Time Shredders 2017 (DR2220+) Charity Event 5 A Stolen Brain of Ar'yay Hivequeen


Nigel awoke with a start. It had been over a decade since he had suffered under Holys control during the Month of Shame. He had tried to travel back in time and save the Quall Hives. To re-enter the Temple of the Rogue HiveQueens, even though Yoba Sabot had told him what he wanted was impossible. At age six impossible had seemed an absurd statement made by cynical adults.

Now at age 17, he was far more aware of the impossibility of certain goals. He had seen Lainey Hayden die, seen Churchwood die, seen Damsk die, and seen Hourglass die. And each loss had hardened the child a little bit. It had never made him cruel but it had made him strict. Losing Gilox Teddyheart had also changed Nigel. He no longer called Qu’oa the Teddy Bear Queen, nor did he consider them gods. But he did see the Quall as a benefit. Especially the Quall connection and the wisdom of their aeons of collected memories.

The door to his chamber opened and Nigel was surprised to see Claude Vysen.

“Time Shredder Vysen, what is the good word?” asked the young dimension walker, Nigel.

“Today is the day my young ward. Today is the day,” said Claude Vysen, “Remember when I brought you to this new timeline over ten years ago? It was after you tried to rewrite the Emergence of Holys, and could not. You were a child. Overwhelmed and afraid, but now you are a man. A man who must choose the right course of action. A man who must show love and support to all humans. But these are sometimes hard paths to walk. Today is one of those hard paths, my ward?”

“I have hidden here, working alongside the Cult of the Horned Dog and the Unity and Yoba Sabot to find a solution to the dangers of Holys. There is none. If only I would have allowed Yoba Sabot to innoculate all the Quall hives instead of just our enemies in the Cult of Ayx. Have you visited the timeline we came from? The one where Qu’oa’s forces were under attack by the Cult of Ayx?”

“No I have not returned. Instead I have waited for today. Today the solution to the Holys problem will be shown to you,” said Vysen slyly. And when you see it, then we will return and save your Queen and my own timeline from all dangers…”

Vysen helped young Nigel get into the ceremonial robes of a Dimension Walker. The pair walked together from the beauty of their quarters to the dark depths of the floating city station known as Unity Core. They rode a secret elevator to a hidden room in a central tower of the city. There was a computer, a massive computer incorporating the head of a Quall Hivequeen.

Nigel felt sick to his stomach as he saw that computer. He saw the head and recognized the face of Ar’yay Hivequeen, long killed off by the Unity and their Beacon City allies. Was it cloned, was it stolen? What was this abomination?

Yoba Sabot approached with joy. This timeline’s version of him was just as blobbish and easygoing as the one from the timeline they had escaped. He greeted Nigel, “You have grown into such a fine mine, Nigel. I have some great news. It has taken us half a decade, but Unity Prime and I have a new innoculation, something that will finally protect us all from the Hive King.

“But wait…” asked Vysen, “If Prime is here, won’t holys know?”

“I have succeeded in turning Prime into our own Hiveking, something protected from Holys,” said the Ydyara not really understanding what he was saying.

“You are putting Unity Prime over the Quall Hives?” Nigel said with passion, “That is not the solution Yoba Sabot.”

“He and I have talked at length, and it is the best path,” said Yoba Sabot, “But here is the necessary part to it all, the Hive Queen Brain Computer. The Unity had been using it to spy into the Quall Hiveminds to keep ahead of Quall activities.”

Vysen leaned in and grabbed Nigel’s sleeve, “You know this place now, when we return home, you can lead the team to recover this computer.”

Nigel was going to argue but there was a flash of blue light, and he found himself aboard Captain Grynngrenn’s frigate. Hourglass and Churchwood walked by him, and said, “Nigel…is that you? You disappeared for about 48 hours and now you look really different. Did you clone tube malfunction?”

“I’m not a clone, Timmy,” said Nigel.

To Nigel’s shock, walking down the hall was Claude Vysen, not the young one who had taken him to the other timeline to grow up. It was the old, bearded Claude Vysen, the one Nigel had thought had died on destroying the planet being overrun by E-strain.

“Don’t bother the Dimension Walker, Brethren,” said Vysen stroking his beard. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a holographic display that showed multiple I.R. documents showing Nigel’s new age, and his rank as full dimension walker within the I.R. recognized faith the Cult of the Horned Dog. It also showed a full passport, bank account in his name, and a rank of junior operative within Sector General Deer’s special operations command.

