The transfer of Lurtor.


A small caravan has left the facility that the VLAD agent Lurtor was being held captive. Consisting of twenty Paladins, and thirty Squires he is being taken to an unknown location. The caravan is moving in a south easternly route tracing the boarder of the lands of Rehsed and the United Tribes of Der’al staying just north of the boarder of the UT. Lurtor is in one of the three wagons that the Church of One forces are escorting, the insides of the other wagons are unknown. Each Wagon is being pulled by a pair of horses. Each wagon is big enough to carry at least eight people in full armor.

The Paladins and Squires are armed in traditional equipment, swords and shields for the Paladins (plus their armor) and clubs for the Squires.

Special Challenge: The Church of One forces are alert for a large scale attack. If a large force is seen then it is likely the Prisoner will be executed right away. How do you secure Lurtor before that happens? A small force is best to sneak in.
Each Wagon is warded against Shadow and Earth, so shadow jumping and teleportation won’t work.
There might be something more dangerous then what can be seen in the wagons, however leyas sight doesn’t show anything special about the insides of them. Prepare for something unexpected.

Edit: Lalder cannot use Lurtor for this mission, he can use other members of his tribe though to rescue him. :wink:

Mission Rules
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All other players may only make 1 posting.
Other players may only act as if they have seen the action of the first player who posts.
All other actions are compressed together by me with a focus on storyline, so do not worry about paradoxes between different action posts.
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Mission will end on July 31st at 11pm EST.


Timothy Fletcher read the message a second time, but the Unity cipher was impeccable. He was being activated now? He shook his head. Fate prognostication indicated that rescuing Lutor would have a statistically significant impact on “Multiverse Stabilization”…whatever that was. What was happening in the Consensus? Timothy looked out onto the window of his remote Dumbari farm wistfully, and then went to work. He walked to the chest by his bed, opened the secret compartment, and put on a robe of dull silver. With a thought, he activated his uplink.

“This is Timothy-12. We’ve been activated; there is a high-value prisoner we need to exfiltrate from a Church of One convoy. Prognostications from tactical theatre-05 indicate that this is a non-standard Church of One deployment. You have been sent the details.”

Four elite Unity Seneschals and one Varangian will stealthily track the caravan and will spend one day observing the caravan from a distance with directional microphones and visual magnification systems to gather intelligence on the prison convoy. On the second day, they will execute a relatively straightforward plan. At a time when the guards are the least aware, and when it is unlikely that someone will enter the prisoner’s wagon, the Varangian guard will glide gently onto the top of the wagon, engaging active camo systems on his sleek wingsuit. After scanning the wagon for electronic or leyas alarms, and disabling either with quick efficiency, the seneschal will snake a fiber-optic nanowire through the material of the roof of the caravan to survey the interior. He will withdraw the nanowire and then replace it with a thin nanite-injector. Once inside the space, it will release a burst of nanites carrying small doses of sleep-toxin. They will target the guards, landing gently on them without stinging.

Justine-12, the Varangian, will then land next to the caravan and take on the guise of one of the guards who is currently asleep. He will knock on the door and say whatever it is that he normally says to get them to open up, with a perfectly copied voice. As the guards unlock the door, the nanites will strike, making the guards unconscious. The Varangian guard will then collect the prisoner, inform him that he is being rescued and that he should play along, and will then drag him outside, complaining about the tiny bladders of Goblins and shutting the door behind her. Once out of eyesight, Justine-12 and the prisoner will be met by four Seneschals in dull silver robes The Seneschals will teleport with the Justine-12 and Lurtor out of the field of combat, and will quickly return Lurtor to the VLAD offices.

The Seneschals will be out of sight during this mission, providing overwach. They will inform Justine-12 of the most opportune time to execute steps of the plan, and if anything goes wrong they will teleport in, deploy flash-bangs and plasma lances, and then teleport out with Lurtor and Justine-12 in a more classic smash-and-grab fashion.


