Time Shredders 2017 (DR2220+) Charity Event 2 The Hidden Laboratory at Hobard's Mend


Prologue: The Unknown Planet, or Why would Unity Prime risk himself?

The planet stood on the edge of Free Systems Territory. Controlled by the Temporal Empire, policed by the T.E.A., and filled with Pirates eager to ravage an Iron Republic ship. It was a place where few people dared to travel, and all star charts showed the planet as an uninhabited volcanic wasteland.

The Unity took deep interest in the planet when their members reported back signs the planet had undergone a massive terraforming effort in the past two years. Multiple species of cloned plants and fungus had been imported and placed into the planet’s rich volcanic soil.

Stranger yet reports that a species the Unity had saved from the Quall N’drone, a rare species known as Ydyara, had been spotted in city sized settlements on one section of the newely terraformed planet. Since the only place where Ydyara were being cloned for reintroduction into planets in our reality, was under the careful ministrations of the Oleifera and the Builders, this was a concerning abnormality.

The information was encrypted and earmarked for immediate attention and shared with Unity Prime. Unity Prime was a cloned supersoldier. A unique creation of the Unity Scientists, Civilians and Builders to represent the voice of the Consesus when dealing with outside species.

In the days before the Descended were cleansed from our timeline, The Unity struggled as Prime tried to defend the consensus from the withering corrupting powers of the Dragon of Unity, the Dragon’s Thrones, Dragon’s Cherubs, and other evils. But with the end of the Dragon’s rule in this timeline, and his banishing to the Hell dimensions, The Unity Prime found himself free to take on rebuilding the Unity’s image.

His first step had been to track down the evil scientist, another cloned Supersoldier named Cyborg Hunter Model 207. CH Model 207 had been created by the founder of the Unity, PeaceLord Kal’Shek in the first days of the Border Wars that split the northern kingdoms in 2217. CH Model 207 had been tasked with gathering genetic materials from their enemies, had been instrumental in the rise of the Unity in 2218 on countless planets across known space.

It was many of CH Model 207’s immoral experiements that caused the Unity to have to claim planets to cure the dangers that Model 207 had set in motion. In fact, it was one such experiment that led to his downfall.

CH Model 207 had been experimenting with illegal supplication technology, which was a kind name for mind control technology that the precursor to the Unity had used to such evil ends that the Unity forever outlawed its use. Knowing he could not do it under his own network, CH Model 207 found a wandering K’iorn. A former Dra’koon who had served bravely under General Yvhv in the days of the Peace of Falos, but who had been infected with a crystalline alien infection that had consumed his memories of his early life of honor and service. This K’iorn was bumming around the Earther Colonies, taking sellsword work with the Assassins guild, the Thieves guild and even the VLAD Spy Agency.

The K’iorn first was implanted with a modified uplink, allowing CH Model 207 to track his movements and watch everything he does without the K’iorn watching. Then as the height of the Border Wars increased in violence and spilled out across known space, this K’iorn was thrown in with Kasanthians including the calculating Admiral Layne Yr, and her Captain Axis. These Kasanthians would shape the K’iorn’s path, turning him from a fairly neutral merc, into a pawn of their empire building schemes. This K’iorn would be known as Ryuk, named in Kasanthian fashion after an ancient villain from Earther literature. He would create an entire network of supplicated mind controlled former Casino debtors known as Ryuk’s Rabble. And eventually he would kill the Da’uhnb Queen and use her brain to create a unique computer which the CH Model 207 was only to happy to steal and use for his own ends.

But Ryuk turned the tables, and his loyalty to Unity Prime won over his self-serving nature. In the moment of CH Model 207’s triumph, the K’iorn alerted Prime and an ambush was triggered to capture 207. Ryuk’s loyalty to Prime had helped the Prime capture the Unity’s most notorious criminal.

With 207 under his won watchful eye, Prime began to experiment to unlock the memories of the often evil acting Cyborg Hunter. Despite his resilience and powerful will, Unity Prime was able to rip from Model 207’s mind the location of certain more dastardly experiments.

The one it seemed Model 207 was trying the hardest to keep secret was also on this same planet…on the edge of Free Systems Space…a planet called Hobard’s Mend in modern space maps but completely marked as forbidden on all the Quall N’drone Starcharts the Unity had stolen.

Hobard’s Mend, a planet that simply shouldn’t be as green and lush as it was. A planet filled with 2 year old clones (fully grown) Ydyara.

Unity Prime’s skiff moved into orbit above Hobard’s Mend, aboard was Unity Prime and his favored bodyguard Prototype 42. Like 207, Prototype 42 had been created by the Unity founder General Kal’Shek before his unexpected death. 42 was loyal to the Unity’s goals of acceptance and concensus and was considered one of the greatest duelists among the concensus.

42 motioned using her uplink to instantly share data about a large space station in orbit. The vessel appeared to be an Orbital Oculus model planetary oppression platform. The type used by the Iron Republic to stun entire cities so their populaces can be captured without major loss of life. It was humanely cruel in many ways.

However this orbital oculus station was obviously upgraded with Unity-stye electronic countermeasures. Neither 42 nor Prime would risk trying to control the station, but they could learn with their short interactions with it that the stations countermeasures had been programmed by Model 207, and the last few broadcasted messages on non-unity tech had been to a Dimension Walker by the name of Claude Vysen planet side.

It seemed that Cyborg Hunter Model 207 had been doing some joint experiment on this planet with a priest of the Quall N’drone’s dangerous subordinate faith.

With 42 at his side, Unity Prime was ready to make an incredibly dangerous planetfall.