Churchwood nodded and walked on.

Hourglass said, “Hey Nigel, no matter what happened, its good to have you back.”

For Nigel it had been 10 years, for them two days. He sighed.

Vysen laid a comforting hand on Nigel’s shoulder, “Life moves in strange directions. Sometimes we respond, sometimes we react, sometimes we are reacted to. Don’t think long on the timeline you were hidden in. I only hope I have given you the way to defeat Holys and his Hiveking.”

“Yes I know what we need. We have to secure the Queen Brain Computer that Unity Prime has hidden. In the other timeline he had it at a location, and I have the coordinates. Please tell Captain Grynngrenn I will need some special forces for this mission,” said Nigel slowly.

“Shall I request Lieutenant Damsk?” asked Vysen.

“No keep Damsk out of this one,” said Nigel, “This could be a suicide mission, and Damsk always did right by me and deserves a long healthy life.”


Part 2
Two days later: Operation Smash and Grab

Nigel was shocked they had successfully made it to Unity Core. They certainly hadn’t done it silently. The soldier leading the Mission was Brethren Alpha GHX-138 who went by the callsign Black. Nigel was liking Black up until the infiltrator had set off a set of explosives that triggered the alarms back at the Unity Transit point.

Nigel was happy that at least Black hadn’t killed the one Unity Builder who had fled rather than fight. Since they were connected, once the alarms were set it didn’t matter if the Builder had been killed, the alarms were on. And Nigel knew sparing Unity Builders would buy them some leniency if they were captured during this insane suicide mission.

But it had required them sending their Brethren combat units deeper into the Unity transit point to draw off the defenders long enough for Nigel’s allies to activate the Unity Shadow Satellite and jump them to the demi-dimension holding Unity Core.

Nigel, Black, and Hourglass flew in towards Unity Core aboard a cloaked Raptor starfighter. Half their squad was still on the other side, destroying anything they could to keep the defenders occupied. But the half still in the cargo pod being dragged by the raptor had their EMP rifles at the ready.

They landed unmolested on the roof of the tower in question. Hourglass stepped out, and created a set of spyholes for the team to see into the massive lab. Nigel confirmed the target, the Quall Queen Brain Computer was present. But they all suspected an ambush. It was too empty, too easy.

Nigel commanded Black and team to unload with EMP weapons into the room. He was unaware it would also shut down the Brain computer. Without life support the brain matter began to die.

But Black and the Squad’s EMP rifles quickly disabled Prime’s loyal Cyborg Hunters stationed around the room. Black restrained the pair, and Hourglass built a small EMP emitter to keep the captives unable to broadcast to Unity…or move…or do anything other than just lay there drool and twitch.

Nigel could tell the head was dying, and quickly used the Leyas to hold the lifeforce inside the head. He stored it seperately and then ordered the Brethren to drag the computer components back to the Raptor’s cargo pod.

Meanwhile, Hourglass removed a section of the wall, and Black pushed their captives into it. Hourglass released his hold on the wall, and it sealed up trapping the Cyborg Hunters there, unable to communicate.

Nigel and squad returned to the raptor and took off. Full speed back towards the point they had arrived, but they didn’t have a Unity Shadow Satellite and could not escape away.

Sagittae Starfighters and Grex Starfighters charged them, and they barely escaped a hail of cutting beams. But Nigel realized he didn’t have a Brethren on the other side to activate it either. They were all fighting the Unity without any orders to reactivate the shadow satellite.

Nigel and Black and Hourglass quickly realized they would have to steal a Unity Skiff if they were to escape.

They turned and rushed back towards Unity Core. It was only with Holys help that they dodged all the firepower pointed their way, but they didn’t know that. They docked with a Unity skiff, and Black tricked a squad of Praetorians into firing grenades point blank into a closing door that disabled the Praetorians.

Nigel used a hacking device created by Yoba Sabot to hack to Unity vessel and they took off, dragging the cargo pod behind the Unity Skiff.

Black stayed behind heroically sacrificing himself to buy them enough time for Nigel to jump away with the Quall Brain computer.


Part 3: The Clone of Ar’yay Hivequeen

Ar’yay Hivequeen awoke, alive once more. Her last memories were her true and loving sacrifice, where she had given her life to restore her Pit Mongrels to true Olgogs and her Flayers to true Aegelis. She remembered the cruel attack by the Da’uhnb and the Forces of Beacon City. She reached out with her mind, and could not feel any of her Quall children. They had all died, and those carrying her larva had become Aryeserai.

