even the Uth Seers say you are dead, well and truly final death,” stammered I’tash, “Your Krato they are here, even in this inner sanctum?”

“No, luckily for you, I don’t truly serve Warmonger any more than I served the Kasanthians,” said General Tharr, carefully removing the Zela from the wounds of the elder Sylvan, “My Krato are here with me just to help you escape this place, and safely return to Refuge. Now the Armies of the Krato Generals who truly serve Warmonger, they are ringed around this new city.

They believe they are scattering their enemies among the Sylvan by shattered this new center of power. They are of course wrong. They are simply beginning the next war, in what Warmonger hopes will be endless war to power his true goals.

And this attack is just part one. All holdings across the distant shores allied or recognized by the Sylvan will be under attack by the Krato Generals loyal to Warmonger.

But I have made sure that at least the Krato Ur-Kings will not stand beside the evil Generals. And even the Krato in their way will serve the Balance in defense against Warmonger.

But like the Sea kings, the Krato Generals are true believers in Warmonger.

It will be bad for Refuge. The speaking races of Refuge will need your help, and your redemption in action to save them. I have made sure to train an army of people who will aide you in this. People I helped and people I hurt, but I made sure they became the agents of change you will need to help Refuge survive this Age of Warmonger.

The Rumors of my death were not lies, I’tash. It did cost me my life to get you here, no matter how many different ways I tried. But to bring you so low, to force you to live the pain you caused so many, and to free those millions you made slaves, it was worth my life.

And I don’t want Warmonger to win, I’tash, no matter how I may personally hate you.

So you get to live, I’tash. I hope your new slavemasters are kinder than mine were, Grand-Magi-No-More.”


There was a flash of red light and I’tash found himself standing alone in a field. He was dressed in simple brown robes and in the distance he could see the spires of the Capital city of I’tash.

The city in the Northern Kingdoms of Refuge, that despite rebellion and a new freed society kept the name of the City. He watched as swirling energy bridges to the land of the Krato opened across the cityscape. And these Krato who came through as small as a dwarf, became giants and began to rage.


Mission Part 1: Who is Afraid of some Consequences?

Each and every settlement in the Goblin Lands is under attack by an unknown number of wave attacks by Krato. Krato can change from giant size to tiny size, have acidic blood, and can use Earth at level 6 with 8 successes multiple times a combat round.

Tribal Leaders must decide what tactics they use for each of their holdings and joint holdings.

Merc Groups need to pick 1 specific settlement to defend each.

Reminders of Settlements that will need allied defense and Merc allies:
Port Unen
Council of Al’ya

Field Marshall Strykker and VLAD agents should post in defense of:
Tla’loc’al Station

Mission Rules

No player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, unless they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.

Players are encouraged to post as there are many, many consequences and negatives for NOT taking part in the Finale mission and Defensive Mission.

This mission ends on Friday June 24th at 12 Midnight EST.


Planning Thread http://dr-forum.whitestarhosting.net/showthread.php?1792-At-the-Cave-of-Bog-an-Planning-against-the-Krato-Generals-(TSGL3-finale-week-13)&p=11478#post11478


Tal’al’oon would sadly have to ask the residents of Simonsburg to shelter in place. The tree teleporting network Auf Laylan described seemed like a trap when dealing with a race of master earth leyas users like the Krato. Any who wished to help defend the town would be organized into a reaction force which would try to repulse any enemies that tried to breach and enter the town. The Omala would be the primary defender of Simonsburg. The ship would take a high overwatch position hopefully obscured by Lalder’s aeromancers. The weapons systems would all be targeted via cloaked eye spies allowing the ship to remain hidden until the assault began.

