Time Shredders 2017 (DR2220+) Charity Event 1 What is a Dimension Walker?


Prologue: How Vysen became a Dimension Walker

“My name is Claude Vysen, son of Dr. Michel Vysen. Yes the same Dr. Vysen who was head doctor on the team that studied the first contact with the alien race known as the Quall N’drone.

I grew up in my father’s lab, his work so focused on the red skinned creature that they had discovered inside some alien form of stasis pod that he often forgot to make us dinner. I learned early on that the vending machine in the hall could be hacked and used it to keep both our bellies full of syntha-cheesy-mac.

My father’s lab was located in the Alpha Dome, on the planet Mars. It was a beautiful place, with millions of Earthers like my father and I working on the cutting edge of science.

My father was so proud when they revived the creature, the Dagros Hivelord.

He stood nearly ten feet tall, if you measured to the six horns on the top of his head. He was massive enough to seem giant to a child like me, but he did tower over even the largest Human on the science team. His skin was

He was a criminal among his people, but we didn’t know that then. We also didn’t know that using Him or Her was not actually scientifically appropriate. Or that the alien was using an advanced knowledge of interdimensional energies to translate his language to ours and ours to his.

He brought my father’s entire team, and their families to a different dimension that he called Kyr’pos. When my father’s military attache asked Dagros where we were, the alien , towering over us, told us as he waved at the sky and obsidian continent as the Land of the Quall N’drone.

Into an expansive city, Dagros HiveLord led us, and my father’s advisors ooed and ahhed. They didn’t realize quite how replaceable they were, how expendable every single person on that expedition was to the funders for my father’s lab. I didn’t know the dark secrets of the Iron Republic then, just that their red plastic credits paid my father and his workers and their workers. I didn’t then know about the waivers my father and those workers had signed, giving up their lives and any legal right to them.

In exchange, overnight my father had gone from a brilliant but unsung scientist making a modest wage at the Alpha Dome University of Science and technology. Changing from Banking Guild currency to Iron Republic Credits had turned my father into a Millionaire overnight. As long as he was buying from an I.R. Store he could buy ten times as much as other stores. It was great…at first.

Then the other businesses in the Alpha Dome failed, and closed down, and the only stuff available was from the company store. When it was revealed that the I.R. stores had kept costs down by using veritable slave labor in the form of cloned Brethren, no one was left alive who could care on Mars.

And Old Earth was busy with its own problems.

And now my father’s money meant less and less, making him work longer hours to earn more and more.

I guess it was inevitable that he would sign on for double pay overtime even if the waivers allowed him to potentially die on the job. And worse for his workers and his family…
The military attache was unimpressed with the Obsidian City of the Quall. The part he noticed was their seeming lack of high tech weaponry. He commented enough about it, that even I took that fact in. I pointed out their obsidian blades, and a few ceremonial claymore-esc swords made of a then unknown metal (zela) being carried by some of the seemingly higher ranked members of the horde of red flesh that moved through the city as we traversed it.

So much I have learned over the years…”

The old man had a long curling beard, and bright red robes. As he spoke, he began to nod off.

Sitting across from him was his bodyguard and scribe, Lainey Hayden. Lainey was a proud member of the Cult of the Horned Dog, a servant of the Great Quall Queens. He put their needs before his own, and had done so successfully and for long enough to be given a fairly cushy job.

He was assigned to keep one of the older human Dimension Walkers company, and make sure he didn’t go anywhere without High Queen Quoa knowing. These times with Dimension Walker Vysen had been deeply enlightening. Vysen had never taken on the blessing of becoming host to a Quall larva as Lainey Hayden had. Lainey had gained the first sense of true acceptance and love he had ever experienced when he joined with the Hive.

Queen Quoa had the brave Lainey only in the roles of protection. Through the Hivemind of Quoa’s hive he had witnessed and experienced through the eyes and minds of all of Quoa’s Quall across this timeline.

