The Unity Warmachine Marches on (Created by TSGL3 pregame week 2 mission)


Gwain-15 prepared himself mentally. He was a Seneschal of no small skill, called to battle with unlikely allies. He shook his head. Gwain was called by the Consensus to do battle, and so he would. The cause was straightforward. He carried with him designs for the Mk. 2 Unity Uplink. Much of the Unity was built on the principles first developed by General Kal’Shek, which were based heavily on modified Quall Larvae. This plagued the Unity in very subtle ways throughout it’s history. The consensus agreed that such a small addition should not spin off another timeline entirely, but it would afford the Unity protection against some of the worst atrocities committed against their civilians during the short reign of the Hive-King. Gwain-15 would provide the plans for the entirely technological Unity Uplink to Prime in the early days of the Unity, before their population boom and colonization of planets beyond the Unity Extension, allowing all citizens to have the upgraded Uplink in the present, and potentially bestowing a mild increase in computational power to the Unity as a whole due to the concepts implicit in the engineering of the Mk. 2.

His success at the rescue of Jak’hal was the source of legends. Unfortunately the legends would be spread by a very different type of Unity.

While the Quall N’drone Larva which was the basis for the original unity uplink had a lot of flaws in it, too many to list here, there was one major benefit of it. It had hardwired genetic encoding that prevented demonic intelligences from corrupting the users outright. Our own Timeline had shown that the Augur of War initially infected certain individuals with corrupting thoughts and desires, but the Unity was able to bounce back from that, originally reconverting the demonic energy of the Warmonger servants into Unity demons like the Cherubs and Thrones. Beings who above all else focused their intent towards expanding the Unity. And eventually gave rise to an effective threat to Warmonger, the Dragon of Unity.
Without the hardwired genetic coding to prevent demonic corruption in so much of its formative years, the Unity was drawn in a very different direction. The lack of Quall Larval protection, resulted in all three choirs being fully converted to Warmonger rule during the Border Wars instead of just the Choir of Augury. The Choirs of Fate and Justice were cored like rotten apples by a worm. And that worm was Warmonger.
The Unity was just as successful at conquering the Northern Kingdoms, except its goals did not end with stopping the Tarrisian Empire. It continued, hacking the EEF and IR datanets, corrupting and turning their computer systems to the Unity. Planets fell dark as their comms and interfaces ceased.
They were finally given sustenance by a Unity that had fully been corrupted by Warmonger. The entire IR fell before the Unity in a year, and Kal’Shek who was revived by Unity cloners in this timeline was proud of his creation (he had been encoded to be). But even he never saw the sickness that had easily overcome the programming to corrupt the core of the Unity.
The Dragon of Unity never rose in this timeline. Instead the Augur of War lead the Unity to conquer the universe, secretly corrupting the reality for Warmonger. Instead of the Neliff and their Hiveking being an enemy, in this timeline it was a tool of the Unity to corrupt and contain all the Quall N’drone Hives in a single step. Same with the Angel’s of Desolation’s pet E-strain Hives. There was no TRILAT, there was only UNITY or obliteration.
Years later, looking around Gwain-15 realized the universe was quite concerning. He looked down at the reclaimator crystal the Pirate Crew had handed him all that time ago when he had done them a service, wondering if he should escape back to their rendezvous point. Still an alternate timeline like this one had some potentials he wondered if he should explore before leaving…


As time went on Gwain-15 found that his own resistance to the demonic influences around him increased exponentially. His internal protections soon rivalled that of the Unity Cyborg Hunters. To Gwain’s surprise it was among these most dangerous members of the Unity that he eventually found friendship. Particularly Unity Cyborg Hunter 207 who has been there at the beginning and had initially supported the investigation of demonic energies. His work here in this timeline seemed more focused on undermining the Warmonger than aiding it.
It was in Gwain-15 that Cyborg Hunter 207 revealed a massive weapon he had developed using technology stolen from across the stars.

In a distant Unity Hell-station, on the dark side of a moon, was a very special laboratory. And in it was a vat. And in that vat was a creature that Gwain looked upon with fear.

It was the Neliff Hiveking, active and ready, held in stasis and upgraded much as the TRILAT had upgraded Da’uhnb into wormhole weapons. Except, as 207 explained, instead of controlling networked creatures, it would be able to target certain networked creatures with a weaponized pulse. A blast that would shut down all connected along that network. Painfully, firmly and for many many hours, but not deadly.

207 had developed it to try and adapt it to take on the Unity, but in this timeline it had no effect on the Unity uplink since it was on a different methodology than the Quall use. But as Gwain-15 looked at the device holding the weaponized Neliff Hiveking, he knew it could single handedly put all the Neliff in his own timeline into an endless torpor.

Gwain-15 could not believe his luck.


As years passed, Gwain-15 struggled with the knowledge of the Weaponized Hiveking. He played back and forth scenarios in his mind, worrying if it was too powerful to unleash on his own timeline…