Trade with Lord Grimaldus


Orog, the apprentice Auf asks to speak to resurgent or Lord Grimaldus. He has a request from Auf Lalder.

Orog bows with respect to the earther, one a year ago he would not have shown the respect to.

Orog asks “We have an issue with a fire demon threatening those in Simonsburg. Since you disbanded the prison camps, we were wondering if you had those firewards still. Lalder is interested in trading for them as he doesn’t have the time to make the wards that would be needed to protect simonsburg from fire leyas. Especially with the flame winds around.”


Orog is taken to the Tower of Resugent to meet with Ser Resugent. He would be taken inside the tower to the waiting area where Resugent would come down and meet with him. “Good day to you Orog, I hope things are well with Auf Lalder. I grieve for the people of Simonsburg, both Earther and Olgog for the danger they are in. I regret to inform you that when the Church loyalists abandoned the camps they removed the wards and artifacts protecting them from the Flamewinds. We would have used them for the defense of our own towns if they had been in our possession. We only were able to weather the Flamewinds with the aid of the EEF, the underground areas that your people helped us make and the leyas lessons your tribe traded us. While we are most grateful for what your tribe has done for us, we regret to inform you that we can offer little in this situation. We could offer you soldiers to aid in your fight however we cannot promise that they would be effective against the demon. We have the ten leyas users with knowledge of Water Leyas, but little else to help face a Fire Demon.”


Orog sighs "I guess that is to be expected. Auf Lalder is doing better. It sounds weird, but a bunch of the Elders had a chat and now he seems to have his stride back. Of course it could also be the planning on how to deal with a god wantabe.

Lalder did want me to also give an update on the Training. We have one more week of Earth Leyas training. Then 2 weeks of General Leyas training. Then they will be able to train others. After that we can start training another 10 mancers. There is still a debate on if we can teach Artificing. Its a guarded skill in Tla’loc’al, so that may take a sometime."

(OOC I plan to finish Earth Leyas, and at least General 1 leyas training. Still thinking about the ramifications of teaching general 2. )


Orog says “I did have one more idea. Do you have some healing leyas users? There will be injuries, and if our Aufs do not have to worry about the injured, they can concentrate on the demon.”


“No problem, I can send some people”


Orog heads back to the tower to speak to resurgent.

Once Orog makes it to him, he says "I have bad news. The Elogans are not going to interfer with an Army of Yyan that will head to Hebron. We have already warned the EEF about this and have now come to warn you.

As before, we will help you defend against this army, but our forces will be split as we are dealing with a member tribe attacking other UtR members. I’m sure your people have heard by now, but Simmonsburg was heavely damage by this self proclaimed god Kalok that Ka Rhug tribe follows. We are responding to that now. So things near Tla’loc’al are a mess right now."

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Ser Resugent looked concerned "This information is quite distressing. We have attempted to construct a community that can free us and others of the bitter hatreds of the past. A place where Olgogs and Earthers can live together in peace, welcoming all, including other races. Seeing one of the Olgog factions basically all but sending an army of Giants to attack us will be very damaging to that mindset. People will blame your kind for the attack. The best solution is to solve the problem without any significant damage happening to the town. If many die or are displaced and they learn that an Olgog faction allowed it to happen we will see many start to revert to believing that the Church is indeed right. I do not want that to happen, I know you and your tribe do not either.

I think it will be good for the United Tribes to stand with Hebron in this, this way if some begin to blame your kind for this we can point to the fact that Olgogs helped defend their community. It will alleviate some of their concerns I believe."


Ser Resugent listens to a messenger from Hebron his face paling slightly. Turning back to Orog “I have just been informed that our scouts have located three separate armies of Giants on approach to Hebron. They are heavily armed with powerful personal weapons plus artillery. I must mobilize my forces to reinforce Hebron, I am sure Lord Grimaldus will be doing the same. I would advice any civilians you have in the area to flee before they are caught up in the fighting. This is going to be a very bloody battle I am afraid. I suspect many will be lost in the attempt to save Hebron.”


Orog says “Which Group would you like us to attack? We can track the armys from a distance without getting in range of their anti air weapons. But much of our air power will not be usable. We have a hover tank and the land skimmers though. Also we can have some squads jump in and out.”

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eer Resugent smiled weakly “I thank you for your offer, it is quite kind. If you can target the third group, Yyan Army Anvil that would greatly help us. However you should be careful with your vehicles, as Yyan Army Anvil’s Magi cannons would destroy them with minimal difficulty. We remember facing those cannons fighting your Warmonger’s Dead allies in the past, armored units tend to go down quickly against them. The main threat is their artillery, if you can somehow knock them out that force will be far less of a threat.”


Orog says "We are thinking about repeating a trick that was used at Thomasville. Take the ground out from under the Yyan Army anvil. Then drop alot of damage in the pit. Though we will also keep any vehicles out of direct line of fire of the army. While we can reflect some magi cannon fire, we can only do that so much… hmmm, not sure we mentioned that before. That is one reason why the Lur Union Fighters are so effective against the dead. Otherwise they would be useless.

If you have any artificers who know some Light Leyas, we can teach you the reflex Magi leyas. (ooc Light 2 General 2). Its based on Mirror Leyas. One warning, It doesn’t work against the skull crusher models, but does work against most other types."

(OOC if you do have those artificers with Light, Orog, will show them.)


“We have some ex inquisitors who can use light leyas, however they are the minority of our forces. Lord Grimaldus has informed me that he is sending aid. he will take care of the third force while i move my troops to help face the frontal assault along side the local defenders. Any aid you and your brethren can spare will be greatly appreiciated.”


Orog says "We will elminate part if not all of the anvil army. I’m just concerned that it would take too long… but we will try.


Resugent gives a weary smile "We will have our Aquamancers that your tribe trained to try to hold off the artillery strikes until the guns can be silenced. The main goal of the defenders of Hebron will be to survive until help arrives. "