Tor'Lallur hungry for tasty fruit


After Lok’ab make nice trade for Tla he sent to get Maklal . Tribe Ka’Rhug had Maklal he hear, he go there.

"Tribe Ka’Rhug! I Lok’ab! Seek Maklal! Give nice trade for tasty Maklal for tribe! Have Kalok, and Lal to nice trade! Have some hides but giving most away for Tla so little to give of that!
Tribe need Kalok! Many die if no! Seek nice trade but if no have nice trade sadly need to mean take. No want mean take, want nice trade!
Eat Kalok then throw core with seeds in Pit! Help Pit grow! Pit and Tribe are one thus we grow!

Help tribe live and nice trade! Tribe friend with tribe!"


A large Brezan olgog approaches Lok’ab. Without introducing herself she says, “I don’t have maklal, but I do have mak. If you’re hungry, I can trade.”


Lok’ab look at larg gog "Mak, have Mak of animal, need Maklal. Need or not able to sustain pit. Maklal make us healthy, Maklal help us be one with pit and no be sick.
Nice glad with offer of nice trade. But need Maklal.

You make nice trade anway? What you have side Mak? Lok’ab have lal, and Kalok, and Hob.
We smal gog tribe but we wish grow! We spread like filth, grow out of pit to encompass all! We grow to spread over! You nice trade to help tribe grow?"


The strange Brezan returned, seeing the poor red fur still trying to barter for maklal. “I have come back… and this time I have maklal for you. It’s good, too. Sweet… juicy, fresh… I can feel its flavor exploding in my mouth as I speak… would you like some?”


(OOC our fur is green, not red :stuck_out_tongue: This is a feral tribe, not Pit Mongrels :cool: )

“Lok’ab like some indeed, tribe need Maklal for health. Make nice trade then yes? What want in return?”


“I have kalokand I have Lal. What else ya got?”


Lok’ab thought for a bit “Have Kol, and little Hob. Not much else, small tribe not see others much.”


Lok’ab, waited patiently for a response for a while, “Lok’ab offend? Small tribe, no have much. Make nice trade? No nice trade? We like have nice friend, you nice friend?”