Trade for Urik


Shugz didn’t like her brother’s plan. But they didn’t have a choice right now.

She approached Urik’s Outcasts.

“Hey, I got a piece of Earther Technology I want to trade to you. Can we talk somewhere private and I can show you?”


Dreg looked Shugz up and down. “Sure why not?” He replied. “Follow me,” he said as he turned and led the way to Rags’s workshop. He knew it was empty right now as all the bikes were out being used in the clean up. He walked to a small side room set up as an office. It even had an old desk. He sat and indicated Shugz should take the other chair with a wave. “So what have you got?” He asked with real curiosity.


Shugz smiled. He followed Dreg into the workshop.

“What I have, my fellow gog, is one bonafide, real deal Church of One Strider. It’s out of ammo, but is is good working order. And I have a feeling you’ll have no problem finding ammo.”

He smiled again, knowing this would catch Dreg’s attention.


“Hm,” Dreg said obviously interested. “So how did you come by that? And more importantly what do you want for it?”


“The old fashioned way, killed the inquisitor operating it.”

He smiled again, “Freedom. Let my brothers and I use your ports, safely, and access Unen without beimg bothered. And if we need supplies, let us trade with you. In response, we’ll give you the strider.”


“Well we don’t control all of Unen. But you’re welcome in the parts we do. Most people around here mind their business anyway if they give you trouble let us know and we’ll ‘discuss’ the matter with them.” Dreg nodded.“Yeah use of the port should t be a problem either.”


Shugz nodded. “So it let it be…” Shugz was going to say written, but olgogs don’t write. “Done. You get a strider, we get to use your access points in Unen. You’ll need to give me something to prove that.”