Trading things that aren't things~Kul'Gul Rapi


(OOC: Being a student of language and culture I am quite enjoying making up words. I suggest ya’ll do the same. todays combo word is leyas. Tack an “'or” onto the backside of an element/thing and it becomes a leyas. If I am wrong I accept any criticism from the narrator)

Babi Ya’al but out the message so all could hear. Those who weren’t there would learn from merchants and wanderers.

“Da Kul’Gul Rapi Family wants to learn the tribes 'ors. We want to learn the Tla’or, the Hob’or, Na’or, and Der’or. We trade our knowledge of Tor’or. These aren’t tings, you give us your ‘or and you don’t lose noting’, we give you our ‘or and we lose noting’. No one lose we all get 'og.”

“We trade with any tribe or gog willing to trade dese tings.”


“We will send five tribal Olgogs to teach you Na’or, if you will teach five of our tribals the art of Tor’or” said the Pit Mongrels.



Babi yaal was excited to finally hear back, “We will gladly teach you if you teach us.”

(Sending 5 standard vampyrs to learn fire leyas in exchange for teaching 5 ka gor shadow)


Agreed, five standard pit mongrels will go and teach and learn.


Once the Leyas thread is added this will count as occuring week 4.
The five Ka Gor gain Shadow lvl 1, the five Kul Gul Rapi gain fire lvl 1 at the end of week 4.
However Except for the Kolgul Militia mission these five from each tribe may not be used in missions for week 4.