The Terror of Dunesphere vs The Horror of Dunesphere (TS GL3 Pregame Week 1)


[Only open to those people who have received access as a mission reward + Maverick Multimancer, Terror, Khalid Phoenixkiller]

John-12 examined the blue residue left by the gland and confirmed its Da’uhnb nature. He saw a young boy bound over to him. Within 2.25 seconds he recognized the creature as a bastard not a human, and 47.6 seconds he realized this particular bastard was Scribe, the leader of the colony of Deryyanheim and just as out of place in time as John-12 was.

Daron and Kul’al eyed each other suspiciously. Behind them Uhryu Tyrone held the boy, the young man who would grow into one of the most dangerous vampyrs on all of Refuge.

A figure in skintight power armor, studded with a pair of underarm plasma ejectors, carrying a massive scythe, with a skull mask, approached them slowly.
The being said, “I understand you were drawn here against your will. That child has an important purpose in the timeline keeping peace between the EEF and the Iron Republic. If you assist me in setting this timeline right, I will personally deliver you back where you were stolen from.
Or I can simply hire you on. I am hunting a specific temporal war criminal who brought you here.”

“The criminal Mortis Leonin?” offered Scribe.

“Yes that one,” said Death, “But before I leave here, I have to contain the menace your Hobtor Axe splinters just created in the crucible of Blood Cup.”

The tent was already heaving as the boiling blood filled it.

[This is a set of logic puzzles using the Leyas abilities to disarm what could be a very dangerous leyas reaction. BUT first you will have to figure out how to assess the problem. Figure it out as a team]


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Daron studied with his Leyas sight to see what was happening. He studied the leyas flows in and out.

(OOC Daron has General 2, Healing, Shadow, Light, and Shapeshifting Leyas. The skill I requested was Leyas Recognition.)

Daron says “I know the axe was made of stone that was infused with Shadow Leyas without being artificed. It is a shame to loose a great present that the Brez game me. But at least I can tell them of a epic hit it did before it was destroyed so they will not be offended. Back to the axe. They mined the stone from an existing cave in their lands.”


Daron was pleased to see his Axe was still usable despite it missing one section cut away by Leonin’s chimera claw.

His eyes relaxed and watched the flow of the Leyas.

There was a firestorm of General Leyas surrounding the tent, and inside the storm Daron could see Shadow Leyas probably drawn by the splinters of hobtor.

The general leyas storm reminded Daron of a time he saw a Borvian merchant leave an artifact active during a natural disaster of the same Leyas type. It created a feedback loop that killed or burned out anyone who tried to control the artifact. Luckily in that case the natural disaster ended and the merchants son was able to shut off the artifact.


Daron thought for a moment, then said "The leyas in the tent is acting like a storm. A natural disaster. We need to somehow dim the leyas feedback loop. I’ve seen this before. In that case, Anyone trying to excert direct control over the artifact was burnt out. So the key here will be to indirectly reduce the reaction.

Maybe grounding wards in a circle around the tent. Give the energy some place to go, at least for long enough to remove the Habtor splinters from the area of the cup."

(OOC what I’m not sure of is if the grounding wards can be created and then placed/thrown near the tent without the one creating the groundings getting burnt out. If Daron doesn’t think he would be burnt out, that would be the plan.)


“What type of leyas is strongest in this ‘storm’? If it is elemental I may be able to stop it. If not then we will need to rethink.” Scribe said, as he pulled out a stick and knife.


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Daron says “The Major swirl around the tent is general leyas, inside the tent is shadow Leyas. I believe the shadow leyas is feeding everything, but the general leyas might be far enough on its own to feed the loop. I don’t know. I was thinking of first using Grounding wards to deal with the general leyas and any surge to prevent burning out when dealing with the shadow leyas.”

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“Not a good idea. Even if we were to try to make such a ward the fact that we are using General Leyas to try to block General Leyas, which will just feed the loop or result in burn out if used inside the storm. Unless we have someone here who can fire an artificed ward for Shadow leyas into the tent. As it is the shards of the ax mixing with the liquid in the cup causing this, that would be our best bet.” as Scribe spoke his hands moved without care. They carved and shaped till the rough outline of a knife could be seen in the wood.