Tal’al’oon would first meditate with all the troops from the army of eloga and the crew of the Omala.  The meditation would hopefully inspire confidence and courage among everyone, the foe they fought was fearsome on its own much less when driven mad with lust for power and backed by warmonger.  Tal’al’oon would ride with whichever chariot team volunteered to be the vanguard.   While the Omala engaged and hopefully suppressed the Krato the chariots would ride in a flanking maneuver with Tal’al’oon coordinating the effort via comm crystal so the Omala ceased firing at the last moment.  Tal’al’oon would attempt to target ay weak points he found on the Krato like joints or eyes however mainly he intended to be a combat medic healing fallen members of the armies of Eloga or their armor fiends.


Castiel would gather his forces. They would deploy to all locations. A few dead at each location, they had one job when a Krato was felled they would shadow walk to it and drive hollow spikes into key arteries so the body would drain all of its acidic blood.

On the plane of earth the Krato blood would have no effect, the latent earth leyas healing the ground where it was spilled, here though where one season bakes the land with fire and the next freezes and cracks it the soil would be fragile and the acid would hopefully salt the earth and poison the water.  And when the Olgogs and settlers near the battle grounds realize the land was poisoned they would seek places unaffected and the result would be glorious.


The monster stood just under six feet tall. His mutated form was horrific to those who witnessed him, which was why the poor guy was currently hiding himself deep in the tunnels under Rhug’Tor. The tunnels were leftovers from the Mirror Crystal Invasion, and had served the monster well as he tried to hide from the Olgogs of Rhug’Tor.

Once the monster had been a well respected high priest of the Order of the Bladed Sun. Beloved on the prison dimension of Les’tas’tral, he had been known simply as Lance. Even in his home town of the City of the Gods, here on Refuge, they spoke about the high priest of the Bladed Sun, whose compassion was only matched by his good works for those around him.

Seeing an opportunity to help his old pal Uruf aid the local Olgogs of the Southlands in rising up to achieve independence, he had come to Rhug’Tor and set up a small Bladed Sun chapel. Its only real goals were to protect the locals from Church of One Knights, and to heal the sick and maimed of Rhug’Tor.

The attack by the Mirror Crystal Fleet had changed all that. The Mirror Crystal Glog of Or’Lur had unleashed the full power of the TearDrop Hammer on Lance. His body broken beyond recognition, only his mind remained, kept sane by his long forgotten bond to the Yellow Godsword. Even though the real bearer of the Yellow Sword was miles away at the time of the attack, the high priest had still felt its power envelopment him and protect him from the worst of the mental damage caused by the TearDrop Hammer.

But now so unlike how he had been, this Reaver was trapped, afraid to set foot on the surface. Afraid the olgogs and Earthers he helped would harm him. And that fear was so profound that he waited the weeks after the Mirror Crystal invasion, in the dark, under the city.

Only today, as he began his hunt for the Krato that threatened Rhug’Tor, did Lance realize that even this horror he had experienced might well serve the balance…


Lalder will say to the group “The Krato wish to either enslave us or wipe us from existence. Keep an eye out for the Uth or Pebelor, they will be our allies today. Also the Sylvan undead, our friends who are always there for us, will help us. Even the Krato send help to fight these krato attacking us. Those attacking us are in service to the Warmonger. Let us protect our own, let us protect those who cannot do that. Let us strike a blow against the warmonger.

Listen to your comm crystals, if the Feral Sylvan show up, we may have to give them space or avoid them. They will be here to help, but their is a danger in that.”

Lalder To the Nine “As we are attacked, I remind you that you destroyed our defenses. I hold you responsible for those I cannot save because I could not help them.
You were not here to save us from the Oners or free us from the persecution we faced. You were dead on a wall.

The Sylvan were here for the Olgogs. The sylvan risk their existence to help the Olgogs now. And today I recognize this as I should have done before. The Warmonger is in a Quall body today and his allies are on the attack. The Sea kings, his followers, control much of the world. I have learned the full consequences of my actions. Maybe you should think more about the consequences of your current or future actions as Olgogs fight to live. Learn about the world today vs the world you knew before.

You are not my elder and I do not follow you blindly. If you wish to advise do so, I will listen. But do not attack mine again. Remember You turned down my offer.”