The only time their everpresent connection was disrupted was deep in the mountains of the planet Refuge, where their Quall agents were trying, and often failing to hunt Neliff. But everywhere else their connection was strong, vibrant and all connecting.

At the prodding of the Queen he asked, “Honored Dimension Walker, you were saying…about the beginning of the treaty between the Iron Republic and the Quall?”

Vysen snorted a few times, then spat and then blinked a few times, “Ahh yes, I understand now, yes, story…the story…of the beginning. It is all a lie, the treaty the beginnings.

Dagros HiveLord had tricked us down to the deepest darkest depths of the original continent that long ago dominated where now Obsidian isles only remain. In that deep thermal vent lived the Progenitor Queen, and her Council of Daughters. Each of the daughters was a Queen in her own right and controller of a single hive. But the Progenitor Queen could see all seen by all her daughters’ children and gleaned by any who was host to a Quall Larvae.

In those heady days, Dagros knew what he was returning with. He was returning with a slave race in the form of the Earthers and their Brethren clones. Any army of slaves, with its own army of slaves!”

To Lainey, it seemed immaterial now. It was the heady year of 2220 A.R. on his birth planet of Refuge, and the Iron Republic had owned the stars for over two thousand years. What happened in the past, was important but not able to be changed…

The old Dimension Walker continued, “My father, the scientists, they all knew key information about Earth, about Human technology, biology and other important sciences. They were payment, hosts to the larval young of the Queens of the Progenitor. Each of the sciences was split between the Progenitor Queen’s own Daughters so that only she would know all, and they would have only one element to call upon, unless they chose to share.

And few of her daughters saw the value in sharing, much to the Progenitor queen’s chagrin I assume.

At the time I was too young for the Quall to consider a worthy host, and was refused implantation by Hive Queen Quoa. But I watched my father held by a Quall Warrior as he screamed and yelled like a frightened animal. I was surprised when Queen Quoa seemed confused, citing some desire for willingness among the hosts of her children.

Then the Military Attache offered her pages from the contracts all the scientists had signed showing they had unwittingly offered themselves up as hosts on one of the latter pages of the 300 page contract they had to sign to work at the lab.

This assuaged the queen long enough for her to implant my father. Some of the other Quall Queens sought consent, others did not. There were many who simply grabbed the tiny human in their big hands and forced their horn into its head with enough force to make it a truly gruesome activity.

They were the first hosts the Iron Republic paid to the Quall, and they would not be the last.
And it bought Dagros the eventual rank of Fleetmaster of the Iron Republic Fleet, and joined the fates of the I.R. with the Quall N’drone.
But this event was while the Government of Old Earth still ruled…while so called civility still remained. How much does that sicken you?”

Lainey knew enough about Vysen to know the old man was being rhetorical.

“I did laugh when the old Progenitor Queen went up in the destructive energy of a swarm of planet killer missiles,” the Dimension Walker said with glee he probably should not express.

Lainey said, “Shush don’t say that. Its wrong.”

“She was the one who had it all, all the knowledge.

Now the connection where the Progenitor Queen was is a desolate landscape known as the Temple of the Rogue Hivequeens. A place from which little larval hosts like you, Lainey, never survive going to…do you know why?

The Queen was host to something, my bodyguard. Something that has grown angry and vengeful over the aeons and aeons trapped in your hivemind network.

The Progenitor Queen had been a common enough type of local organism in the Kyr’pos food chain. But over the aeons her species had evolved into a fascinating role of being able to parasitically use other species to breed their young. But the Progenitor Queen was the first to make the Quall the threat that makes all species today cower in fear…

She had achieved ascencion through deep thought and meditation. In a single reality with countless dimensions and endless variety of life, she had found peace. She reached out to other timelines and joined with herself on those timelines through meditation."


