The Special Forces Operations: VLAD vs DRRT vs NK Spec Ops (DR2220 week 3+)


Interplanetary Gunship Captain Marthan “Moose” Monroe sat at the large conference table at the secret location.

Across the table from him on the northern kingdoms side sat Ar’goon Blazefist of Fort Lendill, and next to Ar’goon was a Razorwheel rider that Moose did not recognize. Looking closely, Moose wondered if the Razorwheel rider was the leader of Lief’s Marauders considering the gravity of the meeting.

Next to the Fort Lendill representatives, was PeaceLord Brayden Seth of the Itashi Alliance.

Along with the I’tashi Alliance representation sat a Herald from Wintermute.

On the end of that side of the table sat Peacelord Grim and a representative of his Spymaster’s office.

On the other side of the table from the Northern Kingdomers and from Moose, sat a very annoyed looking Mr. McMurphy. He had already seemed put off at this type of meeting, and didn’t like that DRRT was represented here.

While the location was on Refuge, none except those expected to be there would know of the meeting, and they were taken to and from it in a blacked out AAV.

[This thread is open to Spymaster Lurtor (as representative of the Spymaster’s office), Herald of Wintermute (or representative), I’tashi Alliance (as Brayden Seth), Gov of Fort Lendill (as representative of the Marauders), PeaceLord Grim (as Grim, in future posts he can send a representative instead). Narrator will handle Moose, Ar’goon Blazefist, and McMurphy.
VLAD agency may also send Shinefox Shrellfox to this meeting.)


Entering through the doorway came a current VLAD agent and a former VLAD agent. Agent Brooke was in her full Hydraulic Knight Armor and was escorting the former VLAD agent known as Ragman, who had become the elected President John Doe of the Uloh Free Confederacy.

It seemed he was a subject matter expert on the subject of certain threats to Refuge.

[Agent Brooke, and President Ragman may now post to this thread]


Ragman looked around the room, “So who wants to start this little get together. I know that someone has more information about local conditions. I could use an update independent of my own sources.”


A Kumfei dressed in the Jemison Post black uniform stood up while taking out some papers. He put a map with some locations marked out on the table. The first location was the place of the abduction of Lady Sarphine and Lurry. The second location was off the coast.

He stands up on his chair and says "Greetings all. My name is Connor Max from Jemison Post. I have received information about a possible lead in the abduction of Laldy Sarphine of Jemison Post and DRRT’s agent Lurry. We double checked our trackers from the Guest program and noticed that one guest path was at the abduction location marked on the map. The 2nd location is where he is now out on a ship off shore. The possible abductor’s name is Tatters.

Hopefully, this should enable a recon and rescue mission if they are truly at this location."

(OOC since Jemison Post knows that a collar was there. I assume they also know who wears that collar. Correct me if I’m wrong.)


McMurphy sighed and then looked at Ragman saying, "President Doe, I believe Tatters is one of your experiments? Now I get that allowing such a creature free run might work in the Uloh Free Confederacy with the Manslayers. But here on Refuge this type of stuff is exactly why Jemison Post Penal Colony was established.

How would you recommend we bring Tatters back in from the cold, with Lady Sarphin and Lurry Stananopolis alive and unharmed, without resorting to unpleasant door kicking?"


Moose looked furious and glared at McMurphy.


Looking at McMurphy, Ragman swept his eyes over him and turned away. “You are not the McMurphy I work with.”

Looking at the others in the room, “The being you know as Tatters was originally an experiment in cloning i conducted, but he is also my child, so i would ask you watch what you say of him. Now, other than some bomb tracking data, what reason do you have to accuse Tatters of this incident.”


Connor dug through his papers and says "I believe the description we got was “a monster girl, a shapeshifter stealing parts from the battlefield” took Lurry and Lady Sarphin. The witness was a bit freaked out by what he saw. One of Tatters standard forms is a little girl. That is what tatters used at Jemison Post when it was sent there as well. Tatters was at the location. That is not in doubt. That and the description should be enough to search and investigate. If you need more, I’m sure We could get a better description from the witness or even workup forensics on the location.

But since we have a possible hostage and Kidnapping by someone sent to Jemison Post guest program, time is of the essence. People are not sent to Jemison Post because they Jaywalked.

There is one way this can be handled without a confrontation. Mr Ragman, do you still have the ability to communicate with Tatters, or get a group in without a fight? If you do, you could resolve this quickly."

Connor knew they would also have video of the attack, but he didn’t want to release all of the abilities of the collars.

(OOC hopefully again I’m remembering Running gagg correctly. Correct me if I’m not.)