Part 1: The Planet of Mysteries

1st Lieutenat Damsk was already hating Hobard’s Mend. His secret mission here was already a cluster fuck. The Ydyara living in the main city on this planetoid were all more interested in getting their rocks off on VR entertainment and video games than giving the I.R. Officer any needed information about the specific Ydyara that the Quall Queen Qu’oa had sent them to find and recover.

The Ydyara were four foot tall blobbish creatures, with a big mouth with a very animated smile, two large eye stalks ending in round blobbish nubs without any visbile eyes. They had four protuberances from their blobbish bodies that they used as hands and feet, but it seemed more in emulation of the other Unity connected species which for the most part were bipedal humanoid shapes.

These Ydyara had taken to wearing human style clothing from old shows they were accessing on the Pirate VR and Holonet channels. To Damsk’s shock and mazement, the Ydyara of Hobard’s Mend had a real shopping center, owned and operated by the U-Mart conglomerate. There they bought the vests, shirts or pants they wore, though they rarely wore more than one article of clothing at a time.

But with their blobbish antics and old television inspired voice affectations, the Ydyara had been a rather pleasant part of their visit to Hobard’s End.

The less pleasant, downright deserving of outright hatred part of the trip, was when they arrived at the “Manorhouse” allegely owned by Claude Vysen on the planet. Lt. Damsk knew he was to take young Nigel, the ward of Claude Vysen, to the planet to help the Hive of Qu’oa to claim his holdings. He never expected that he would immediately run into Unity Prime, the most wanted person in the galaxy according to the I.R.

But when he asked Lainey Hayden, Nigel’s bodyguard, Assistant, and Legal Guardian about it, the Quall Hive of Qu’oa would give Damsk immunity from prosecution since neither Damsk nor Prime should legally be on this Free Systems planet.

The IR Lieutenant knew better than to argue with the direct orders of the Quall HiveQueen, even if it was spoken through a vessel like Hayden. So Damsk confirmed it with Nigel, who repeated it with the glee only a six year old high on love could emote.

Damsk agreed with the terms of the High Queen’s offer, and then agreed to work with Prime…for the time being.


Part 2: The Automatons of Windwraith

Prototype 42 approached the doorway inside the manor house. The combined I.R. Unity Team had made their way through the

The walls around her were covered by large traditional paintings. Each showed Dimension Walker Claude Vysen. Many in the red robes of the Dimension Walkers, meeting with historic species on other dimensions. Some in business suits looking like a member of the Board of Directors. And finally one showing him in a classic space suit, from over three thousand years ago.

Behind her stood Agent Hourglass and the Omega, they both were scanning the room. They seemed surprised this Claude Vysen had such a historied background. Checking the Unity concensus, 42 could find multiple examples of living memory accounts that corroborated many of the scenes here.

She pushed the door open and found herself face to face with a strange man.

The man reached up and snapped his fingers near his neck and smiled and his form faded away. What was revealed below was an armature made of silk and sand. Silk skin held in silk muscles filled with sand, and articulated on a special armature. Its chest held inside it what sounded like a clicking whirring cog-based engine.

Its face was a smooth porceline masque, marked by a circle of swords.

As the Unity negotiated with the Phantoms of Windwraith, the IR Lieutenant waited outside for news. When the Automatons walked past him uncloaked and non-hostile, Damsk realized his impromptu alliance might have just saved him a deadly trap made by very efficient automaton mercs…


Part 3: Deep below the Manor was a Temple

And in the temple Agent Hourglass and the Omega found themselves facing a set of nefarious traps of ancient and deadly design. But as the Omega would scout out the traps, Agent Hourglass would simply turn them to sand, disrupting them long enough for the team to pass. Each time, the pair saved the team from certain death.

They quickly learned this location was the site of an ancient battle between different Quall Hives. This temple, simple and timeless, had survived the destruction that had blasted a hole between dimensions. When the hives had come together and sealed the hole, and they crushed the Rogue Queens who lived here.

Deep below the Temple was a laboratory, aeons newer than the temple, with cloning gear purchased with Iron Republic credits.

And in that laboratory, they found the place where the cloned plants, cloned animals, and cloned Ydyara were created. And Agent Hourglass and the Omega found themselves facing a Gammy Mek. The larger bipedal robot had a pair of anti-vehicle lasers that made them all wish that Claude Vysen hadn’t invested so many embezzled funds in security at this outpost.

But the united team got past it, and rescued the Ydyara they were looking for.

The Ydyara had obvious cybernetic enhancements, including a pair of Unity-made hard drives implanted in his back and chest. His name was Yoba Sabot and he had the entire knowledge of the Quall Hives, the Unity and the Fleets of Fate downloaded into his brain using an illegal and immoral methods.

It seemed Claude Vysen and CH Model 207 had implanted a cloned Quall Queen larva into the head of Yoba Sabot, downloaded the data, then used an unknown method to extract the larva before starting again with a new cloned queen larva. Each time they damaged Yoba Sabot and the reality around them but they had gotten access to amazing data including the entire Unity and Fleets of Fate Hiveminds as well.

But in freeing Yoba Sabot they triggered a trap and the Orbital Oculus space station moved into position above the temple.

They had to flee and flee fast.

The minute they had taken Yoba Sabot aboard Unity Prime’s Skiff, the Ydyara hacked the ship and hurled back down towards the planet, aiming for the Manor and the Temple below it. Using Fleets of Fate code he hacked the Unity ship and opened an energy bridge to the land of the Quall N’drone. They sped towards an empty blasted field of sand made from powdered volcanic stone.

The ship was achieving terminal velocity, and Yoba Sabot activated the thrusters to go faster.

The ground rushed up and…