Lalder had already sent word to Der’al Collective and the Army of the True flame letting them know of his troops movements near their lands to avoid any conflict with the Der’al collective per their prior arrangements.

Lalder wondered how Lurtor was caught so easily. Once he is freed, they will need to find out how this happened. Once Lur Union fighters had narrowed the location of this caravan through the use of the Olgog radar, the fighters will fall back, only coming in after Lurtor was rescued.

Lalder and 5 Ur Tors would go in to rescue Lurtor.

Lalder then camouflages himself so he can see the caravan but remain hidden among the trees and rocks. First using Earth and water leyas, he would soften the earth and create mud on the path the Wagons are taking. As long as he was out of range of any wards, the mud would be natural mud when the wagons rolled over it. Then Making the mud grow slightly deeper the farther the caravan went. Eventually getting them stuck. This mud will help hide the water spirits for the next part of his plan.

His group would summon water spirit and sent them to sneak into the caravan to find out which waggon Lurtor was in and what is in the other waggons. Additionally one spirit can deliver a healing potion to wake Lutor, and heal his wounds. Hopefully allowing Lurtor to help in his escape.

Once Lalder knows where Lurtor is, he can make sure to protect Lurtor in the case of an attack. And even send in an Air elemental to knock out lurtor’s guards. Buying time to retrieve Lurtor when an attack happens.

If a distraction is needed, Lalder would send mud/stone waves into the caravan. Shadow jumping to a different location to make the attack look like it is coming from many sides… Ur Tors sneak in to retreive Lurtor with the help of the Spirits.

Lalder ((Auf) LR:6, Heal:4, Light: 4, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:6, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Shape:3, Summ:3, Troub:3) Adj: (Charisma +4 (Item), Edged W 2, Temper 2, Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +2)

ArmorFiend Vest (Ignore Poison), Armorfiend Cloak (increased Strength +2 Successes) , Compressed Warwalker Armor Buckler
Fire Leap boots, Compassion of Protodoxa, Feather of Kul Gul Rapi (Animal Smell/Hearing, Catlike Reflexes, Animal Sight at 3 successes), concealment Stone
Auf Wood Spear (ShieldBreaker, solar essence studs), Poisonbringer Stinger Spear, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Blessed Sword (Heal internal/Conversion at 3 Succ), Wave Motion Fist Gloves
Ring of Healing (Cure Disease, Heal Internal Damage, Cure Poison (3 succ)), Ring of Nerve Disruption, Ring of Fireball, Acid Cone bracers

Life shield/ignore posion (from Compassion), Skin like steel, Light shield or Ice Shield
Shields: Life Shield (Item 6 Successes), Catlike Reflexes (item), Animal SIght (Item), Obscure (item)

Ur Tor (Specials)
Dolur (LR:5, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3) Adj: (Will +1)
Lalag (LR:5, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3) Adj: (Will +1)
Tlalur (LR:5, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3)
Tla’ab (LR:5, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3) Adj: (Pilot Hover +4)
Lolon (LR:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3)

Armor of Auf Lal al:
Helm with Animal Sight/Hearing/Smell, and bird sight.
Armorfiend vest with Ignore poison, Cat like Reflexes, Cobra Strike, and Increase Strength, Grow armor (at 2 successes)
Ring of Healing plus life shield: Cure Disease, Heal Wounds/Heal Internal Damage, and Life shield. (3 successes each)
Boots with Insect leap, Fireleap (3 Sucesses)

Weapons: Artifice Forked Krato spear with Shieldbreaker, Solar Essence and Lightning spear studs, 4 healing potions, 4 rez potions, Goggles of Night sight, and Wave motion fist gloves.
Special: Waterskin of Summon Water Spirit (x5)


And we are closed! Will Lurtor escape from his predicament? Will the Olgogs learn who this mysterious Masked Inquisitor? Tune in to the results of this mission! Sometime in the future!