The Survivors of OtO's Attack and Lalon (Caused by TSGL3 Pregame week 2 missions)


Lalon and the Survivors of OtO’s attack
He would show his Elders his signs and safety question/answers to verify he is who he looks like and say to his Aufs and Tor’ab “My network has informed me of a rouge ex EEF agent with plan to strike at Tla’loc’al using one of their space weapons. He fears the Aufs and is a coward. We must minimize the actual damage and loss of gogs while making it look like he succeed. This should allow the Earthers to catch him before he can do it again. Otherwise he may strike again quickly at a location I don’t know. And this must be kept quiet outside of Tla’loc’al as well, so this rouge doesn’t realize we have prepared and protected our gogs. This rouge must think he succeeded. Please trust me in this. Move Olgogs where we can. Gather as many will gogs using your influence to build Mirror defense shielding and artificings above populated caves.” Lalon would hand over the Artificed mirror shield as an example and continue but the need on a grand scale over populated and important caves. I can help lead this artificing as I have been the one teaching Light around. ” Lalon will help with setting the Sylvan Shielding tech and artificing around the areas. Additionally using the krato belt to help carve out areas in the earth. Unpopulated areas and above ground would still get decimated as Olgogs needed to see the damage the Earthers could do, and the need to still build the carriers for defense.
But Lalon, like many Time Shredders did not understand how significant a small change to the past can be. But his act saved hundreds of thousands of Olgog lives.
Over the intervening years, he watched the survivors grow more and more militant. Without the massive loss of life, to appreciate life, they simply looked at their goals as stopping any further Earther attacks. They looked at the Orbital attack as proof of the Earthers capability to eradicate them.
Perhaps worst of all was Aufgog Malihka, who originally was killed in the first attack, who said none could be safe as long as such orbital weapons could be deployed against his people. Lalon tried to talk the elder gog down, but when the Aufgogs under Malihka decided to try and strike the orbital weapons, this caused a second and third orbital attack to occurr, the Aufgogs were only too happy to use the Mirror shields he provided against the orbital weapons reflecting them back into the sky.
Satellites were destroyed, and their payloads entered the atmosphere. Some were EEF sats which simply rained down like fireballs across the Goblin Lands and elsewhere. Others were hacked IR sats with dirty nuke drives that went critical in orbit.
As the radiological fallout spread it poisoned much of Refuge. Lalon watched the Earthers and Olgogs escalate into full on warfare over the regions unpolluted by the massive fallout. Lalon still had the reclamator crystal given to him by the Pirates. And could be picked up at any time, to be returned to his own timeline. All he need do is activate it… or would he first try and save this alternate timeline?


[Only open to Lalon, and Time Shedders]


Lalon was distraught by what he brought about. This was worst than he could have imagined. He thought he was doing good for this kind, but instead destroyed more than ever. He was still young and that lack of thought has cost a world to appear and suffer great lengths. From here on out information maybe learned from the past, but it can never be changed.

Lalon would teach those in this time the lessons of how to cleanup radiation with leyas, and what medicines to take to avoid radiation sickness. He would spend time learning how to do this more effectively and maybe how to resist leyas as life does adapt. Besides Leyas was radiation as well. In his time the earthers had shown him and his clan when cleaning up the area around Bardsport. And that was a good place to start. He hoped while some areas may remain contaminated, they could increase the areas that are cleaned up.

Once he figures out the techniques, he makes sure either the Aufs share that. If they don’t, he would find earthers he knew of to teach them as well as a way to stop the battles. Something is only valuable if it is limited in supply.

When he returned to his timeline, he would be years older and with the experience of what his actions can do. Even the best of intentions can lay waste to the world.

(OOC Lalon does have some knowledge of Radiation and cleanup.)
(Lalon’s LEyas known:
Lalon ((Ur Tor Special) LR:5, Heal:2, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:3, Water:3, General:2, Shape:3, Summ:3)


(OOC what I don’t know as a player is if Lalon can make one more trip back and with Shapeshifting to make himself look different, warn himself from doing this and never causing this timeline. As he is out of the timeline, he wouldn’t be affected by the paradox this would create. So that is why I went with try to help those victim to his actions, before he leaves. )


The efforts of Lalon had done much to counter the negatives of the loss of life. Life for many Olgog tribes began to recover, and a newer closer relationship with the survivors of the Earther colonies to gain the radiation treatment chems they needed. Lalon became a local government official of the Last Colony of Refuge.
The year was 2223 when the Last Colony of Refuge finally stabilized enough for Lalon to step down and let his coworkers take on the rest of the cleanup efforts if he wanted.
Did he wish to leave?


Knowing he had done what he could, he now had to go back and prevent things like this from happening again. Also the knowledge learned here could help cleanup the few areas where earther weapons have been used.

Lalon will make sure a successor is choosen and able to do his job, and then say his goodbyes. Then he would return to his time with the lessons and knowledge learned.

(OOC Much better response than my response while skating at a 9 yr old birthday party.)


The Reclamator Crystal Lalon had been given shattered, and there was a flash of blue light and a clap like thunder. Suddenly the nearby rad warnings were going off, but it was just two brothers of the Meta-Ton Clan. The weaponized Da’uhnb worked for Jak’hal and Lalon recognized them. They grabbed the Olgog, and disappeared in a brighter flash of light.

One said “Lalon where you wanna get dropped off, eh?”

[Lalon must decide between being dropped off back on Refuge safe and sound, or being dropped of at the coordinates that TEA Officer Visij was waiting to apprehend the Mega-Tons and bring Lalon back to Temporal Station 74. Post the choice here]


Lalon’s experience made him realize how important the job of the TEA really is. Before he was doing it because of the adventure. Now, he believes in limited Time Shedders manipulation of the timeline. Lalon will choose the the coordinates for Visij so they may apprehend the Mega-Tons.


The burly wormhole weapons activated their glands and they pulled themselves and Lalon through time and realities.
Upon arrival, The two Mega Tons who traveled with Lalon were shut down by Technomagi and taken into custody before they could detonate their bombs.
Lalon was taken as well as if a criminal but once safely on booking station 74 he was again treated with the utmost respect and delivered to Visij and the remaining team.

[Lalon may now post again to the TEA booking station thread]