Then came a fateful day. An alien species opened up dimensional energy bridges from their dimension to the lands near the progenitor queen’s pool. Among them was a being of profound evil. Something primal in its greed, in its rage, in its desire to inflict evil acts on others. A being that had harmed and damaged many of its own species and now wanted to expand its influence.

As far as the Queen of every Quall Hive I’ve consulted confirms, the First Host was the first of the Primal Descended. The beings so evil, they had to be balanced by the universe with a dangerous new species.

The First Host’s species was not even particularly evil, but this specimen was so destructive and corrupted that the Progenitor Queen could feel him when he entered her pool.

She swam up behind him, and make a fateful choice. She infested the First Host’s brain, and from him created a body that would cleanse his evil taint from this timeline. In her new body, she was massive and powerful, and realized she could now birth her own daughters. As the eggs of her daughters formed in the base of her horn, she could feel them through a telepathic Hivemind.

And soon she found hosts for each of her daughters, and they too sought to create children. The Progenitor Queen used her will to convince her daughters to change fundamentally so they would produce more Drone-warriors and fewer Queens. At first only the Council of Daughters chose who would become hosts.

They hunted and took reasonable care with their harvesting of hosts.

Then the Neliff-Quall War ripped apart the Council of Sisters and turned Queen on Queen. The Progenitor Queen made deals with the Falosini and they worked together to make the Neliff extinct.”

Lainey seemed confused at the words Neliff-Quall war and looked to the Hivemind to discover more. He found memories from the distant past of the Queen Ar’yay leading a dramatic and heroic Quall-Falosini army to defeat the Neliff before they could activate their HiveKing. And this was ages before the K’ias wars rocked the distant shores.

“By the time of the K’ias Wars the Quall…they were just pawns waiting to be played… played by fools, played by powerful fools within the K’ias Empire. Yes it was K’ias Generals who empowered the new Queen Ha’vaun to become the Fire General of Warmonger. She would lead the Quall hordes to the attrocities that they are known for even until this very day.

And they would remain so until the rise of the Iron Republic… warlike, invasive, and equally dangerous to the entities they sought to cleanse.

But when the Planet Refuge was enslaved, and the Planet Killers were launched,” said Vysen, “That Penal colony made the one and only attack that could actually put fear into the Quall. It had prevented a full invasion of Refuge, and granted the Progenitor Queen, a final death.

Rogue Queens became more and more common, and then rogue HiveLords as chaos spread through the Progenitor Queen’s former holdings. War…civil war… and our eyes were diverted… we missed our goal didn’t we?”

Lainey was confused again by the old man, “Sir, do you mean our goal of meeting with Captain Grynngrenn and getting his military support.”

“Yes, I cannot allow the Unity or the Da’uhnb to take my planet from me, damn them,” said the Dimension Walker, “For nearly three thousand years I have served the Quall.
And in that time I have developed a small device. A special device, my bodyguard. One that can keep data using sentient minds but I did not have the technology to do it until recently. Nor did I have the right…host…species for the technology… And my only samples of this technology and the immense information it holds is on these coordinates.

If I die, for any reason, I will need the Queen to send someone…a Dimension Walker. Someone who can collect the Living Memory drives…”

“Living Memory Drives?” asked Lainey

He saw a holographic image of a Ydyara alien with obvious extensive cybernetic modifications and hard drive equipment strapped to its blobbish body.

“Yes” said the Dimension Walker, “A Living Memory Drive with countless worlds on a pristine dimension that the High Queen and her sisters are yet to claim.”


Part 1: Arthur Damsk, I.R. 2nd Lieutenant, Gets an Unexpected Promotion

Arthur Damsk, Iron Republic Officer, had served proudly under Iron Republic Captain Grynngrenn for the majority of his career. Damsk had served in several battles against the Rogue Queen Ardana and her Warmonger Cultists. The space battles had been beyond intense, giving him nightmares even today.

He remembered the battle that had taken the lives of their allies among the Ar’yay Quall Fleet.