To Iessa if she shows “Please do not use the Siurcut’n Keyaba. I have been warned of what that could mean for you. The time before when it was used, it overwhelmed the user. You have done so much for us Olgogs. We can find a way to defend against the krato. We can also work to protect both the sylvans and Olgogs from Krato.

Lalder - Defense of his holdings and Tla’loc’al Station.

[li]Setup a sanctuary in his tribe’s lands for the Sylvan undead.[/li]Also order the restoring of his use of sylvan technology and his fleet. Lalder will show pride in his relations with the sylvans, instead of light step around this. Tribes of Olgogs work with the Quall, Tribes work with the Krato, and now a Tribe works with the Sylvans.

[li]Evacuate all to either the farms in the skys or to the secure compounds. Those compounds I believe you have to travel through the tree ports to get to. Once civilians are there, the tree ports will be locked/shut/blocked so the krato can’t follow.[/li]
[li]All Gogs who fight will leave a finger tip that will be brought to the sky so they could be brought back. The Ur King Tribals will be offered the same.[/li]
[li]Farms will fly high activate Illusion to camouflage them with the sky (Light leyas).[/li]
[li]Remains of the fleet to the sky.[/li][/ol]

Defense of the caves:
Olgog Radar will be setup to track the Krato’s movements underground. Lalder using any repaired Lur Union Fighters, EEF, or other transports to get these to allies to allow them to find the Krato underground as well

[li]Poison Gas and FIre Bomb traps triggered by Earth Leyas shifting cave walls.[/li][/ol]

Above ground - Auf Lalyan in charge
While the carriers and Fighters were being rebuilt. Lost shells will be flown away if able. One of a carrier is able to fly, it will be loaded up with any shadow Catapults. Launched up in the air, the Cloud cover defense will be activated and the Carrier will fly higher than the Clouds. This should remove line of sight. Now they were above the clouds

[li]The Olgog Radar will be used to locate the enemy. A Spotter on the ground using bird site will confirm the target is an enemy and not an ally, Auf Lalyan would Summon a lightning storm to strike at the Krato. (Air Leyas 6 - Lightning Storm.)[/li]
[li]If the Krato are away from allies, The Shadow Catapults from the Carrier will Launch at the Krato. (Since the Attacks don’t fire in a straight line, hoping not to give away exact position.[/li]
[li]After a volley, the Carrier will shift position. Further hiding its location.[/li][/ol]

Ground Defense / attack:

[li]Using the Ur King tribals that are immune to acid to ambush the Krato in the caves. Or they will help counter the earth leyas to create escape paths. Allowing the group to shadow jump or teleport away.[/li]
[li]Tor’ab, his apprentices, ut Tor, Armor fiends, and the tribesmen will help move them through the caves and around the traps and the Krato.[/li]
[li]At points each group will create gallons and gallons of water down the caves to create waves of water. [/li]
[li]As it hits the Krato, other Olgogs will change the water to ice encasing the Krato. [/li]
[li]Other times They will summon Water elementals (using items) to send Steam cones down the caves.[/li]
[li]WHen the water heads to the krato, Lightning spears will strike the water sending the electricity to the Kratos.[/li][/ol]

[li]Last trick will be to send poison clouds through the tunnels to poison the kratos.[/li]
[li]Tor’ab, his apprentices, and the tribesmen will have magi cannon pistols to strike the krato at range.[/li][/LIST]

IF these tatics work, through commcrystals will relay what works and doesn’t work.

All fighters will have Armor Of Auf’lal’al and Magi Pistols and Krato bone spears with Lightning spear weapon studs


Candy was in a bit of a mood, she had such plans a while ago but complications had gotten in the way of her plan. So when she heard that Krato were invading the Goblin Lands she thought this might be a good challenge…actually now that she thought about it, perhaps too much of a good challenge. She could actually get hurt here, well, no risk no reward. She didn’t become a god just to twiddle her worshipers after all.

