Time Shredders Live


On September 3 I will be running a TS on Google Hangout. (THIS WILL BE ON YOUTUBE.)

email me: Jaystewart2013@gmail.com

Post here if you want to be a part of it. Max 9 players.


I’ll try this, can I bring the kid?


Its a video chat game


the kid is one of my timeshredders


Anyone who plays can use any character that has interacted with SMITH or the Time enforcers.


is smith the tatoo artist?


SWAT and his kias creatied clone.
So you could use the kid, just know that any teddy bear larvae will be removed.

Also just to be clear, this only works if those participating have a G+ and have added me to their friends/contact list.

Will be running test in the week of the 10 to the 16.


This should help everyone who might find this video chat idea confusing. Also the game will be starting around 7pm, still going to be on the 3rd. Please email me or message me if you have any questions.


Last week to sign up to be a part of the Live video chat game. If no one emails me or uses some other means to let me know how to contact their Google+ then the event will be put off until October.


email me at the.white.wizzard@gmail.com


Hey everyone. I have been waiting for confirmation from two or more people and have got nothing. GulTor’Uf I am sorry but there is no chance me running a game with only one player. I will extend till Sep 27, after that it’s no good.