As wave after wave of Stilleto Starfighters began dogfighting with the Quall Interceptors. Waves of Cudgel Heavy Starfighters supported them while Machete Starfighters flew past the dogfights targeting the capital ships.

Under the bombardment from the Machetes the Quall Capital Ships were ill prepared for the Pirate Recyclers that slammed into their sides.

Damsk and his battle group had been hidden in an faux-asteroid field set up by Grynngrenn’s plan long before the battle even started. So they witnesed it all but the orders never came to aide the Ar’Yay fleet.
Instead Damsk and his crew had watched their allies get slaughtered by Pirates hired by the Free Systems, later to learn they had all been manipulated by the Rogue Queen Ardana. When allied Queen Ar’Yay died they grieved knowing they could have helped…

Damsk was pleased that his career had taken him forward to take vengeance on the massive Quall Fleet of Ardana the Rogue Queen. Damsk had been a bridge officer at the battle of Rynn Lac. Captain Grynngrenn was working under Sector General Palomedes at that point.

A rogue fleet under Ardana led by a Conflagrator Super Capital Ship so like a giant head that arrived over the planet Rynn Lac. And at its side were four Quall Heavy Frigates which were like the hands.
And a school of one million Quall Interceptors floated around the giant form of the rogue Quall Horde coming down on the planet.

At that battle Damsk had lost their friend and the man who had helped train Damsk in his role as bridge crew. Lt. Palomedes, son of Sector General Palomedes had been a humble young man despite his father’s rank and respect throughout the Iron Republic. Lt. Palomedes had given his life to put down the Flagship of Ardana’s defense force, and saved them all.

But the loss had hurt them all profoundly, and they were soon reassigned to the Chameleon Expanse under a different sector general. A new sector general, a new start. Captain Grynngrenn reported that Ardana was killed in the battle and the rogue fleet was brought to justice.

Damsk was a decorated 2nd Lieutenant with a clear shot at a promotion to 1st Lieutenant, but he knew he needed a mission of some import. Something that would allow his career to take that next step. So when Captain Grynngrenn sent out a call for a special mission running an away team with triple pay overtime and an extra hazard pay bonus, he took it. He took it, even though it was rated with the highest warning level that the I.R. advertized on job contracts.

It was going to be the make or break monent of his career. He had great respect for Captain Grynngrenn, and hoped he could make his mark on both the Captain and the Quall Hive he represented. Once you impressed one Quall, Damsk knew you made an impression on that whole Hive and they would assist the rise of your career.

It was the rare golden elevator in an organization that was often very hard to raise the ranks if you did not have money or come from money. And in all truth, Arthur Damsk did not have money, nor consider himself monied.

He kept his uniform without even a single wrinkle, his medals and buttons shined. His epaulettes cleaned and a golden hue. His black boots and belt shined and glistening. His cap shined and held under his arm. His pistol holstered at one side, and a combat knife at the other side.

Arthur Damsk was ready for work and ready to impress.

Reading the away-team description, he was impressed to see they had authorized him to take along a more expensive Mu-Model, and Damsk made sure he ordered up a clone of Timmy, a Mu he had worked with many times before. Unknown to Damsk, Timmy was a Project: Hourglass Model Clone. Mu- Model Clones were all test clones using Psychic, Leyas and other more Metaphysical forms of power. I.R. Lieutenants knew the Mus were test batches, but they were not ever told what the test was to keep the double blind element intact in the testing.

Damsk also requisitioned an Omega. An Omega would be able to scout things out and keep overwatch for the team. Damsk was surprised to see the name of an Omega he had worked with before during the campaign to cleanse Ardana’s Rogue forces. Damsk was actually surprised since he had know this specific Omega model was part of the elite corps that worked for Temporal Enforcement. But getting a warrior with that skill level and that class of power armor was quite impressive, and almost unheard of at this price point. It really must be an important mission for that discount on equipment (as Brethren clone soldier were allocated).

He selected an additional 5 Betas in case he needed some expendable troops.

