Through the Energy Bridge Part 1: The Twin Queen's Citadel on Kyrpos


Since the formation of the City of Zh’ka’al, the former Pit Mongrels turned back into Green Furs by Ar’yay’s sacrifice had been exploring the lands once held by their former Queen on the dimension of Kyrpos. Each time they opened an energy bridge from a new domain to Zh’ka’al they would artifice it to a ceremonial Quall Horn. And so the Hall of Horns was assembled by the olgog refugees so they could show their children and their children’s children where they had thrived for millenia.

Most of these domains were well known, but a few were forbidden to the ciizens of Zh’ka’al. One well known dangerous place was the Twin Queen’s Citadel. An island where the Twin Quall Queens, Ardana and Andara erected a beautiful citadel of stone and obsidian. Its original purpose was lost to the ages, because during the most recent fight between Andara and Ardana, a war in which both were killed, the Citadel became the home to Quall N’fel Transdimensional Pirates.

Surveyor Llhon Blackpatch, known for the one part of his fur that never changed to green, arrived at the other dimension to see what there was to see. He also hoped to start some diplomacy with the pirates, maybe they had goods to trade, or needed allies. So he blew the Horn of the Twin Queens Citadel and an energy bridge appeared.

Once through it he left Refuge behind, and arrived at the Land of the Quall N’drone. Its sulfarous smell, and ruddy skies and lack of sun, instantly made Llhon feel ill at ease.

He found himself standing over a sea of fire on a small outcropping, and saw no pirates in the citadel. Instead he saw in the main courtyard, a young Earther in a black suit embracing an older Earther in a white suit, while a bewildered Olgog looked on. Llhon, raised his binoculars, but still could not hear what they said.

[This thread is open to Kolgol and the Ka Gor Tribe only so far]

Kolgol had appeared here moments before with Maximillion Horrorshow only to be greeted by the Usurper in a new body.

Neither seemed to be paying attention to him at the moment and he had seen how quickly Max had taken out OtO.

Kolgol had a hard choice, ally with these two, or run for it, and hope he could find help or a way to escape somewhere on this citadel.


Kolgol observed his new locale with vague interest, but was more concerned with the two who had brought him to this odd place. He felt he might have a chance of fleeing while this strange earther was distracted, but he didn’t know where he was or how to get home, so he decided to stick around for the moment.

His interest was piqued by the aura coming from the bald man, but he decided to start with something more cordial.

He cleared his throat meaningfully and said,

“I am Kolgol of the tribe of Ka’Rhug. I am not sure what your intentions towards me are, but I am willing to assist you as you have delivered me out of the hands of Dunesphere.”


The man in the white suit walked over to the body of the bald man. He blew the Maximillion a kiss, saying, “Max you look so cute in that black suit, its sad I have to give up this white one for the time being.”
Then the white suit phased into the bald man’s body and the bald man rose up once again. He stretched and Kolgol could hear bones as they regenerated with snaps and pops.

“Being forced from a host by complete cerebral shut down is no fun,” the Usurper said once more inside the host body, “Max, great success on bringing Ser Kolgol.”

The Usurper walked calmly over to Maximillion Horrorshow, and Max embraced the bald headed host.

“I am quite clearly a demon masquerading in a human body,” said the Usurper stroking Horrorshow’s head, "And this is my backup host, Maximillion. If this body is completely destroyed, I will enjoy every part of his body from the inside out. You see I am pragmatic in my nature. I have served the Warmonger for an eternity. It has not been the most beneficial deal.

I was stuck in a Da’uhnb’s belly more times than I can count, but I always found a way away. I even clawed my way out of the Da’uhnb Queen’s stomach, a feat of immense skill if I may say. But I ended up at a TemporalMax for far too long, and Warmonger never sent anyone to break me out."


"The Reason I brought you here is simple. I am tired of Warmonger ruining everyone’s fun.
Now Xephon, my old boss, couldn’t take out the Warmonger on his own even with the help of the other three original Ancient Evils. And neither could the Dragon of Unity, with its trillions of connected souls networked together as a weapon. But together, with the full power of Kalok behind them, I think we could trap Warmonger fully and as close to permanently as mortals could ever hope to without giving up warfare.

What do I want in return, I want the full power of Kalok and the Unity backing my play when I tell Warmonger he can go shit up a rope. I have the power to be a Greater Evil on my own right, not just Warmonger’s demon prince. And I have enough lesser evils to back my play on our own reality in what you call Hell Dimensions,

Now I have other irons in the fire when it comes to Unity, and a backup plan if they fail to join us.

But you…you Kolgol, could instantly convince both Kalok and his Host, and every demon in his employ to take down the Warmonger at the appropriate time.

What I propose is nothing less that declaring the exact opposite of what feeds the Warmonger, not War but simple Assasination. A gangland beatdown of epic proportions, where all those harmed get a chance to curb stop the old serpent.

What do you say?"


The Usurper looked uncomfortably down at his watch and snarled a little saying, "Your silence speaks volumes. Luckily a little theft of a time shredder has gotten me what I need to contact an alternate version of you Kolgol. A Mirror Crystal alternative that is far more helpful than you have been. This is in the lands of the Quall N’drone.
Enjoy your stay.

Oh you may find an energy bridge home…if you find one you may find it quite different than when you left."


There was a flash of blue light and Maximillion Horrorshow and the Usurper disappeared. Leaving Kolgol alone and deeply worried.

He had heard rumors that time passes differently on different dimensions, even if on the same timeline. Now he would have to see its affects first time.

In the distance he could see a Red Fur trader standing beside an energy bridge. Kolgol could sense it would lead back to Refuge.

[Kolgol has missed his opportunity to gain the Usurper as an Ally against Warmonger. He must now decide if he will defend his homeland of Tla’loc’al or allow it to fall to the Mirror Crystal fleet and in so doing, fully empower Kalok.]


Surveyor Llhon Blackpatch had watched the demons and their allies plot. Evil would find its way into any unaware cranny, Blackpatch thought as he gathered up a pile of soil from the Citadel of the Twin Queens.

If there really were Trans-Dimensional Quall N’fel around, he wanted to be the first to make that contact. He wondered what sort of goods, gear or trades would they have.


Llhon found a small hut with a smaller window in it. Leaning out the window, snacking on what looked like a human skull with brains still present, was a burly male Quall N’fel. Looking like a cross between a human and a Quall, the genetically engineered Shopkeep seemed annoyed as he munched.