Too Many Games Convention on June 27-29th!


Come join us at Too Many Games convention in Pennsylvania.

Any player who is already part of the Goblin Lands online game who joins us for either of our games at Too Many Games con will instantly gain the following reward

"Time Shredder’s Reward -
A time Shredder will steal one of the following technologies from a previous period of time for your tribe in a way that will not alter the timelin

Option 1- Steam Tech: Create steam-tanks, and other steam vehicles using Steam-based technology. Adaptable into a Leyas-assisted technology for non-Immutables.

Option 2- Combustion Tech: Create combustion engine tanks of the 1940s and 50s, and other Medium tech vehicles using combustion-based technology. NOT Adaptable into a Leyas-assisted technology, requires petrol sources.

Option 3- Zombie Tech: Get your own Zombie Lord as a member of the Tribe allowing you to create Zombie armies and use them for necrotech projects."

TooManyGames 2014
June 27-29 Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks


Cries, I can’t go ;n; ;n;


How I wish I could go. Alas, I have graduation that weekend.


Man, I can’t make it, OtO was supposed to be my ride


Best I can do is Connecticon, but we would need to figure out hotel room ASAP. And you would need to know the plan is to leave thursday night/friday morning.


wish I could go, but alas I have work :frowning:


I"m very close to being able to go. I’ve been working on the wife for months in anticipation. Too bad I decided to move to a new house on July 12th. But I’m still trying.


Still Saturday at 1pm ?? (I can’t make sunday)


If all goes as planned, I should be there Sunday…


Brandon is only at too many games today. He will not be here on Sunday


Seriously? That’s a giant f’n bummer…


Yeah. I was posted that for him as he doesn’t have his phone until Monday


Fine then we will have are own dr game with blackjack and hookers


On second thought forget the blackjack


I take my nightmarelord