To his delight, all his requested Brethren were present when he arrived in Captain Grynngrenn’s War Room aboard the Century-Class Frigate.

There was also an old human dressed in that weird culty way with a bodyguard dressed similarly.

As he entered Damsk heard the old Human say, “Tell me the truth, Captain. Do you think this Damsk man can handle a mission of this importance?”

“Allow me to brief him and I am sure you will be able to tell immediately,” assured the massive Quall N’drone Captain. He was over eight feet tall with massive horns, and dressed in a perfect Iron Republic Uniform. Grynngrenn’s hooves were covered by specially designed military boots.

Quall Officers were excempt from the requirement to wear an officer’s hat as part of their dress uniform, and his horned head was bare.

Damsk waited at attention.

Captain Grynngrenn said, “Lieutenant Damsk thank you for volunteering for this mission despite not knowing the specifics. This is a recovery mission. This human is Dimension Walker Claude Vysen and his bodyguard Lainey Hayden. They will be accompanying you on this mission, and have all the clearances necessary to know about this mission.

This is a recovery mission, as I said before, a most important recovery of the High Queen Quoa from a moon base currently under assault by E-strain Manslayers. The E-strain have already made the moonbase unrecoverable. But High Queen Quoa must be saved for the good of the IR-Quall Pact.”

Damsk and his team confirmed to Yysen their effectiveness in those first few moments of planning. They planned to deploy using a dome buster launched drop pod. They would be piercing the outer hull of the moon base. It would take them 19 floors down, and they would find the High Queen on floor twenty. Once they recovered the Queen, the plan was to use a very restricted form of nanite disassembler to bring a starfighter and passenger towing cargo pod to the planet with them. A simple enough plan.

A plan with a thousand things that could go wrong, so Dimension Walker Vysen would accompany Damsk and his team to make sure the Queen comes offworld.

They boarded the Dome Buster drop-pod, impressed by how cushioned and protected it was. It did not seem like most Iron Republic designs. Damsk didn’t know it was a design stolen from the Earth Expeditionary Force on the planet Refuge.

But he was definitely happy for the comfort features and inertial dampeners when the vessel was launched with enough force to smash through the first fifteen floors of a hardened facility.

Damsk felt a little nauseous as the ship accellerated when launched and a lot nauseaous as they came to sliding stop on the 19th level from the surface. He popped his harness none the less, dragged the door open and stepped out, leading his soldiers outside.

Pistol in one hand, he was ready to take on any threat. He motioned to his Beta Brethren and they secured the room. His Omega moved forward and scanned the room they had arrived in.

It was some sort of production bay for mining equipment. And Damsk saw his drop pod filled the back wall with rubble.

Lainey Hayden reached out to High Queen Quoa through his own Quall larva living in his head. Using information from her, he was sure they only needed to follow a nearby cooridor four sections to the right and they would reach a service lift shaft that was not compromised yet. The team moved that way, keeping protocol and formation as they moved.


They found a child there. He was young, looked younger than ten years of age. But despite this the child was dressed in Falosini ceremonial cowl and robes, and had his hood back revealing six small horns that pierced his head from the fully grown Quall larvae inside.

Lainey was linked to this child through the hivemind, and knew him as Nigel, a temporal fugitive from a timeline destroyed by Giant monsters. The child had been rescued by the Quall from a terrorist cell, and had been caring for Nigel ever since. He was young enough that when he was rescued by them, he called High Queen Quoa the Teddy Bear Mamma. He was a kindly child despite his many traumas before he was saved. He was also a devoted member of the Cult of the Horned Dog and wanted to spread the love of his “Teddy Bear Mamma”.

Nigel joined with them, telling the non-connected of the attack by the E-strain. The moon base orbited a planet lush and rich in resources. The Iron Republic had created the moonbase to facilitate extracting resources at a high profit margin from the planet, but a lot of that high profit margin came from there being no dangerous species on the planet. As a result the I.R. didn’t need to pay for Brethren soldiers, weapons, or starfighters and the planet was worth far less profit if it was a planet at war.

