The Tail End (in the Middle of the Ice fields)


The Tail of the End of Worlds Dragon has been found out on the Ice Fields. It is currently sealed under a Fort Lendill Armored Done, patrolled by Fort Lendill PeaceBringers. Currently only the IceWyrms, the DoomWyrm Riders, Grim, Lurtor and the Gov of Fort Lendill know about this location.

Under the small armored dome, is the meters of tail exposed to the air from the thick ice. The armored dragon tail has obvious bite wounds, and is steadily bleeding blue blood. Fort Lendill had ascertained the bites as unhealed wounds caused by the Dragon of Unity.

The ice sheet has been scanned by Fort Lendill PeaceBringers and they found the frozen end of a hovertram station about thirty meters below the ice. However this station has not been activated, and no power currently flows to it. And the ice has not yet been melted to allow access.

[Currently only Gov of Fort lendill knows about this hidden Metro station. However the tail and the filling pool of dragon blood are known to Grim and Lurtor currently]