Agent Candy would teleport to Port Unen and attempt to deflect the Earth Leyas being used by the Krato. She would set up Earth Wards (knowing that the Krato could probably destroy them) Create Igloos to block projectiles, blasts of wind to knock over any giant Krato coming after the city. Plus if needed she would rescue people who are grabbed by the Krato or their servants.

Candy is equipped with divinity.


Burke hated Krato, ever since he was trapped in that alley held down by robots while Krato cultists summoned a demon into an alternate timeline evil clown giant who then proceeded to molest him.
The Krato invasion was bad, he had heard enough about Krato to know that he didn’t want anything to do with this invasion. On the other hand he had a gang who was armed with rocket launchers and magi cannons so that was something.
On the other hand if his gang was killed he wouldn’t have a gang anymore, so he had to look like he was helping more then he actually was. So Burke would climb a tall building with his laser sniper rifle and try to track targets. He would radio in positions to the Lobbas who would attempt to keep an eye on the invaders but not engage them directly. They would allow other defenders to initiate a fight and then attempt to flank the enemy invaders.

After each engagement the Lobbas will withdraw to regroup before hitting the next target. Wounds were to be treated and ammo reloaded to prepare for the next fight. If prisoners can be rescued that would be fine, if not no biggie.
The key is to strike fast and withdraw causing as much damage as possible while trying to keep casualties to a minimum.


The Kul’Gul’Rapi would spread themselves thin to all locations. Mama Rapigog arguing, “A gog is a gog no matter their tribe.” Small teams of 2-3 vampyrs would sneak past the Krato defenses using shadow leyas and obscured levi stones so they didn’t touch the ground. They would locate the generals and ambush them using monster bullet slingshots, vampiric attacks, and chill attacks to kill the leader. After they killed it they would open a shadow cacoon and douse the body in grass soaked with oil and fat and then ignite them using fire leyas to hopefully give the general final death. With the assassination complete they would exfil using shadow leyas.

Each settlement would also have a few vampyr defenders. At Drewsport and the port of Unen the Bruskti would have the Beezos and da proud mary to help with the evacuation. The Bruskti would try to evacuate out to sea hoping the Krato would be unable to follow. At all other settlements a few vamprys would act as defenders, feeding off the towns fear and using the stored life to boost their physical prowess they would hopefully become strong enough and fast enough to counter the numerous advantages of the Krato. The vampyrs would attack quickly and ruthlessly from the shadows using the monster bullet sling shots and chill attacks to harass and take down the Krato.

NOTES: All vampyrs have numerous face piercings with level 1 shapeshift abilities like cat like reflexes and cobra strike. All vampyrs armor is artificed with shadow armor to allow them to move in sunlight. All family members have scabbards and bandanas which give them gills and webbed feet for swimming.


OOC: Don’t have any music for this one.

“As you see Bo’gan, you can use leyas pretty well in here,” said Naiel while she cringed watching him shove another giant rock up the another giant Krato’s backside. Honestly is better than the seeing earth quakes and whatnot crushing them into paste. The gog did make digging though rock easier to ambush the Krato and the Krato did had what was coming to them she thought.

The first five minutes were going well.

As Bo’gan piloted the right arm, Ani G. blasted bunches of smaller Krato with the right arm. Turning to Naiel he had a question: “Where does the ammo for this thing come from? I don’t see an ammo indicator. What up with that?”

“I don’t know and I don’t think it matters. Besides this thing being unbelievable easy to control…”

“You da do no moving with the legs hon,” stated Loo Tla on left leg.

David on the right leg agreed. “Yes. Also, how does thing even work?”, as he kick another giant Krato into another one so hard they became splatted mess."

“…and it kills things dead, it just works. Hekeriki would have a clue,” Naeil said as she finished off more Krato troops with eyes beams from the MDK.

Satisfied with that answer in the middle of battle, Ani G asked another one: “Do you have any…?”