And war with the E-strain offered no plunder, no resource upgrades, it was always a net loss to the Iron Republic so they had taken a hard stance on exterminating small E-strain infestations with Clean bombs or Nukes depending on the location.

The odd part is that Nigel said the High Queen was here on a secret diplomatic mission, the E-strain presence was unknown and it seemed the whole location a trap.

Damsk filed that information away, and the fact that Claude Vysen was the only person in the party surprised by that information.

Even Lainey who was aware in a general sense from the hivemind, had an emotional enough response to convince Damsk of his loyalty.

But to Damsk, this Vysen, Dimension Walker Vysen looked downright suspicious in body language and emotional response.

Without a fight, they reached the service lift. The elevator doors were closed, but their Omega quickly cut through it with his plasma torch spear.

They pulled the doors opened and the Omega cut a hole in the floor of the lift. Large enough that he could fit through it in his power armor.

The entire facility was designed with Quall I.R. Officers in mind, so the extra large corridors, doors and lift shaft made their lives quite a bit easier.

Nigel dived through, and used these anachronistic grapple lines to traverse the shaft like some sort of spider. The child landed deftly. The others (except Lainey) didn’t know the boy had since the age of five been using the grapple suit to escape monsters through the devastated cityscape of his home timeline.

Hourglass followed him next, followed by a pair of Betas at Damsk’s orders. They secured the bottom of the lift and opened its door out to a hallway where the Quall N’drone bodyguards were barely holding back an seemingly endless mass of pushing, skittering, clawing, E-strain Manslayers. The crab-like aliens were covered in fiberoptic sensors that looked like white fur. They had slashing oversized mandibles and crushing claws.

Hearing the report from his Betas, Lieutenant Damsk ordered them to begin tossing grenades high over the Quall lines, deep into the E-strain beyond. As the acid grenades went off, and acid killed multiple E-strain, they lessened the pressure long enough, for Damsk’s Brethren to reinforce them.

Hourglass began to use his psychic abilities to create a sandstorm over the E-strain lines preventing them from setting up some form of bio-organic weapon. Hourglass and the Omega grabbed the E-strain Weapon, stealing it from the enemy and disabling it for now.

Damsk, Nigel and rest of the team gathered on the 20th sub-level. They forged out to meet up with High Queen Quoa and her bodyguards.

They arrived just in time to see one of her bodguards splattered apart by the bio-organic cannons of a massive E-Strain Mauler. It looked like a larger version of the standard Mauler and was covered in scorch marks from the Quall bodyguards’ counter attacks.

Damsk ordered the Queen and her bodyguards to retreat and a pair of his own Brethren were ordered forward. They charged at the E-strain Mauler and detonated their entire bandoliers of acid grenades. As the two Brethren executed their suicide mission, the giant Mauler was killed.

When they reached the Quall lines they found them barely holding back the E-strain. Dimension Walker Vysen looked towards the lines and then ordered Damsk and Lainey to protect the High Queen Quoa and help her escape this dangerous moon base.

Damsk was surprised at Vysen’s seemingly selfless act.

Damsk led the High Queen and their team back up the lift and back out to the Drop dop. Hourglass and the Omega activated the drop pod’s reverse jets to open up the hole it bored on entry.

With the drop pod out of the way, Damsk used the nanite diassemblers to reassemble the Raptor starfighter and the Cargo Passenger Pod for the Raptor. Connecting the two to create a vessel large enough to lift off with the Queen onboard, Damsk and team took off, with Nigel sleeping calming in the High Queen’s arms.

The ship took off and reached orbit in time to see Captain Grynngrenn’s Century-Class frigate rising up to meet E-strain Asteroid Pelters. Instead Lieutenat Damsk saved them the fight, radioing in that they saved the High Queen and they all could instead jump away and regroup on the plane of Awareness.

