Tor'Lallur for the futre


Dar’ab and Kor’ya arrived back at the camp. The Tor’Lallur tribe was a nomatic feral tribe that traveled around following different herds of Mak Hoblok to survive. They would return periodically to their sacred cave for some ceremony, this day was such a day. This day was a perfect day to show the tribe what they had learned. They would go to Elder Shaman Tor’lur and Lead Hunter Tor’og tell them what they had seen and learned. By utilizing the power of the Pit they were able to spread its blessings to other Gogs. They were filled with energy and strength in knowing that they had spread the Pit to others. This power should belong to all in the Tribe, the Tor’Lallur should all join together and spread the Pit to all, they shall be empowered by the Pit to spread the Pit to all.


The olgogs taught all who would learn the power they had found.

–(Tor’lallur all tribals or just some tribals can now become plague vampyrs. Please officially state in this thread either if all tribals will take the path of the vampyr. Or just some specific tribals. Remember that the path of the Vampyr is a one way trip once a character in GL has been designated a plague vampyr they cannot change back.)–


The Tribe of Tor’Lallur furthers to love of the Pitt, but some know that the faith must be carried stronger with some more then others. Most shall embrace the Pit completely and become Vampyrs, however the Tribe’s Hunters shall not. They hold the Pit in their hearts but know that their priority must be feeding the tribe.


Tor’Lallur has now grown enough diseases in the pit to now access all standard plague vampyr disease attacks in the water as well as from the vampyrs (pick one disease for each use).


Tor’og saw the tribe had grown, the Slimegogs, their new Giant friends. This good in his eyes, these embraced the Pit and prospered. Not all things good though, many tribe gather together to form nation. They try be like Earthers and even put Earthers to protect them. Lie to themselves, wear Earthers like cloak, to protect, not stand on own. Now try to gather all food and water, make weapons to war. Soon they hold over other Gogs, to make them join. Sad, soon Gog might fight Gog. UtR twisted, corrupted. Sad day.


Tor’og look with pride on new tribe gogs. 10 prove strength to Pit and blessed to join Tor’Lallur. They join 50 who join before, long with animals made better by Pit. Tribe grow, now strong nuff to protect against raid by fellow tribe. Look to expand Pit through other small tribe.


Tor’og grew concerned, the “United” tribes of Refuge was turning out to be just as evil as he had feared. They had butchered so many feral olgogs. While Tor’Lallur had helped some, other tribes had done at least a little helping too. It was only a matter of time before the new “nation” began to impose it’s will upon all. Tor’Lallur must act. They must strengthen as many Gogs as possible. The Pit had to spread to make gogs stronger to stand up to the UTR.

“All see, evil nation take all! Want kill or slave all Gog! No slave Gog here! Make Gogs strong! Pit make Gog strong, resist UTR! UTR Gor change Gog to Gor! Tor’Lallur no strong nuff yet. Must take in more Gog to Pit. One day, strong to fight UTR Gor!”


Tor’og hear about this Mag Der’al, hear hurt earther in many place at once. Tor’og no care about Mag Der’al, no bother Tor’Lallur, Tor’Lallur no bother Mag Der’al. Why no understand. Leave alone. Pit important, get Feral brothers, sisters. They see Pit make strong. Earther place, no matter.


Tor’og hear bout investigation. Such bother. Still, last mission went bit too far. Plague spread faster then plan. Thankfully able to slow down while giving to Pit same time. Have to make better preparation next time. Make sure sick don’t go too far again.

Also this Mag Doran cause trouble. Attack Tor’Lallur land. No know why. Tor’Lallur no harm Mag Doran fore. Ignore Mag Der’al. Maybe Der’al help Tor’Lallur gainst Doran. Too many Mag. Must ask.


Tor’og think to self bout what happen in past. Many thing change, now have two Pit, big change. Also little Pits in hoos-pittle things. Gul’Tor’ufgor cause big hurt, but pay for crimes. Ufgor growing strong with help from dead. Bad things. Hope no new trouble, but Ufgor bad. Need be ready.


Tor’og felt like been while since did much side care for tribe. Two Pit help tribe expand, trade with DC go well. Tor’og decide to look toward pets, Tor’Lallur make ranch for Pitcorns and Kul’eo. Trouble come in future, Tor’lallur be prepare.
In other thought, Tor’og wonder where Gooplostic got to.


Tor’og look at developing ranch, new generation of Pitcorns and Pit-Kul’eos grow nicely. Must be ready for future.


The herd of Pitcorns ran wild and free. Their mouths frothing with plague, and their horns coated in a sheen of slime. They stamped their hooves, and gnashed their teeth.

Which made the Pit-Kuelos hunker down in their burrows.

[Unlocks 250 Pitcorns additional and 250 Pit-Kuelos additional]