Over the comm Hekeriki yelled at the rest of them. “Stop getting in so close. You’re our god damn gog way. Can’t hit them with the quad rail guns like this.”

“…words of wisdom or coolness after we leave Mag Bruskt and his island?”

Naeil cracked her knuckles, “Stealing this line from a friend: I don’t have anything witty to say.”

After moping up on Mag Bruskt Island, this is what the gang plans to do:

They’ll take the MDK, two APCs with the Quad Rail Guns (both gog by the thirteen Goblin Gunner) and the five Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners on Brezan Stalkers to Unen. Everyone else (Earthers Drivers, Olgog Eggheads, Ur Kug) stays home with Hekeriki to defend what’s left. The APCs are going to snipe, Brezen Stalkers are going to scout the area while the MDK goes nuts on the Kratos. Everyone has everyone’s else s back so no group gets ambushed. The robot will keep on moving at all times if possible. By any chance the fight get taken to underground, Bo’gan will do his thing. Not going to be a problem because pretty sure the robot has a fast dig speed.

If there is no friendlies or civilian in the area, metal alien monkey gloves come off. Figuratively.


Seizing the opportunity to take part in duties from his youth, something that had earned him a bit of personal reputation for merit and being just an overall nonconformist trouble maker for his race; Scout heard that Warmonger’s Krato Generals were moving in with force looking to take away as many of the good lil’ goggies that they could carry. It was not cool to think they could just enslave another race, no matter the troubles they brought down on themselves by lying and making bad deals, oh yeah and possibly carrying fleas. Ever since having that horrible thing removed from his skull, Scout was very proactive about not having fleas- you could even check with the Tsoagari or Forge, but then again you probably shouldn’t bother. Or maybe Rogarth, he knew lots of interesting things…wait what was that about Khered…no way couldn’t be. Lost in thought, Scout asked himself where was I again…hmmmm? Oh YES, sabotaging the Krato Generals. See way back when, like when the first bastard were being sent out on suicidal missions and didn’t like how that would play out they discovered two things: 1) Bastards could actually figure out how the traps worked and remove said trap. 2) the Krato Generals worked independently, so each clan used their own set of highly obscured , highly effective traps that could cause major damage. This made sabotaging things extremely easy giving the right skill set, because without communication between clans, the Krato would have no idea what was going on.

Scout using the lifetimes experience seeking around, hiding in shadows, obscuring his whereabouts, stealing and finding/removing/setting traps would go into the Krato tunnels. The toughest part would be entering the first clans area, so just in case he would use the Yellow Godsword for nerve disruption and slumber with anyone that he encountered. He would disarm and move the traps from that area, moving into another Generlas tunnels disarming their traps and replacing them with the traps from the first clan in all new locations and play around mixing an matching new traps. So where one clan might have traps that use mud wave followed by change earth, he would replace it with stone pillars that send then victim into swinging krato bone ax pendulums, or tunnel material into pits that strike the target with acid cones or mud wave into wa wall of pikes or chambers with pressure plates that fire sharp krato bones and teeth. He would look to hit each and every Krato General’s tunnels. In case of annihilators, Scout would use his other form with sharp pointy claws to tear apart and devour the foul creatures.

Most importantly, he would get word to the proud olgog warriors fighting without their many toys to inform them about what and where Scout’s Krato traps lie. He would keep an eye open for friendly faces that might be getting themselves into their own trouble and do the rescue thing for them. This would be some fun, he might even kick back with some cheese and watch the havoc of his efforts for this age old game.