Escaping without a single added casaulty, they reached the dimension known as Vec’zne, a common jump point for species using other dimensions for Faster than Light Travel. While it could be used as a “hyperspace” due to its unique dimensional nature, it did have an ecosystem all his own.

There with the defense of an Iron Republic Interdictor Carrier, Damsk’s crew successfully delivered the High Queen Quoa to freedom.

And it was that Damsk was assigned by the High Queen herself on a mission that could raise his career or crush it completely. He was to take care of young Nigel and bring him to Dimension Walker Vysen’s holdings on a distant planet…a planet that could turn the fate of the Iron Republic and the Free Systems. It was called Vysenvale, and it a had on it only one major settlement.

A settlement of Ydyara ,settled there by treaty with the Unity and the Free Systems. The planet had an ancient Quall temple on it, that Vysen had been using as a base of operations. It was so secret even his bodyguard Lainey had never been there before…

Then Lieutenant Damsk got the most fascinating call from his superiors in Iron Republic administration. His successful recovery of High Queen Quoa had gained him a promotion to 1st Lieutenant and a salary increase. All if he could just survive this secret mission…



Dimension Walker Claude Vysen watched with interest as the Quall defensive lines finally gave way. The alien crabs came at them and rolled through the last Quall Warrior and Vysen found himself surrounded much to his chagrin.

He backed up into the large room that had been cleansed by the acid grenades, careful not to step in any of the leftover acid pools. Vysen lifted up a nicostick, and activated the automatic vaporizer inside. He felt the insidious addictive chem fill his veins and smiled. Nicotine was a drug he rarely allowed himself, but it felt like a good way to spend his final moments if needed.

The crabs did not pounce on him, instead they waited, always at least five arm lengths away. Close enough he could smell their musky odor, and it was very unpleasant.

A trio of Agoh space-jellyfish floated into the room, the E-strain biologically created creatures took up positions around the room and lit it up so it all glowed in a blue-greenish light.

At their lead was a creature that looked like a beautiful female from the waist up but a strange sea creature from the waste down. Her head was strangest of all. Her mouth, neck and breasts and arms were very clearly human, but at her cheeckbones the face changed into what looked like an organic fishbowl. And inside it was a pulsing alien larvae that seemed to look right at them, despite no obvious eyes.

The hair of the host spilled back behind the head like a halo of reddish mane. The host’s mouth smiled and began to speak.

“I am The Daughter of Desolation,” said the Agohleth introducing itself, “My father was The Desolation, a Clockwork angel and technomagi trapped on the prison planet of Refuge.

He sought his freedom by training and raising up twenty six “Angels” mortal warriors who pledged themselves body and soul to his service. The first four were the Angel A, Angel B, Angel C, and Angel D.

With his 26 Angels, Desolation was ready to summon a being who would give him the power to liberate Refuge and conquer all of known space. They summoned a being your patrons called The Creeping Darkness.

And Desolation offered the Creeping Darkness a host of his choosing from among the greatest of Desolation’s Angels, and the Creeping Darkness chose Angel D as its host.

Angel D created the E-strain in her laboratories under the tutelage of the Creeping Darkness. But she turned on her fellow angels and bent them to her will.

Only I refused her rule, I am the Daughter of Desolation, first among his Angels, and was given the designation Angel A when I was but the limited self of my host body.

So Angel D infested me with an experimental new Larva, one that birthed into the creature I am now. Bonding between host and larva, I am this entire hive of E-strain Manslayers, Maulers and Agoh.

I am now a catastrophe unto myself.”

“And under her rule? Or independent in thought?” asked Vysen too old to be frightened by this Agohleth even if it called itself such a foreboding name.

The Daughter of Desolation smiled fully now, “Claude Vysen, the E-strain of the Daughter of Desolation know no ruler anymore. The Creeping Darkness is banished from this timeline, and I am now free to serve any I choose.