McMurphy got a very strange smile and said, "President Doe, I may not look the Mr. McMurphy you usually work with, but allow me to assure you I am the Mr. McMurphy in charge of a certain very special organization you used to be a regular member of.

I would go a step further to say that IF you consider Tatters your child you should be incredibly concerned about his activities, unauthorized, on the battlefields of Refuge.

If he was not currently under your auspices, the EEF would have already deployed Wraith snipers with zela bullets to handle him.

As you are well aware, after the Olgog the Olgog Orbital Attack, the EEF and the VLAD agency no longer has any tolerance for super powered beings imposing any behaviors, including experiments, that break more than one standard of civilized conduct.

President Doe, Tatters is not working under the authorization of Project: Ragdoll as you were.

Tatters is operating without any government authorization. If he is your child, wouldn’t it be better to bring him in without any unneeded or unnecessary trauma."


Ar’goon Blazefist of Fort Lendill had a scowl extend over his face, "Excuse me, Mr. McMurphy, but I grow concerned that anyone who is suspected of kidnapping PeaceLord Grim’s First Guardian needs more attention that just us worrying about unnecessary trauma.

With all due respect President Doe, if Tatter is your child, why are you not simply ordering him to stand down and account for his actions?"


Moose just quietly watched the power play between McMurphy and the Fort Lendill folks. It seemed neither VLAD nor Fort Lendill were willing to share power over the security of Refuge.

Moose had more pressing matters on his mind. One of his new DRRT agents was MIA, and held by some monster. The monster’s creator was more interested in protecting the monster than returning his agents. Moose could tell that Ragman wasn’t supporting the new McMurphy, but equally did not understand the danger that Tatters was in.

Moose was a little confused himself. Why had either Ragman or the VLAD agency allowed a being like Tatters to be wandering around running medical experiments on the unwilling? That was beyond immoral, Moose worried.


The marauder standing next to Argoon spoke up. The Marauder wore a black leather jacket with a blazing spiked wheel on the back and a full motorcycle helmet with black face shield with a pair of angular red monster eyes on visor, and red slash marks along the top. The Marauders voice was masked and sounded like it came from the helmet itself instead of being muffled. He looked to Connor Max, “We want to insure the recovery of the abducted as well. Do you wish to be a part of the raid to rescue him?” The helmet turned to look at President Doe. “If it is not your child you need not worry but unless another plan is in place the marauders will recover the abducted individual.”


Connor nods with with respect to the Marauder and says "Thank you for your help in this recovery. I wish to be a part of the mission. My gear is over in the corner.

The kidnapped being returned safely is a priority. If things go down badly, I have authorizations to this specific collar as part of my role in the program. Also, if it is Tatters who did this, Jemison Post may need to ensure tatters is placed into our supermax facility to prevent harm to other innocents and have its case reivaluated."

Connor knew that the Marauder would know about the true properties of the collar. The Kill switch and the eye spies. The rescue team would not need to go in blindly.


Moose nodded and said, “Fine, we’ve wasted enough time if we’ve had the location this entire time. I also would like to take part in this recovery operation.”

The team was assembled and the mission carried out with a precision that made McMurphy green with envy. When Moose returned with Connor, the Marauders and an Eye Spy projecting a happy looking Tatters toiling away on the bridge of the ship.

Moose sat down and tossed McMurphy a coin. A single ghaz.

“I thought I’d donate to your retirement fund,” said Moose. Then he turned to President Doe and said, “Mr. President, I understand your love for your child. But i think we both can agree that Tatters needs certain…parameters…”


President Doe nodded, “I agree that he needs some guidence and i am normally to busy with my governing duties to keep a close watch on him and his siblings. He tends to be the most rebelous and independent. After a brief conversation, I had with him just a moment ago, he has agreed to follow your instructions so long as he does not have to deal with what he calls ‘those liars and terrorists in Jemison Post’. He feels that the Clone Union is just a front for terrorism, and wants to keep away from their taint.”

Handing over a comm crystal, " this will let you contact him without resorting to anything that might startle him into violent reactions."

Then he took his leave and headed back to Uloh to get back to his duties.


A while later…

McMurphy hurled the prisoner forward before the Special Operations decision makers.

“This is Dr. Igari Lac, or at least a non-weaponized clone of him. VLAD agents captured him during a raid on one of his Augur of War facilities,” said McMurphy, “He has a Unity Uplink and has tracked down the location of the recently kidnapped Colony General Candidate. He was hoping to trade it for his freedom. Which isn’t going to happen. Then he asked for something way more reasonable. To that I said sure, but only if he shares it with us…first.”