He was called Lord Azrael by his follower, but in heart of hearts he would always be that young being who stood before the Stream of Consciousness and stepping into it hoping for knowledge to make all worlds a better place.
Looking down at the places his withered skin was wearing away, feeling the deadest skin flake away, barely replaced by the regenerating flesh underneath.
He was no undead, though at times he wished for the deep pain and rage he always felt to be swept away by the cold collected thoughts like his old friend I’tash enjoyed…
He was living, barely, kept alive by sheer willpower and an unwillingness to release his own spirit to be recycled by the universe. .
Here he was another three years of immense work put into saving the folks of the Goblin Lands, Earther and Olgog alike. He hoped his efforts, though known to cause some pain, had brought the best out of the heroes of Refuge.
He hoped he had helped them reach their true potential, showing them the pitfalls both the world and their own prejudices and beliefs had put in front of them. But despite his long vision of the future, and his skill at seeing the patterns emerge, Azrael never really knew for sure.

Now would be that moment all his people would be surely tested, as would the Olgogs of Der’al.

Azrael allowed his mind to walk through the memories of so many of the leaders on their respective battlefields.

He felt the wearyness of so many, who thought it merely the joy of winning a kingdom without ever realizing the work that goes into caring for those folks.

He knew some of the leaders would fail their people, some would ignore their citizens cries of fear and need and instead focus only on their immediate needs. Azrael could not blame them. Before he had understood the universal phenomena of our reality, he had been much the same. It seemed to the nature of many beings.

Azrael ordered his armies to mobilize. Uth Raiders from countless dimensions converged on Refuge. Uth and Pelebor Falsewyrm Riders took to the skies, while hidden shadow-walkers made their way into the cities in question, preparing for the Krato.

Azrael called upon his most loyal Akalus Hak’u and even the Blood Dancers and the Nightmare Skinners. The Krato wished for war? Then then Azrael’s Fallen Legions would answer it.


The Herald was now rightly sick and tired of this sand filled wasteland, he had a plan and that plan was constantly being screwed up by the never ending threats to it. Idiotic native leaders, undead hunting fools, alternate dimensions, and now Krato. The Gul’tor’uf was consumed by a desire to care for their clan and was unresponsive to his calls to mobilize the city’s defense, so it was up to him to save Karov. The Herald didn’t truly care about the city, all the Herald ever wanted to do was study.

The Wintermute forces would remain within the Shadow Dome and attempt to defend Karov against the Krato. The civilians would be pulled away from the tunnels and put on the surface where they would be safer while the shadow mancers would attempt to prevent infiltration of the Dome. Enemies who tunneled under the dome would be shadow walked into the Dome itself to be consumed by the Dome’s tendrils.
The Dome itself would defend any attempts to siege it directly.

If and when the enemy is driven back the Wintermute forces would deploy to help defend other areas of Karov, simple undead leading the charge as a distraction (with Reanimators raising them after they fall) while the Vampires manipulate the shadows to strike at the flanks and rear of the enemy. No biting of Krato would be allowed as acid isn’t very tasty. Enemies will be shadow walked away into ambushes or just tossed into the tendrils of the Shadow Dome when appropriate.
Living defenders will concentrate on defending the civilians.
The enemy is to be driven back, not slaughtered as Wintermute has no real desire for conflict against the Krato, however they will not stand by and watch everything they have build be destroyed.

Unless the Herald has severely overestimated his enemy (which he doubts) casualties will be high, Krato are deadly enemies and are not to be underestimated. Direct confrontations can and will go badly for his forces, speed, and manipulation will be key. Getting the Krato away from the ground is key, in the air they are weak. Vampiric and shadow attacks are key, physical attacks won’t get us very far.


Yagogi’al the Og’ab had an arduous task at hand, and knew it meant splitting up his tribe for the defense of the UtR and entire Olgog lands. He was going to focus his forces attack around Karov and the Shadow Dome, protecting their territories first and foremost, then move on to assist Mag Buskt Isle to reaching out to one of their most trusted allies. He will send off two Gor’ab, accompanied by a totem student and a Goblin King to each attacking force thus providing a song, a blade and strength to other allies fights.

Each team his one totem student communing with the spirit of GROWLING, making shadowwalk and the ability to get around easier. A king for armed with the Olgogolem Pendant armor for added strength and camouflage. The two gor’abs so add song to the side of the allies, in the form of PROTECTIVE and WAR SONG, as well as one gor’ab that is capable of NERVE DISRUPTION, SLUMBER and additional healing.