“Unless…” Scribe stopped his carving. he closed his eyes and allowed the images of a possible plan to pass through his mind. “Does anyone know where we can find a helpful Immutable.” the second the words were out of his mouth Scribe felt like face palming.


John-12 blinked. It seemed that he was, for the moment, alone. The silence was beyond oppressive.

He took a deep breath, considered the horrifying implications of Time-Travel for the underpinnings of physics such as it was understood, and brought his thoughts into the immediate danger his body and new companions were in.

“Greetings; I am John. I wish we had more time for pleasantries…but alas. For what it is worth, it is a pleasure to meet you all.” He clapped his hands together once. "So, to business. I am a bit unfamiliar with the underpinnings of the Leyas, but I do have some latent ability. I would be quite capable of launching something infused with a shadow ward or general Leyas ward into the tent. Alternatively, if any of you are attuned to shadow, you may be able to simply “Shadow walk” the constructs past the General Leyas barrier. However, we might be able to go further. I can make and remotely control small constructs which could separate the splinters from the Blood Cup manually. If my understanding is correct, this should at the very least keep the storm from getting worse.

If my files are correct; Scout is an immutable, yes? If so, could we not use him to ground out the general leyas? "


“John my apologize for no intro. I’m Scribe. The reason I asked about an immutable is the fact they are uneffected by most if not all leyas. So if we send one into the storm they should be able to remove the shards from the cup with little to no issues.” Scribe took a thoughtfull pose then said, “Do you now where Scout is at this time, keep in mind all things point to us being in the middle of the Genicide meaning most of ourcontacts are not yet born or children.”


John observed the Leyas storm’s growing intensity with concern.

“He is not within 200 kilometers. My personal surveillance net is at less than 5% reconstruction. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have time to find him. There is a more radical tactic we could employ, if you cannot protect a probe from the forces there. If you wish it, I could infuse you with healing nanites, some particularly strong painkillers, and a nanite shield. If you can protect yourself with the leyas arts even somewhat, I can concentrate fully on keeping your body and mind intact by keeping the shielding and healing effects active as you remove the shards from the cup. I would do this myself but the odds of success would be much lower without a healer who could focus entirely on healing.”


Scribe shuddered at the idea “as much fun as that sounds I don’t think adding teach to an already explosive leyas storm will help keep me from burning out my conection with the leyas, which is a must for an artificer like me self. The next best thing to an immutable would be if someone could get me either a zela braclet or earring. That should let me get to the cup. And before anyone asks why me I have two reasons. One I have the smallest hands, so pulling the shards out will be easier for me.” To make his point Scribe held up his hand for the others to see.
"And two… its easier to throw a basterd. Which is what needs to happen soon or we all become vampyr or bandits, given the function of the cup and the fact that shadow leyas is now in the mix. "


Death watched them silently as they spoke. His power armor’s weapons currently powered down. He retracted his scythe and simply watched them.


“Care to put your two bits into the pot Mr. tall dark and metallic?”


Ku’lal had hung back and listened. He despised losing his prey, now it seemed the blood cup, an who’s name alone perked his jagged ears was frothing out of control.

“You say shadow leyasss caused thisss?” Ku’lal asked. “I don’t fear the shadowsss, they feed me. I will retrieve the shardsss, however they will be mine if I do.”


When Scribe asked Death the question about his own two cents he simply nodded no without saying a word. He continued to just watch them like a cat watching a mouse.

Scribe recognized Ku’lal from his time living among the Kolgol Militia and the Armies of Eloga. He knew this massive Olgog was one of the few people that even Bo’gan feared among the Militiagogs. He was said to have single handedly infiltrated the Tomb of Holys at the height of the conflict between Unit 111 and Unit 817.


“Militiagog Ku’lal, I remember well the stories of your feats. Tell me warrior, are you able to craft artifacts as well as you wage war? For then we may be able to reduc. this ‘Leyas Storm’ to under burn out conditions”


Daron says to Ku’lal "I agree that you could have most of them. But I would like a one or two pieces. "

Then to scribe “I can create artifacts as well though not my strongest talent. The grounding wards I was suggesting was to reduce the general Leyas storm. I would not think I coudl hold suck the leyas out without using an artifced grounding ward artifact.”

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