Even the Angel D does not know I have taken a third of her E-strain as my own. A true Desolation for this sector of space. I will launch Revelation Nanoplagues to blot out the suns of worlds I wish to conquer, and then I will consume their resources to birth new ships until my reach extends across the stars.”

“When I spoke with the Alice Clegg Magnavore clone I was promised the freedom of Humanity in exchange for High Queen Quoa,” said Dimension Walker Vysen with some annoyance.

“I do not see High Queen Quoa here,” said the Daughter of Desolation, “Your payment was nullified, when you came here with those soldiers, so why should I fulfill my half of the bargain. But do not feel bad, Vysen, you will serve a purpose. I have magnavores that will happily infest your body and make you and your memories mine.”

Claude smiled. Long ago, he had learned an art from the wisest Quall that few dared to use themselves. But Vysen knew this was the moment of truth.

He reached down into the heart of the moon, igniting its molten core and pulling its pressure upward. Quakes began to shake the tiny moon. A volcanic vent cracked below the feet of the E-strain and they tumbled into the depths below. Lava spouted upward igniting shell and melted figer optic hair.

Only the Agohleth the Daughter of Desolation floated unharmed of the E-strain warriors. Claude Vysen stood upon a hardened pillar of lavarock he had created from the lava spouts. He wasn’t even feeling the warmth, instead channeling the Leyas into a force that could control the thermal pressure and make it grow and grow.

Vysen said with a slightly psychotic smile, “You don’t understand my plans at all silly Agohleth. Or my power. I have lived in my present form, a near prophet among the Horned Dog cultists for over two thousand years. Your species has barely existed for four years.

This is the power of belief my dear Daughter of Desolation.

And Lo let me cleanse this desolation with hottest fire
Fire that burneth in depths of this most holy world
let it cleanse and cook and melt until nothing unhealthy remains”

The moon base imploded, consumed from within by lava and from without as it depressurized. On a small section of the dead moon base, Vysen awoke days later.

He was hungry, cold and in incredible pain. He pushed his body into the standing position and saw the broken body of the Daughter of Desolation lying pierced by molten metal that had hardened in her flesh.

Using the rare arts of technomancy learned through illicit means hidden from his Quall Masters, Claude Vysen used the metal to begin rebuilding her body.

Claude sighed, he would need her alive and under his control if he were to go into the next phase of his plan. He was upset that his plans had been thrown off simply by an E-strain Civil War. It seemed Angel D was not the only E-strain leader fighting for control of the E-strain Hives. And here he had another.

Reaching into his robes he pulled out very specific parts and used them to craft something very much like a tiny Neliff made from a nanite cloud. The Neliff flew over to Desolation’s daughter and plugged directly into that fishtank head and began filling the fluid inside. Once it was over, the creature in the Agohleth had been fully and completely brainwashed to serve Claude Vysen. The body reactivated and rose up into the air like a marionette that had not yet severed its strings.

Claude Vysen, Dimension Walker, who had fed countless species to the Quall N’drone, finally had an army all his own. He looked into the blank stare of the Daughter of Desolation and said, “Did your Hive track any ships escaping from here?”

“Yes Dimension Walker Vysen,” said the enslaved Agohleth, “The crew kidnapped one of my E-strain Braincrabs. It is broadcasting their location. A planet named Vysenvale, a deep, deep mine…”

Vysen’s eyes narrowed, suddenly he wondered, did he lure High Queen Quoa into a trap, or were the roles reversed. Was he actually stepping into a trap. If the High Queen and her Sisters knew about what he was getting up to on Vysenvale…that alone could be a death sentence.

He had to get back there quickly, and stop the foolish Soldiers of High Queen Quoa from accessing his experiments. But at least he now had the Daughter of Desolation bent to his will, and an entire E-strain Hive fleet at his service.

He ordered the Asteroid Pelters to pick them up, and they set off for the edge of Free Systems territory and the planet Vysenvale.