  1. Lalder: will be sent Or’on Der’na, and Zhor’ab the gor’abs, then Cougar and Maggul.
    2)Kul’Gul Rapi: will be sent Uf Tor , and Urgog Mag’on the gor’abs, then Da King and Onigor the Fierce.
  2. Tor’lallur: will be sent Darlur Auf and Kalok Mag’ab, the gor’abs, then Flint and Der’ LooDol
    4)Lucky Fate Squad: will be sent Sa’na Ol and Gor Ime’gor the gor’abs, then Gibbs and Ol’Yyangog
    5)Lord G: will be sent Orgog’ol and Magi’tor the gor’ab, then Capo and Zhgog’ol MakLur the Tribe Uhryu.

Yagogi’al the Og’ab has decided to relocate non fighting citizens, the the flamewinds shelter, as well as use the space of their private room in the underground hotel. He has kept enough fighting forces in the main Yagogi army to gain the ire of the attacking Krato, between using Or’tor with her mighty yadol allies as well a tribals (Rapi Hob’og, Zh Hob’rhug, Zh’gul Took, Og’ Kol and Tor’or A’tor ) using the ritual totem paints to have the same abilitys of might yadol, to herd out the Krato into an outright attack, in giant form. Leading forces will be Mawen Rapider, Bazman with Yayi the Trumpeter, Og Or’gog with his Olgogolem pendant armor, Gor’ Lallur communing with the spirit of Growling, Yalar Took, Hobya’Ab, Zhya Gog’mis using TRIBAL FURY along with the cub Tun’Dra. They will be Setting up whatever WARDS against EARTH, limiting how the Krato can attack. Waiting back with be Lady Hob’Lalol with a CANTRIP FAMILIAR from each of the away teams, acting to report on the battles at hand.

Once the krato have been herded out into the open, the main forces will attck, in attack of getting the Krato to shift to giant form, using the knowledge of the lands and traps that might have been set up. Once the General is in the attack in giant form, Yagogi’al the Og’ab using his battle blade to cast MAG BUSKT DARKNESS at their powerful foes.


Sir Mag’Nrs had suffered a grave defeat from within his own ranks at the hands of the despicable Morgothian Stout the Qual. It was the pride he had in serving through the Port of Unen that gave him strength, so now here was his chance to rise up and come to her defense again. Sir Mag’Nrs was going to have his Morgothians give a two fronted attack, using Dame KeyHob calling for MorGors from lands and the rest of the followers calling forth giant aquatic nightmares from the port to place the Krato in a pincer attack. Mag’Nrs would focus on the battles at hand using SHADOWWALK to move the Krato into harms way from nightmare attacks, while sending Sir Beast and Sir Og’Bow, both dashing and valiant paladins that would look to get people of the city out of harms way while protecting their humble little chapel. There’s was no a large force after the betrayal from within the ranks, and for this they would give everything they had to stand up for Port Unen, FOR HONOR!


Jeremiah signed deeply as once again alert sirens screamed all over EEF high command. He rushed to the command cente.
“What have we got?” As he strode into the room.
“Sir, multiple dimensional incursions in the wastes. Early reports indicate a major Karto invasion. They’re hitting every settlement worth the name but main attack seem to be Brez Simknsberg and Tla’lo’cal station.” Captain Jeffers informed he as he stepped to the holo table. Jeremiah looked up at the map. Ugly red blips covered it by the dozen with more opening each moment. He nodded, “That is a lot of Karto. What is our disposition of forces in the waste?”

“We were just stating to rotate them out now that we are fairly sure the mirror crystal forces have all been mopped up. But everything except the ships are still mostly in position in orbit with the fleet.”

