Things have been quiet, perhaps a bit too quiet....


Inquisitor Lord Markus walked around the Petersburg vehicle depot as tanks and other combat vehicles were being modified. The delivery of new armored units was now a regular occurrence now that the facilities to house and keep them was completed. This “peace” that had settled over the Goblin Lands since the EEF had decided to adopt the local Goblins as pets had been difficult for everyone. Now they were planning on making their pets into full citizens with their own colonial status. Markus had made repeated requests for Dunesphere to send over veteran combat units to retake the lands that the Goblins and the traitors had stolen but he had been denied. Apparently a massive amount of soldiers had been sent into space to conquer new worlds. Bah, why waste time with new worlds when this world remained unclean. According to the recent report however, a world named Infernos had indeed been taken from a group called the Horned Dog and their alien Qual masters, with the aliens and their servants slaughtered the world had been seized and colonized. He was hoping that this meant that reinforcements could be send here but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Therefore Markus had ordered a new recruitment to be organized among the people of Petersburg and Johnsport along with sending scouts to the colonies to see if any loyalists could be scrounged up from that corrupted landscape. In the meantime scouts would be sent further into the Goblin Lands to see if there were any opening to strike, there had to be a way to further their goals without the EEF interfering and he would find it.


Inquisitor Lord Markus admired the developments of the past month and a half. The vehicle depot was fully completed and construction of new military vehicles was proceeding nicely. For too long the Goblins have believed that they are invincible, hiding behind their friendship with the infidel colonies to the north, believing that if they could get colony status they would be safe. Soon they would learn that the wrath of the righteous is unforgiving, and that their sins would not be forgotten. Their traitor lapdogs would also suffer, Grimaldus would bleed on the cross for his treachery.
Smiling to himself, the pieces were almost in place. Soon the reckoning would be at hand, it all starts with something small, so simple yet unforeseen, his pawns were already working their magic. The war was coming, and it was going to be glorious.


Inquisitor Lord Markus was quite angry, not especially at the fact that his plan to deal with the Quall turned into a cluster fuck, that was annoying, but while his losses were higher then what he wanted, they could have been worse and he was able to turn it into a quasi PR win with the film of his men destroying the bodies of the Quall that were killed. The real problem was the massive political shift in Dunesphere. Goblins given intelligent animal status!? This was obscene! Something would have to be done about that, something soon before people start to believe that rubbish.


Via Mail or dictated via candy gram:

“Dear you might be Inquisitor guys of the goblin lands or Lord Grimaldus (I’m not judging), bad mojo is happening and it’s happening to you. I’m figuring you are missing agents and I got an idea what is happening. If you want answers and want to stop this come to Port Unen Dock 7. If not, no skin off my back as you get whittled down by the coming problems. They will come. - Love Godart”

“P.s. bring snacks, thanks”


Markus looked at the message and smiled, “Facinating.”