The prisoner muttered, “Candidate Yildor Roren is in danger. He has been kidnapped by a known dangerous entity named Ryuk. There at the location is a crazy Uthvelor, and a woman named Buffy McGraw-Strykker. This location is nearby Old Epoch. The coordinates will be handed over once I’m safely back in my cell, with the complete works of Issac Assimov.”

“In print form.” corrected McMurphy.

“In print form,” sighed Dr Lac.

McMurphy said, “Okay so if the general public learns that one candidate has been kidnapped by a known dangerous enitity and the sister of another candidate is present, that could cause some significant political mistrust.”

Ar’goon Blazefist interrupted sternly, “Field Marshall Strykker will HAVE to step down from running. That is the only politically viable option. Blowback is too great.”

McMurphy disagreed, “No I don’t think so. Having a hard ass like Strykker as Colony General might help out significantly in pushing into Phantom Territory.”

Moose interrupted this time saying, “I don’t know anything about Phantom Territory, I guess I’ll have to do more research. But shouldn’t we avoid getting involved in political matters. Send the info to local law enforcement and have them go in and take Ryuk prisoner for kidnapping, and rescue the candidate. If Ms. McGraw-Strykker was involved in the kidnapping, an investigation will find that out. We might be overthinking this.”

“And when Ryuk sees the cops and calls in his Sanguine Lord to rescue him? How many colonists are going to get slaughtered or just nanited into dust?” asked McMurphy with disgust, “Listen, new guy, you don’t know squat about what we are facing with Ryuk. He blew up a sun.”

Moose looked skeptical, “Our sun is fine, did we used to have two?”

“Not our sun luckily,” said McMurphy, “He wiped out a sun in I.R. space. To get out of it, he just paid them off and paid off the Banking Guild. But the EEF doesn’t accept bribes.”


Connor says "There is going to be a perception issue if this is not resolved quickly. The end result needs to be Candidate Yildor Roren thanking the EEF for his rescue otherwise Strikers campaign and the EEF reputation could be compromised due to Striker’s sister’s placement or involvement. We don’t know her role in this yet.

My suggestion is to
First, Have the area scouted so we know the current situation.
Second, take steps to rescue the Candidate Yildor Roren and Lady McGraw-Strykker. Arrest Ryuk for the kidnapping. This way we are rescuing a candidate and a relative of another candidate. This should show the EEF as not taking sides and just keeping the Candidate and the Colonies safe per their job.

With Lady McGraw-Strykker, once she is rescued. It should be determined if she was involved or not. If Lady McGraw was not involved or at fault in the kidnapping, then she was a victim of this Ryuk as well. If she is involved, then the facts should be reported and Lady McGraw-Strykker would be charged like Ryuk. Yildor Roren will spin this story to his benefit to knock out an opponent if possible. So we have to stick to the facts or the EEF will look like it is taking sides.

The problem is when taking in Ryuk, he sounds like someone we would have to disable and then determine what to do with him. Best he never sees the raid coming giving him no time to react or call for help. The danger he poses if he has the ability to blown up a sun as well must be taken into account in how we handle him."

It was a bit obvious the note about Ryuk destroying a sun concerned Connor.


Moose said, “Well this is a tough one jurisdiction-wise. Technically it is internal to the colonies and VLAD should be leading the charge. But it does involve manipulation of the election, so that falls under DRRT. What say you McMurphy?”

McMurphy grumbled saying, “Ryuk is one of those TRILAT agents that we would rather Final Death than capture. It is too much work to negotiate with the Kasanthians.”

Moose gave him a bunch of side eye at that and said, “Hmmm I had heard the VLAD agency was cleaning house. Not using the Strangulari this time???”

McMurphy said, “Ryuk is not a VLAD agent.”

“Maybe not anymore, but he was once wasn’t he…like so many of the threats of today,” countered Moose leaning back with a gotcha look.

“He is a TRILAT Leftanant,” interrupted Ar’goon Blazefist of Fort Lendill, “He kidnapped a political candidate in the colonies. That is an act of war. The EEF should already be launching on TRILAT targets. And fort lendill will happly support them if needed.”


As they wasted time fighting about juridiction, and whether it should be considered an Act of War by the TRILAT, things on the ground had turned ugly.

The negotiations had failed, and Yildor had been killed by Maude the Blade of the Scarabs gang. A full gang war was now in open season between the Scarabs and 99s with terrorist attacks happening in Chooru, Dumbar and Kelvara. In the first few hours of the gang war, the body count had already risen to 2,000 dead gangers and 4,000 dead civilians.


Yildor’s body was recovered by EEF Spec Ops, and nanited back to life. Maude escaped going underground in Ithamar.

When Yildor returned to Dumbar he made a speech, which called for a full investigation into him being kidnapped by TRILAT agents, and being threatened by Field Marshall Strykker’s sister.