"Good, tell everyone rotation is canceled and they’d better dig in now. All force are to render whatever aid they can to local defenders. Get VLAD moving to if they aren’t already and get me fleet I want them to hit any large concentration that aren’t to close to settlements. RCT 2 gets Siminsberg, Giffords and RCT 1 can cover Brez and get RCT 4 rolling to Tla’lo’cal station.

The fleet will engage any argue enemy concetration sin the waste with orbital strikes and fighter attacks. All RCTs will work with local defenders to protect their areas each will also detail troops and AAVs to evacuate civilians knowing what the Karto do with prisoners. When possible they enemy will be drawn into earth warded areas and dealt with.

Wi player permission: Major General Terror is being dispatched to the Provisional Colony of Hebron to bulster the defense. He will use Vampiric Flare at any advancing Krato once they each the walls he will employ Vorpal claws and engage them directly.


Uriel was very far from the wastes when the attack started. But still he felt the forces moving. The Warmonger’s anticipation was like far off storm rolling toward him. He almost went to communion with the other Ascended but he know what they would do. Squabble until it was all over. No help would be had there. For a moment he considered that perhaps they were right. His involvement, no matter how well intentioned could greatly complicate matters. Then he felt the fighting start and knew st he couldn’t ignore it. No he had to act. He concentrated a moment and felt his spirit lurch. For a moment his vision swam and doubled. He saw his small cold tent and the crowded streets of Simonsberg over laid for moment. Then his visions cleared and separated. His ascended mind easily filtering the information from his two avatar bodies. Simonsberg, it was good to be back but he had work to do.

Uriel will aid in the defense of Simonsberg strictly no fancy Ascended actions just good old fashion leyas. He will use earth wards against the Karto create shields for the defenders (shadow and water) and use troubadour to bulster the defenders he will also break any enemy shields he can and close their energy bridges whenever possible and try to remain in the back ground as he is offically dead after all.


Urik sat down heavily and took a long drink of water from a canteen. It had been hard work repairing all their vehicles and weapons and then moving the Outcasts to help rebuild Unen form the devastion all the recent fighting had caused. But they were making progress. Urik had to admit, even if only to himself, it felt good to build things instead of blow them up for once. He sat for a moment watching the others work. And for the first time in ages actually felt content.

That’s when the screaming started. A panic crowded rushed passed the building they were working in. Yelling and screaming for everyone to run for their lives. “Karto! Their snatching people off the streets. Run!” He heard one gog bellow as he pelted by. Krato. Wonderful.
“Dreg! Get he guns out! Everybody get ready.” He shouted All the outcasts were carrying. It had to unsettle lately not to. Graf, get to the bunker get Flora, Rum-blood, Rags and the others out here now. Everyone else dig in here for now. Once we link up we’ll take the fight to them. Hit and run." Just then he heard a deep rumble moving toward them. He turned to look and saw Rags driving one of their combat bikes at a reckless speed. Well more reckless than usu.
“Boss,” Rags shouted as he pulled up. “We just got word Karto are attacking Drewsport need help.” Just then a giant Krato stomped into view and knocked the roof off a near by building. “Oh,” Rags said lamely.
“Light that thing up!” Urik bellowed at the Outcasts pointing. Which they happily did. He turned back to Rags. “As you can see we got problems here to. Still can’t leave GUTs partners totally high and dry. Where are the others?”
“Coming up behind me. We figuered you’d want everyone to go on this one.”
“Fine, go back and get them you all head to Drewsport and help out Flora is in charge. Tell her to take half of Rum-bloods boys and sent the rest to us.”

The Outcasts will split up half to Drewsport and the rest remaining in Unen. They will engage the Karto with hit and run attacks and decapitation strikes were possible. They will absolutely not engage in close combat trucks and bikes will be used to stay mobile. Rum-blood’s boys will use leyas for distraction and to set earth wards as they will most hamper Krato ( Urik woul know from EEF training). They will work with any and all other local defenders to disrupt the Karto as much as possible. Knowing that a stand up fight is suicide they will avoid one and instead attempt to draw The Karto from the population centers.