Time Shredders Part 1 (Goblin Lands 3) will begin August 21st 2015


Hi Everyone,

We will be beginning the next part of the Online campaign this coming August.

But Until then we will be doing premissions to help get players into the flow of the new mission style for
Time Shredders: The Goblin Lands. Officially part 3 of the Goblin Lands campaign it will take some specific characters into the past and future of the Goblin Lands and show how far reaching consequences can affect all of the planet Refuge and even as far as planet Earth.

While GL 1 and 2 were firmly about building up your tribe and creating a civilization, TS/GL3 will be about how the actions of individuals shape society and history. All of the factions and tribes created in GL1 &2 will have starring roles in GL3, though at first you may not see how it all connects together. Each Tribe may select one character (the leader is not recommended) to volunteer to travel with the Time Shredders.

Cooperation and Teamwork will be the only way to success in GL 3. Go rogue, or go out by yourself and you may find yourself trapped in an alternate timeline with no friends to rescue you.

Put all your preconceived notions aside about how this game can be played. Those you thought were your enemies might be your only allies.

And remember that if diplomacy fails, if comradely and alliance is abandoned, there is always the Warmonger…waiting…and his armies will benefit from our failings.

B.G. Osorio and the DR Team