The Transfer of Lurtor (TSGL3 Pregame Week 1-2)


Lurtor woke up with a splitting headache, he was laying upon an uncomfortable bed of straw, his neck was sore. Immediately he brought his hands to his chest where he had been impaled by that mysterious Masked figure but his wounds were healed. Lurtor looked around and was inside a small cell empty except for himself and the straw he lay upon and a wooden door. Getting up and brushing the straw from himself he barely noticed that his equipment was missing before the door opened. A young earther walked in and bowed slightly, he was dressed like a Church of One Squire but he was acting far too politely. Before Lurtor could speak the young man raised his hand cutting him off, “Pardon me Lurtor I am Squire Lanpotter know you have a lot of questions, however I do not possess the answers my Lord will have the answers you seek.
Lurtor was led to a small office where he was met by a Masked Inquisitor, they spoke for a while.
The Masked Inquisitor sat at his desk with his elbows on the table, hands grasped together and spoke with that creepy mechanical voice. “So my little intruder, how are you feeling on this day?” Lurtor says "Better than I thought I would be after seeing that display you were enjoying of the paladins, and the claws that went threw me those days ago.” Has he spoke he made sure to keep his tone respectful and to keep any fear of it. No one respects someone who smells or sounds of fear. He was no pup or a weak willed Oner after all, he was an Olgog. The Inquisitor nodded “I do regret my previous actions against you, I thought you were with the other Goblins and were a precursor to an attack so I lashed out, I must apologize.
Lurtor was taken aback by this apology, it wasn’t something that he expected from a Oner. “Thank you for that, may I ask your name and your intentions?
The Inquisitor made a little rap on his desk with his knuckle, “My name? It is Dolum, I was asked to perform an experiment on behalf of a Noble in Dunesphere. I was instructed to find out if a random group of Church personal could live nearby a group of neutral Olgogs and not cause trouble. I had to go to extremes but sadly the experiment ended as a failure. Despite my attempts any time the Paladins were not being watched they attempted to cause trouble. With your and the other Goblin’s infiltration it seems that if we remain here then conflict will surely occur so I believe it is time for us to leave.”
Lurtur stared incredulously “You are trying to tell me that this was an attempt to be peaceful?” Inquisitor Dolum nodded “Yes, however after millennium of mistrust and hatred it will be harder than we thought. However I must cut this conversation short as I must get you out of here before any harm comes to you. I have arranged for a small caravan to transport you to your lands, however I must render you unconscious for your safety as even with me protecting you I cannot allow you to accidently provoke some of my people into violence. Even innocent question from one of your kind could cause someone to do something foolish.”

Lurtor protested however without equipment and surrounded by an unknown amount of Church soldiers in the end he was injected with a sedative and put to sleep.

Lurtor slept uncomfortably, he dreamed he ws being rocked back and forth, occasional jarring, and screams. Gunfire rang out and more screaming but he found he couldn’t wake up even though he had a faint understanding of what was going on around him.

When he woke up he found himself being carried by Olgogs of his own tribe. Glancing around he saw Lalder himself speaking to a stranger who identified himself as Timothy, still groggy Lurtor slipped back into unconsciousness with relief knowing that he was safe.

A few days later a video was released in the colonies showing a caravan with fifty guards, marching in the Goblin Lands. The video showed the ground moisten and shift to mud, the wheels getting stuck and the soldiers guarding it having trouble moving around. From above an Earther would fly down and land upon one of the stuck wagons. The Earther would seem to blend in to the wagon, the camera zooms in as the blended form sticks something into the roof.

Suddenly the top of one of the other wagons pops off as a man with a gun climbs out and yells something at the figure, who glances up then ignores the yelling man. The gunman pointed his weapon at the camouflaged figure when suddenly four figures with flowing robes teleport around him firing wrist mounted plasma lances at the gunman. As he dies his finger tenses up causing the gun to fire wildly. The Church guards suddenly alerted to the threat attempt to bring up bows and crossbows to deal with the new threats however the mud prevents them from acting quickly or accurately. Their shots go wild as the four flying robed figures begin to teleport randomly throughout the battlefield dropping flashbangs and firing their plasma lances cutting down their far more numerous enemies.

The camera zooms back out to give a better look at the overall situation as what looks like a group sentient blobs of water flows through the mud and climbs into the wagons. One of them carries out what looks like an Olgog. It is met by several other Olgogs who begin to spirit the Olgog away. A group of Paladins call out to the Olgogs but are swept away as one of the Olgogs raises his hands and sends a mud wave knocking them back.

As quickly as the attack began it was over with nothing but ruined wagons surrounded by dead and horribly injured Earthers remain. The camera pans to the side and moves with great speed as if following something. It zooms in again and settles on a group of seven Olgogs speaking to the Earthers who attacked the caravan.

A statement has been made by representatives from Johnsport,
“A few weeks ago Lady Estrig sent some envoys to attempt to foster a new relationship with the natives of Rehsed, however negotiations broke down as some members of the delegation let their prejudices get the better of them. During this time a Colonial representative entered the delegation’s camp and convinced them to return. Their first stop being to drop off the representative back to him homeland in Tla’loc’al However on the way the caravan was attacked by Unity terrorists killing most of the delegation and their guards with the remainder suffering a wide array of injuries. We have learned that the terrorists were working alongside members of the UTR. We strongly condemn the UTR in their use of Unity terrorist mercenaries to give them the excuse to murder.”

Official sources within the EEF had refused to comment on the incident save to say that “It is an ongoing investigation”.



Lurtor (Lalder) gains Asleep for Experiments? He knows something happened while under the “Care” of the masked inquisitor just not what happened. Gains 1 elemental leyas at lvl 1. This character is now back in play.

Timothy Fletcher (Unity Prime) gains Propaganda Loss for the Olgogs… Despite an effective rescue, the Church of One has used the rescue operation to create a divisive political conversation. Timothy gains 1 elemental leyas at lvl 1.

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