She was alone for the first time since her birth.

She looked around, she was in the Medbay aboard an Iron Republic vessel. A few steps away was the proud Quall Captain of this vessel. His nametag said Grynngrenn. She remembered a Captain by that name under her old ally High Queen Qu’oa.

The Captain had a pair of humans dressed as Dimension Walkers next to him, and a trio of Brethren soldiers.

She asked, “Captain…where am I?”

“My Century-Class Frigate, honored Queen,” said Grynngrenn, “My soldiers rescued you from a Unity Lab.”

Somehow she knew, and so she said, “Yes the Unity has many labs like that, with copies of my brain in them. They are being used to spy on the Quall Hiveminds. It is repulsive. Many thanks to your brave soldiers who rescued me. Now I have much to look into and wish to meet with the other Queens and discover what has occurred since I have left the world of the living for a time.”

“Of course Queen Ar’yay,” said Grynngrenn, “I already have quarters set aside for you, and a Nanite Communicator prepped with High Queen Qu’oa’s direct line.”

“Excellent,” said Queen Ar’yay, “My conversation is one of the few I would not trust to the Hivemind connection.”

They spoke some more, and Queen Ar’yay left.

The debreifing continued with Captain Grynngrenn but Nigel was surprised to learn that Vysen had not told the Quall that they had rescued the computer as well.

Vysen purchased both Hourglass and Black, keeping them close so they would not share the secret either.


Part 4: Ayxbane

Aboard an Antares Starfreighter, Nigel, Black, and Hourglass were heading to the penal colony of Refuge once again. Nigel and Vysen had argued through the night. Vysen had said they had to kill an allied Queen or at worst Ayx’s ally, Queen Xydoraq. But Nigel had refused. He refused to harm an allied Queen because he knew how shaky High Queen Qu’oa’s power really was right now. He knew the Cult of Ayx had gotten many Quall Hives to support the crowning of Ayx as High Queen. So he would not add fuel to the fire by attacking an allied hive.

Instead for reasons unknown to Black and Hourglass, Nigel was intent on taking the head of Queen Ayx. Vysen had argued passionately that Ayx was the one queen protected from Holys and should not be harmed. But Nigel was singular of vision and only wanted to kill the Queen Ayx who had dared to try and overthrow his beloved Queen Qu’oa. Nigel would not be swayed. Above all he wanted Queen Ayx dead.

But he convinced himself that if he killed her, it would be the perfect brain for the computer to use as a backdoor to innoculate the rest of the hiveminds.

Arriving back on Refuge, after nearly getting shot down by EEF gunpods, Nigel and crew met up with Amdis leader of the Sons of Yantuk in Tarris. Aboard Amdis’ personal Xenu-class Burrower craft, they traveled a few weeks south to the army muster camps of Queen Ayx in the Cloudslaver Mts. Nigel knew she was there leading the Quall armies in hunting down and wiping out the Neliff there who served Neliff the Orthodox.

But Nigel was much more interested in using the constant Neliff attacks as the perfect distraction for his own kidnapping of Queen Ayx. Hourglass and Black fashioned a special stun net, with enough power to knock out a giant. With Hourglass’ designs, they even fashioned a net launcher.

They spied on the camp, waiting for the perfect attack. But as they waited Hourglass had the terrible feeling something was watching them. Something dangerous and deadly. But he couldn’t see it, and he couldn’t find it. So he couldn’t prove it. And despite his concerns they went into battle.

As Amdis’ burrower popped up under Ayx’s command tent, Black fired off the net. It wrapped around the surprised Queen Ayx and knocked her out. The winch pulled her up and dragged her aboard the Burrower, and they dived back below the ground before the Quall could follow.

They fled all the way back to the Northern Kingdoms, all the way to Tarris with Queen Ayx in their control. The entire time, Hourglass fretted about the feeling they were being watched.

When they arrived back at the secret base where Yoba Sabot had assembled the Computer and was waiting for a Quall Brain, Nigel thought they were in the clear. But finally he listened to Hourglass’ concerns. As he swept the lab for any threats, he came upon a Neliff.

As the creature stared at him, Nigel realized it must have been with them this whole time. Altering their perceptions, warping their reality. For some reason he knew he had succeded in taking Queen Ayx but beyond that everything else was anyone’s guess. Were they even in Tarris? Or were they somewhere else, under the mind control of the Neliff?

Nigel watched the alien cautiously and waited…